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Fame Finders Media Is Set To Feature Top 10 Fashion Designers On Esteemed News Portals



Whether owning up a business or working as an in-house designer, the journey is challenging and requires designers to prove their worth at each step by investing in creativity skills while keeping up with the constantly evolving fashion trends.

Making a reputable name in this influential industry through their excellent creativity skills, artistic ability, sense of style, and competitive spirit is an achievement that deserves to be admired. Fame Finders Media, a renowned PR agency, is on a hunt for such fashion designers to feature them on the world’s prestigious news portals in the special edition dedicated to them.

“The top 10 fashion designers will have an exclusive opportunity to get recognition among the millions of readers and uncover their success stories.” Says Mr. Manoj Joshi, the founder of Fame Finders Media.

Prospective fashion designers’ success stories will get published on – Mid-Day, ThePrint, ANI, Zee5, Google News, APN, dailyhunt, JioNews, and LATEST LY.

If you are interested to get featured, call us at +91 9718750379, 8376073113, or drop us an email at – [email protected]

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At road fields
LifeCode is your shield !!



The land of Rajasthan is famous for its glorious history, but at present, the pride of the state is being taken to new heights. Ishivax is one of the companies of technology developed in Rajasthan by Mr shiv kumar deegwal. Within no time, ishivax has earned his name not only in India but also in abroad especially in America with his own skills in the technical field. iShivax is also providing its services to the Government of Rajasthan, Among which RHB Green, RHB Awas and Book my chaupati apps are noticeable.

The problem of parking has increased a lot now days due to the increasing number of vehicles in the country.

Shiva has made a solution to this problem of the people, which is named Lifecode, which removes the problems of the people and brings peace in their lives.

Why lifecode QR code sticker is important to stick in your vehicles?

Lifecode is your best companion in an emergency. Lifecode helps you with many types of difficult situations. Like you’ve parked the vehicle wrong, the car’s light is on or the window is open, or a child has locked in, or the car key is stuck in it. In such situations, someone can scan the Lifecode on your vehicle and inform you.

Lifecode aim is to make everyone’s life safe by providing a one-stop safety solution app that will ensure survival in case of any type of emergency.

Lifecode just wants to make people safe every minute and every day and yes Lifecode team is getting success in it too.

How does lifecode QR sticker works?

Sending an alert during the time of emergency is now easier with Lifecode.

You don’t have to wait so long for your QR code to be deliver at your address, It is now available in the shop near you, so you can directly buy it and you can fill the details and you can generate the QR code and paste it on the vehicle.

After downloading the app you have to register by clicking on register option, and then you have to select the type and enter your vehicle number and all you personal details.

Bar code will have two emergency numbers of the rider’s relatives. In case of emergency, anyone can use this app to scan the bar code and inform their relatives.
Life code also provides access to call ambulance and also provides details of the nearby hospitals and services in seconds.

How is Lifecode helpful for females?

Lifecode does not disclose your name; it only provides your nickname, in this way we provide security to our female users. If someone is calling unnecessarily they can disable call and message option.

How Lifecode helps in the event of an accident?

Everyday many people are victim of accident. In some cases family and friends may not know about the patient’s history. Lack of a proper medical history can delay treatment, leading to complications. Lifecode QR scanner app can help in reducing any such risk.

  • Basic details can be accessed only if there is internet connection, Most Important Information Your blood group is instantly visible in the app.
  • In case of any accident, you can scan the code from rider’s vehicle and inform the family about accident. You can send the location also.
  • On the contrary lifecode also helps to contact the vehicle owner if the vehicle has been parked in an unorganized manner.
  • There are many other features in this app by using that you can get correct help in emergency and you can find nearby services also.

E.g.:- Find nearby hospital, medical shop, police, petrol pump, mechanic (for car/bike), and puncture shop.

  • You can check you e-challan status and also you can buy insurance.

Why Lifecode is helpful for pets?

We have same services for pets also, in case of missing you can easily find you pets. You can stick QR code on your pet’s collar and fill the basic details like; your pets name, what they eat, medical history and owners contact information.

Download the app to take advantage of the convenience of Lifecode. Scanning a Lifecode is as easy as it needs to be. This app is available on play store and app store.

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Letest News

A quick guide to 10 cheapest MBA colleges in India with an introduction to the best ROI!



Pursuing MBA degree is not at all easy. With all that funding for college and other necessities, it is a hefty amount to be paid. A big load for the students and parents, the amount needed for the course is much high for many institutions. But if you are looking for a college charging less for the course, here is the quick guide to the 10 cheapest MBA colleges.

What is ROI?

ROI, which means Return of Investment is a very important matter for students who invest a lot of money in the stream or courses of study they wish to pursue. The matter of investment sometimes requires the students to take debts and that is why the return of investment is important as to keep a balance and to avoid any problematic situation further.

