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A literary person’s influence depends upon many factors including their readership, fanbase, depth in writing, how well they connect with the readers, and their achievements, among many more parameters. In this article, the top 5 young stars of  Indian Literature in 2022 will be listed. The information provided in this article has been carefully curated and gathered from notable sources including leading national and international news networks by our competent editors. There is no strict protocol to decide someone’s influence as these things can’t be measured in purely statistical terms, but we believe these five young stars are certainly the future of the Indian Literary field.


The top 5 young stars of Indian Literature in 2022 are

  • Kaushiki Sarkar
  • Subham Acharya
  • Pragya Gogoi
  • Jyoti Matania
  • Judy Balan


Here is all you need to know about these top young stars of Indian Literature in 2022.





Kaushiki Sarkar is an ambitious woman who was born on 11th May, 2004. She hails from Kolkata, West Bengal.


Kaushiki Sarkar is the Founder of Enchanted Books Publication. She is a Poet, Social Worker, Motivator, Painter and Nyctophiliac. Darkness, moon and stars soothes her soul. She buried her thoughts and emotions inside her until she started writing. Writing is her antidote and passion.



She was featured in the Cover Story of RK Magazine (May Edition 2022) and in an international magazine, Pachagazine. She has won numerous awards like International Women’s Laureate Award, The Prime Women Achievers Award 2022, Indian Stardom Award, Sparkling Scribbler Of The Year 2021 and many more. She is featured in national and international News Sites, Magazines and International Newspapers like Hindustan Metro, Zee5, Google News, Fox Interviewer, The Asian Herald, Entrepreneur Hunt, UK Times Now, Atlanta News, London Journal News, Punjab Metro, Spotify and many more. Her write-up was featured in The Diaspora Times Global (Weekly Kenyan Newspaper).


She has won numerous writing contests. She is co-author in more than 80+ anthologies and compiler of 10+ anthologies. She has completed a marketing internship from Hues Of Life Foundation. She has worked as a social worker in Aashman Foundation. She is a member of the Indian Women’s History Museum.






“The words I weave today will make me what I wish to become,


The Words I weave will remain as my essence when I’m gone.”


Author Subham Chandra Acharya is an aspiring writer from Bhubaneshwar who believes in creating a world that people fail to see through his works.



He’s a Medical student from Shaheed Lakshman Nayak Medical College,  Koraput.

He has participated in several anthologies and magazines.


He has experience of once writing blogs and Short stories under the pseudonym ” Underdog Ace”.



He is the author of “The Anglerfish – A collection of lives never felt” that opens as a symbolic representation of Social issues not talked about.






“Whispers of a Nyctophile” famed poet and author Pragya Gogoi is rapidly carving a niche for herself in the international poetry arena after winning several accolades within India in the past 2 years. Her work was selected this year for publication in two elite international literary forums/journals based in USA and Ireland and was the sole Indian writer selected in both forums for those journal issues. She was also recognized by The Munster Literature Centre, Ireland for her poetry.



Starting the year by grabbing the winner’s title in poetry in CLA Global Awards, she grabbed the Runner Up trophy soon after, at the TEQ Literary Awards by Ahmadabad Book Club conducted nationally.  In August 2022, she made it to the top 10 finalists of VOS-Poetry in Pamphlets- one of the most prestigious poetry competitions in India for contemporary poets and finished as a Special Mention awardee.


The 22-year-old poet, author and engineer hails from Assam, Northeast India and came into light after the release of her debut book – “Whispers of a Nyctophile” that instantly became an Amazon best seller for several weeks across various categories. She created the record of being the youngest Indian author to write a best-selling debut book in just 3 days in August 2020. She actively writes for various magazines and literary forums and her work has been published in several literary journals and reviews across India, USA and Europe. Pragya has also co-authored 11 volumes of poems and is presently working on her second poetry collection which is expected to get published sometime during the 1st half of 2023.



She was the winner of Best Author Poetry 2021 in the National CBA Awards Season 1, Nazm-e-Sahitya Awardee 2021, Best Author Poetry by Poetic Caesura Book Awards Season 1, AIBA 2021 Overall Winner for excellence in literature among several others. Pragya was a 2021 Indian Book Awards finalist and was nominated for the prestigious Orange Flower Awards 2022 in poetry category.  The talented young poet is very vocational about reviving traditional poetry that is slowly losing its essence in today’s world where poetry is being popularized across social media channels as 2 3 liners with aesthetics. She has constantly spoken about the need to revive poetry in its original form and understand the true art behind how they are written and how much knowledge and depth a true poem carries.


