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Are u looking for digital marketing expert, here is best person for your business.



Decrease in Google Ranking, Techincal SEO Errors in Your website. Want Do-follow Links. Social Media Schedule Posts, PPC, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and Youtube SEO etc. Don’t worry, I am your friendly Certified Digital Marketing Expert who will solve all of above-said problems.

My name is inder. I have passed my MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab in 2020. I am a creative person who is always trying to search out new things. It is my Habit. I had heard about digital marketing in 2016 when I was doing my BBA Hons. So, I went to youtube to start seeing tutorials. After that, I decided to adopt Digital Marketing as my field of work. I had done my Certification “Certified Digital Marketing Expert” in 2018. I didn’t know about online income.

I have two years of experience in a traditional job, employed to Unique Digital Marketing Solutions PVT where I worked as Senior Digital Marketing Expert and had done several SEOs, SMM, SEM, and Market Funnel. and one year experience in freelancing on other platforms.

Now, what will I provide you with my utmost effort as a Certified Digital Marketing Expert? The answer is the following:

  1. WordPress
  2. WordPress SEO to Get Top Ranking on Google Organic Results
    -On-Page/Technical/On-Site SEO
    -Off-page/Backlinks/Off-Site SEO through 40+DA,PA,TF,CF
  3. Social Media Management

-Schedule Posts through tools (one click and all have done)
-Automated Answers
-Answer of Queries

  1. Social Media Marketing

I will provide a statistical report after three days of the campaign. Boost up Targeted Audience.

-Youtube Channel or Video OnPage SEO and Off-Page SEO

  1. Market Funnel

-Awareness, the most important part of SEM strategy because the conversion rate depends upon how much you make awareness about your product in the audience to convert them from visitor to customer.
-Consideration, When a visitor realizes that he is interested in the product.
-Conversion, a moment when the visitor becomes your customer

  1. Search Engine Marketing (Implementation of Market Funnel)

-Google Adwords (Optimized Targeting Audience to get Higher Conversion Rate and Website Tracking)
-Facebook Ads(Personal Account or Business Account on Facebook (Duplicate Ad Sets, Interested Targeted Audience)
-Instagram Ads (Link through Facebook)

I am always here for you to provide free Suggestions to do great professionalism in my field of Digital Marketing. My main aim is not to earn money but to provide my 100% to achieve your desired goal and get stunning feedback and become best expert freelancer in Digtal Marketing

my contact info – 7341120829
email us – [email protected]

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YouTuber Dilraj Singh’s channel crosses 25 million subscribers, trends on YouTube



Dilraj Singh, one of the youngest and most influential Indian Youtuber has recently crossed 25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel named Mr. Indian Hacker. As soon as Dilraj hit the 25+ million mark, his channel was trending on YouTube. The achievement makes his channel one of the fastest-growing channels on the global video streaming platform. The digital content creator who started creating videos in 2018, as of now, has been successful in garnering a total of 4,222,132,618 views on his channel. Known as Titanium Army, his subscriber base has witnessed a massive growth since past 5 years. His channel reached 1 million subscribers on 16 August 2019, and soon on 1 March 2020, Dilraj touched 5 million. On 14 November 2020, he touched 10 million subscribers.

Last year, on December 8, he successfully reached 20 million subscribers before recently hitting the 25 million mark. Dilraj Singh, who is a YouTuber famous for producing videos on humorous skits, mind blowing experiments, scientific experiments, and reactions on various topics, has achieved the feat of 25 million subscribers through his quality content that he produces on his channel on a frequent basis. His YouTube channel named Mr. Indian Hacker has not only been successful in achieving 25 million subscribers but as per the data and analytics, his channel has a very high and a positive engagement rate with his subscribers on the popular video streaming platform-YouTube. 

Talking about the support and love he receives from his subscribers and expressing his happiness for touching the milestone of 25 million subscribers, Dilraj Singh, the founder of famous Indian YouTube Channel ‘Mr. Indian Hacker’ stated, “I feel blessed to have received such massive support from my people. It feels great to have reached the feat of 25 million subscribers but at the same time, as a young digital content creator, it increases my responsibility to deliver unique, innovative and entertaining videos to my subscribers. I am hopeful and will try my level best to stand up to the expectations of my subscribers.”

Each of the videos produced by him is loved by all and as a result of this, he is touted among the best YouTubers in our country. His videos are explained in simple Hindi language with the use of well-crafted visuals. Dilraj Singh makes it a point to ensure high quality is maintained in all the videos posted on his channel. The inclusion of interesting facts in the videos makes his content appealing.

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Tarsan: Scaling Unprecedented Heights through Constant Innovation.



Tarsan is a pioneering business organization that has been able to make impressive strides in the performance-based marketing and advertisement market. Operating with the motto of Understand-Strategize-Deliver, the company was set out to understand the client’s requirement, strategize an effective plan and deliver the results in the most efficient manner. The company has been in performance and branding campaigns, social media solutions, SMS/email/Voice Code, mobile subscriptions and display campaigns for some time now and the quality of their offerings have helped them to build a positive reputation in the industry. Recently, Tarsan was awarded Gold Medal at DIGIXX 2022 which was organized by Adgully for their user acquisition campaign for a client in the Mobile and Apps Marketing category and this acts as a testament that showcases their quality. Over the years, the company has also worked with companies across multiple industry verticals and have acquired clients from US, Canada, UK, Germany, other EU countries, Middle East, SEA, Japan, Korea, and China to name a few. 