Now, for the 10 cheapest MBA colleges, here is the list:

10. Pumba, Pune

       Ranked as the 10th cheapest MBA college in India, Pumba, Pune provides courses for students under the fee structure of nearly 1.4 lakh rupees only while the highest package goes up to 25 lakhs and for the average, it’s 8 lakh rupees only.

Established in 1972, major companies like Accenture, Mercedes, Godrej, Namura and Tec Mahindra are coming on the campus.

You can apply for the institution through the Maharashtra C.T. The students securing over 90% in CAT while students securing 97% and 94% in CET and CMAT respectively are eligible to apply for the institution.

9. Simsree

Based in Maharashtra, the free structure for the institution ranges from 1.4 lakh rupees for the basic package to 25 lakh rupees for the highest package.

Major companies like Citibank and Aditya Birla Group come for the institution.

One of the renowned institution in the country, for a student to apply, they need to be quite excellent and secure at least 99% in CAT, CET and CMAT.

8. Department of Business Economics (DBE)

The fee structure of the institution ranges from 38k for a basic package to 11 lakh on an average while the highest package goes up to 21 lakh rupees only.

For students to apply into the institution, one has to secure at least 95%.

7. Department of Financial Studies (DFS)

Ranging from 38k for the basic package to 11 lakh rupees for the average packages and 20.8 lakh rupees for the highest packages, the fee structure is quite good in comparison to many other institutions in the country.

6. Delhi School of Economics

The fee structure ranges from 38k for a basic package to 27 lakh rupees for highest packages while the average package counts for a whooping 10 lakh rupees only. The institution provides MBA in two categories, IB and HR.

Major companies like McKenzie and Mahindra come to the campus.


An excellent institution with exceptional record of excellence, the batch of this institution is made up of only 84 individuals while 55 companies come to the institution including Amazon Express, Dell, and many more.

Average package costs 10.61 lakh rupees to 21.3 lakhs for the highest packages.

Students securing above 90% can apply for the institution.

The institution is known to achieve the record breaking year by year growth at the average rate of 7.1 % and also for winning many competitions organized by major companies.

4. IISC, Bangalore

For the basic package starting at 5.18 lakhs and the highest package landing at 39.5 lakhs while the average package cost is around 26.8 lakhs, the free structure of the institution seems to be quite good for the students.

The institution functions with less than 100 students and has the best of materials for everyone.

3. JBIIMS, Mumbai

The fee structure of the institution ranges from 6 lakhs for the basic package to 44 lakhs for the highest packages while the average package lands at 27.63 lakhs. Students need to score at least 99.9% or 99.7% in CAT to apply in this institution.

No GDPA or rankings are considered for admission in this institution, rather students have to clear one examination carrying 200 marks and have to score very well in order to apply for the institution. 54 students get PPOs through the institution. 68 companies come to the institution and the package for internship starts from 5 to 7 lakhs.

2. TISS, Mumbai

Fee structure ranges from 25 lakh for the basic package to 43 lakhs for the highest package while the average package costs 23.9 LPA.

6000 students get to study in the institution, so preparing well for what is coming next is important.

  1. FMS Delhi

The fee structure ranges from 58 lakhs for the highest package while the medium package costs around 30 lakhs and the average package costs 32 lakhs. 107 companies come to the campus while every batch welcomes only 269 students.

Students need to score over 97% in CAT to apply in this institution. Also, the weightage for Verbal availability is 40% and for QR, it’s 30%. So here is a short guide to top 10 cheapest MBA colleges in India. Now, buckle up, work hard and go ahead in your journey.

Sumit Singh Gandhi
CEO CATking Educare
SPJain Alumni
Harvard business School ( Executive management )

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Meet Sanoop Santhosh (SanuSwag) The New Age Entrepreneur And Luxury Yacht Charter Who Has Transformed The Entrepreneurial Industry



Today Sanoop Santhosh proudly stands tall as a stalwart in diverse industries as he has efficiently ventured into a couple of agencies. His ventures like Namaste Yachts Dubai , Namaste Water Sports , Sanoop Digital Garage have end up main names of their respective industries.

Sanoop Santhosh , born in mananthavady and taken up in Pappinisseri , Kannur, became usually engaged in sports like basketball, chess, travelling, photography, and confirmed eager hobby in Cars, studies and excelled in topics like studies and improvement. He usually centered on being Street Smart in place of simply cramming books. Today Sanoop Santhosh proudly stands tall as a stalwart in diverse industries as he has efficiently ventured into a couple of agencies. His ventures like Namaste yachts Dubai , Namaste Water sports etc, Business Management. graduate has dealt with it pretty well. Achieving all this simply on the age of 22 is itself not anything quick of inspirational. Sanoop Santhosh boasts of a remarkable social media following in addition to he’s a life-style teach, influencer and motivational teach as well. Sanu Swag feels that the adventure has simply started and there’s nevertheless a protracted manner to go, “the key’s to maintain that specialize in what lies beforehand and now no longer to repent on what has long gone with the aid of using” , stated The 22 year antique New age Entrepreneur.

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