Her poetry style shows great understanding of poetic literature and mostly explores deeper meanings of human emotions, social issues, mental health and lives of common people. In 2021, Gogoi was ranked in the list of 100 Inspiring Authors of India followed by Asia’s top 100 Women Icons in literature category by various organizations of repute.The same year, her debut book was featured in Hindustan Times’ among 13 most impactful reads in modern literature along with Outlook India’s must read recommendations list.



Juggling a career between science and literature, she was honoured by ISRO and IITRAM Ahmadabad in January 2022 at the International Conference for Futuristics Advancements in Materials, Manufacturing and Thermal Sciences (ICFAMMT 2022) with the “Best Technical Session Award” for her research on differential mounts and Rear inboard braking systems of FSAE vehicles. She is an alumnus of Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, from where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pragya is a robotics enthusiast and along with her team, she has represented her university at World Robotics Championship 2019, Roboprix 2019, ABU Asia Pacific Robocon 2020 and 2021. International Rover Challenge 2020, International Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021 among others and has achieved significant national, international rankings and podium finish wins for the university.


Pragya also has a keen interest in music and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hindustani Classical music (vocals) coupled with instrumental skills on the violin and has previously performed on radio and stage shows. A curious writer who loves experimenting with different genres, the poet is also eyeing for a fiction debut soon and has her upcoming crime thriller’s work in progress.





Born and brought up in Odisha, Jyoti Matania has come a long way !! Currently pursuing her bachelors in political science she aims to become a civil servant. Being co-authored in 40+anthologies and in the process of being more, her work “CLIMACTERICS” has been honoured by the Indian Book of Records.  The title “Aaj ki Womaniya “, ‘The real heroes, and ‘Kalinga Kanya’ aptly justifies her essence of being the best version of herself..A national debator,fashionista &yes now a writer..has allowed to be ME!



Celebrating yourself the way you are has allowed her to be voice for the voiceless and carry herself the way she is!! (BTC; be the change award) has recognised this thought of hers and  bestows this title to her..


A Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator&an Entrepreneur ……comes next to her while the line which kind of really makes her compliments her is “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line”. The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself. ” You Yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection”.



Moreover honoured with literary felicitations like SAHITYAKOSH SAMMAN 2021, TAGORE COMMEMORATIVE HONOUREE 2021 for her anthology  Fierce Fearless’n’Flawed has allowed her to pen her thoughts relentlessly!


She believes in creating her own path instead of complaining about the circumstances; She creates the new ones….

Being fierce, tough & bold is what has allowed her to stand against all odds of life!!



Work profile-


The finest perfection of simplicity is what makes her &her work profile more crisp, solid and efficient.



Being a Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator & an Entrepreneur she works exactly as it is penned symmetrically in the process so….


Writing her thoughts


Compiling the ideas

Authoring it down

Debating her voice for the voiceless

Entreprenuring it to live on her terms…



Work done So far


Her projects till date:


1) Fierce Fearless n’ Flawed

2) Unseen Blessings ‘Dua’

3) Holika

4) Climacterics (Indian Book of Records)


5)  Revival ( Bravo book of International World Records)


Debated at State, National, Chancellor Cups &MUN’s..



Awards and Recognitions:


1.Sahitya Kosh Sammaan..


  1. Tagores Commemorative Honouree.


3.Honoured with the” Be the Change  Award ” by OMG book of records for  her book  Fierce Fearless ‘n’ Flawed


  1. Indian Books Of Records Holder for her anthology ” CLIMACTERICS “


5.”The Real Heroes” title by the great podium for her unwavering commitment towards literature.


  1. Being featured in the national magazine as “Aaj Ki Womaniya”


7.Honoured with the title of “Kalinga Kanya”


8.Honoured by the Institute of Company Secretaries Of India as state topper in a quiz competition.



9.Honoured with “Writer of the Year Award ” by Forever Star book of World Records.


10.National Debator (won the title in 2020)


  1. India’s Diva Awardee for being a compiler &writer in the book ‘CLIMACTERICS’


  1. Felicitated with the honour of “The Real Super Woman Awards ” by Forever Star India Records


13.Honoured as State NSS

Debate holder by education minister Odisha.


  1. Awarded at ‘Elite Carnival of Book & Literature ‘wid the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art & Literature


15.Honoured with ‘Inkzoid& Glorious book of records’ for securing 12 titles in less than 2 months.



16.Nominee as NE8x Litfest 2022& recognised as literary icon by NE8x for 2022


  1. Published as “Hall of the fame” by Elysian Magazine


Upcoming Projects-



Survivors (anthology)& solo book on the way…

Aiming for Asia Book of Records!



To sum up ‘SHE’ is a Hustler, Bustler & Knocker. Her energy to do so much more

makes so apt to say that which is also her

(mantra of jeet). “Life’s journey is not to arrive your grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out and say HolyShit, that’s the ride ..this is how I wanna go!” says Jyoti Matania.