Tarsan believes that cutting-edge technology, experienced team members, good relationship with customers and partners are the pillars of success for any organization. With the help of a strong enthusiastic team that constantly leverages their understanding of dynamic channels of advertising the company is offering unmatchable solutions to overcome every challenge faced by advertisers and publishers in the digital world. Another aspect that helps Tarsan to stand out from the crowd is the value addition and cost-efficiency of their offerings. Being a result-oriented firm, the company ensures that their clients get quantifiable results with best returns on investment. Apart from all this, Tarsan is also able to work across the globe with varied ad formats and ad inventories. They keep the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as per the client’s requirement and try to ensure the Return on Ad Spend in control as per the client’s requirement. This adds to their appeal and helps the firm to increase their market presence on a constant basis. 

While talking more about their offerings, Tarun Nayyar who is the founder and CEO of Tarsan adds “We have different department of experts like Media buying, Affiliate Marketing and Analytics & Performance. Our teams optimise the campaign to get the required CAC & ROAS for the client. We use 3rd party tools like Adplexity to gather information on market trends, competition, product, store value and other related data to improve our media buying. Sources of our traffic include mobile inventory through direct publishers who are app owners, other traffic includes publishers with SDK traffic, in-app traffic, programmatic media buying through DSPs/RTBs, different app stores and premium affiliates tested over the years. We have exclusive tie-ups for OEM traffic for APK installs and FOTA pushes for acquisitions. Our team learns and optimises the campaigns towards user acquisitions. We also run retargeting campaigns on the acquired users for conversions thus improving the ROAS”. 

Adding more about their future plans, Asim Banday, President – Business says “Having developed VAS products and launching it in multiple countries in the previous years, this year our focus has been to develop two new lines of businesses to complement our existing business of user acquisitions. With constantly evolving and developing digital space we are currently experimenting with implementation of AI in App marketing. This is being developed with exclusive partnership with companies providing AI as SaaS for business. We are now developing our own Gaming apps as well. Tarsan is also in talks about acquiring a hot selling Nutra product which will help us get into the Ecommerce space & later launch other product lines. To expand our client base, we keep on exhibiting and attending Marketing & Advertising summits across different countries and to expand our operations in European markets we are now exhibiting at Affiliate World – Europe at Barcelona in July 2022”.


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First and only NASA Tour for 2022  school students post pandemic organized by Country Tours and Travels



The pandemic and the resultant lockdown have taken a lot from us, notably our sanity. The canceled vacations, trips, plans, and so on have left us heartbroken, tired, and depressed. Even now after the relaxation of Covid-19 preventive measures planning an abroad tour is tiresome with all the complications. However now, thanks to Country Tours and Travels, the grey clouds have passed and we can see sunshine above the horizon. After the exhausting pandemic, countless travel agencies were not operational due to unavoidable travel restrictions which caused their funds to be stationery. At Country Tours and Travels, we were able to organize a trip this sensational without complications of any sort.

Country Tours and Travels is the first travel agency in North India that has finalized a tour to America. Read more and immerse yourself in the testimonials and memories of one among our many fun-filled and thrilling vacations abroad.

On 21st April 2022, Country Tours and Travels enabled a group of ten students along with the Principal to embark on a trip to tourist hotspots in America. The nine-day long trip which was priced at a mere ₹2,25,000, covered breathtaking sites which are rich in the history and culture of the land of free and home of brave.

The trip was designed such that the children not only have fun but also take-home experiences that shall inspire them. In the Kennedy space station and NASA, we tried to inculcate and nurture the scientific curiosity of the great minds of tomorrow. A day in Universal Studio was for the DeNiros and Nolans of the future. The bright, cheerful, and innocent laughter of these ten children at the height of the Statue of Liberty and on the rides in Disneyland didn’t just make their day but also that of ours and anyone and everyone who witnessed that moment. This is not all, students got 10 years of multiple entry USA visas. After this exhilarating and eye-opening trip, we have received more than 400 registrations from students of various schools in North India, who are thrilled to visit NASA in the coming months.

This is what Country Tours and Travels thrive on, utmost customer satisfaction. Country tours and travels don’t just specialize in customized tours but also give every client their dream vacation.

Abroad tours are unique. It allows you to explore lands, cultures, languages, and cuisine distinct from yours. It provides you with probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand your horizons and absorb a different culture, maybe one which is strikingly in contrast with that of yours. However, complications such as that of VISA, bookings, and so on are capable of ruining an otherwise memorable trip. But worry not when we are here. We, at Country Tours and Travels, ensure a hassle-free and memorable trip to your dream location which you can treasure for a lifetime. Don’t wait any longer, don’t keep your dream vacation to ‘someday’. Let that SOMEDAY be TODAY and reach out to us for your next trip.

Contact us:

Phone: +91 9878495272, 0172-5261898, 0172-2993856

WhatsApp: +91 9878495272

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Country Tours and Travels

Instagram: @countryt0ursandtravels

Twitter: @country_tours

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