Judy Balan (born 2 September 1981), is a comedy writer and author who debuted with the bestselling novel Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce, a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Two States: The Story of My Marriage. She is also the author of the blog Woman and a Quarter.



She is the author of Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce (published by Westland in Dec 2011) Sophie Says: Memoirs of a Breakup Coach (published by Westland in May 2013), How to Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions (Book #1 in the Nina the Philosopher series published by HarperCollins, India and HarperCollins, USA in Feb 2016 and HarperCollins UK in June 2016), Tweenache in the Time of Hashtags (Book #2 in the Nina the Philosopher series) and Half Boyfriend – a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend. She writes comedy across mediums and used to blog at Woman and a Quarter.


Featured in Femina, Scroll, and Vogue, she is based in Chennai and is certainly one of the top young stars of Indian Literature.



Also Read: Top 5 Most Iconic Personalities Of India In 2022


Kaushiki Sarkar, Subham Acharya, Pragya Gogoi, Jyoti Matania, and Judy Balan are the future of Indian Writing. We expect impactful works from all these five young stars of Indian Literature.




Crescent Public School & Creative Minds Pre-School Ballarpur Host 8th Annual Sports Day



On January 21st, 2023, Crescent Public School and Creative Minds Pre-school jointly organized their 8th Annual Sports Day at Taluka Krida Sankul in Ballarpur. The event featured a variety of Athletic competitions, including track and field events and games for students of all ages. The day began with a parade of athletes and Master Prathmesh Panjwani and Baby Yukta Nathani, handed the torch to the guests and announced the opening of the event by releasing balloons by the Guest. The opening ceremony, attended by Block Education Officer Ravindar Lamge, Khelo India Coach Mahendar Kapoor, JCI Pegausus President, Srinivas Vasu, Gurunank Public School Director Kailash Khandelwal, Entrepreneur Kishor Fulzale, and Ismail Dhakwala. The school was represented by four groups: Diligent Dingos, Incredibles, Perfect Pirates, and Clever Clown. Mrs. Suwarna Ramteke gave a welcoming speech and welcomed the guests. Mr. Mahendar Kapoor praised the efforts of the school and promised to support future events. Mr. Ravindar Lamge discussed in his speech how students who excel academically but do not participate in sports and other activities are hindering their overall development. Adv. Nazim Khan provided a brief overview of the school’s literary, cultural, and social activities in his speech. During the program, sports personalities from Ballarpur Taluka, including Mr. Rajeev Kubade for Karate, Mr. Sunil Manji for Athletics, Miss Khushwa for Karate, and Master Ahmed Raza Dhakwala for Weightlifting, was honored by the guests with Momentos and Bouquets. The Athletic competitions for the students of Crescent Public School and Creative Minds Pre-School included events such as 50 & 100 Meter Races, Skipping, Badminton, Relay Races, Three-legged races, Pick up the Animals, Sponge Race, Circuit Race and Chess etc. In addition to these competitions, there were also fun games and activities for parents to participate in, such as races and Tug-of-War. The day concluded with a closing ceremony, where medals and trophies were awarded to the winners of the various events. The winners of the Crescent Public School for 50 M Running Race.

Gold Medals

Running Race 50m: Shiban Sheikh, Navya Gondane, Shahnawaj Sheikh, Yakshita Prajapati.


Running Race 100m: Mohan Appala, Rashi Sonkar, Rehabar Sheikh, Adina Sheikh.

Relay Race: Farhan Sheikh, Krish Darwankar, Shalin Mohore, Jiwan Wandhre, Humera Sheikh, Anisha Kondukwar, Alviya Siddiqui, Riddhi Tripathi, Prathmesh Panjwani, Amin Sheikh, Kartik Tiwari, Pushkar Kshirsagar, Arshiya Gidwani, Swathi Nirupama, Yukta Nathani, Mohini Wankhede.

Skipping: Goutam Yella, Astha Upadhyay, Lucky Bhukya, Zunaira Khan, Samyank Gondane, Bharti Yadav, Tanmay Wankhede, Naiyla Khan.

Three Leg Race : Shlok Kasturwar, Ayansh Keshkar, Navya Gondane, Ishika Yadav, Ojas Kale, Indresh Khandelwal, Lavanya Bhaisare & Hanishka Nathani.


Silver Medals 

Running Race 50m  :  Purvanshu Mohare, Aiman Sheikh, Noman Qureshi, Zunaira Khan

Running Race 100m : Sushant Sojalwar, Yashmi Rajpurophit, Sashwat Kasturwar, Vanshika Shendre.

Relay Race: Chaitanya Mulchandani, Shlok Kasturwar, Farhan Khan, Kairav Kapoor, Anishra Sheikh, Shravni Admane, Ayesha Khan, Arohi Varma, Samyank Gondane, Tanmay Kshirsagar, Mohana Appala, Somesh Panjwani, Rashi Sonkar, Akshara Sharma, Soumya Nathani, Harshita Yahake.


Skipping:  Ayansh Keshkar, Eshika Yadav, Prajwal Tagrap, Naisha Qureshi, Pranay Varma, Harshita Yahake, Vedant Khandelwl, Anax Khan.

Three leg Race: Abir Khobragade, Siddhant Pazare, Shibra Sheikh, Aiman Sheikh, Lucky Bhukya, Harsahej Khakhru, Siddhi Chouhan, Divya Lakhwani.

Bronze Medals

Running Race 50m: Affan Siddique, Shibra Sheikh, Ishan Charde, Al Azba Sayyed, Parag Yadav, Virat Thulkar, Arohi Appala, Alviya Siddique.


Running Race 100m: Samyank Gondane, Adityanandan Yahake, Harshita Yahake, Bharti Yadav, Aryan Aduri, Rehat Kalsi, Arshiya Gidwani, Yukta Nathani,

Relay Race : Ishan Charde, Kush Kondukwar, Ayansh Keshkar, Nuaim Sheikh, Indresh Khandelwal, Ansh Kale, Virat Thulkar, Rehan Sheikh, Navya Gondane, Eshika Yadav, Hrishita Varma, Shibra Sheikh, Radha Lohe, Al Azba Sayyad, Ifra Khan, Janvi Madavi, Nehmat Sheikh, Arshan Sheikh, Sushant Sojalwar, Ashwinchadra Appala, Nayla Khan, Apurva Bhise, Aiman Sheikh, Sunainbano Siddique.

Skipping: Nuaim Sheikh, Vidhi Nishad, Zidan Siddique, Arohi Dhapsake, Jihan Mulchandani, Bodhiksha Chikate, Rehabar Sheikh, Mahenoor Sheikh.



Pre-Primary Gold Medalist :   

Running: Affan Sheikh, Ian Potarlawar, Abir Thakur,

Pick Up The Animal : Adriksa Mishra, Ian Potarlawar, Abir Thakur.

Sponge Race : Aryansh Bharne, Sirat Manghani, Vanshika Khanke.


Circuit Race : Ayat Naaz Pathan         


Pre-Primary Silver Medalist :  

Running Race: Adrika Mishra, Vihan Awale, Kabir Thakur.


Pick Up The Animal : Sharvari Charpe, Kartik Koundar, Kabir Thakur, Advita Dongarwar.

Sponge Race : Prince Gidwani, Shivam Thakur.


Pre-Primary Bronze Medalist :  


Running : Aviral Dongarwar, Sharvari Charpe, Zubiya Qureshi, Guruprit Nathani, Anurag Tripathi, Advita Dongarwar.

Pick Up The Animal : Rasika Sonkar, Affan Sheikh, Kiara Gangshettiwar, Shivansh Ugale, Aradhya Chaturvedi, Shivam Thakur.

Sponge Race : Abban Khan, Zubiya Qureshi, Darspreet Varma, Rufas Mandala, Ananya Kamble.



Play Group Gold Medalist :

Umbrella Race: Aditi Chaturvedi, Atulya Singh, Bhavya Kadel.

Pick Up The Ball: Atulya Singh



Winners of Parents Games :

Racing : Girish Mulchandani, Gopal Thakur, Rajkamal Prajapati, Mohammad Siraj.

Abha Chaturvedi, Sonu Vishwakarma, Jayashri Charde, Suman Prajapati, Preeti Ugale, Chaitali Darwankar, Santoshi Pasula, Rupali Bharne, Pragati Sitvenwar.

Where given the medal with hands of the guest and appreciated for the participation. The teaching and Non Teaching staff worked hard for the success of program under the Guidance of Mrs. Humaira Khan, Principal, Crescent Public School, Ballarpur and leadership of Mr. Manoj Dey, Sports Teacher. Ansh Randhe anchored the program as the host.”


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Letest News

“Mind Power Extra”, the brand behind the manufacturing of brain function booster tonic blows up as its popularity rises among people



Many people prefer using specific tonics to improve their brain functions and as for the parents who want their kids to be the best at school, they surely want to stuff them up with healthy things which serve as a memory enhancer. The parents usually get their kids the memory booster or brain booster tonic, so they can be smart and intelligent by being career oriented from the very start of life.

But why feed them something which is maybe a mixture of harmful chemicals, rather than giving them a more natural product? Well, among the many renowned companies selling these brain tonics, Mind Power Extra, the manufacturer of natural, safe, and efficient brain tonics and memory-enhancing protein powder, started selling 3 years back and is now considered a pioneer in this field.

Throughout the journey to ultimate success, the company has defeated many existing established brands in this field and has successfully laid the foundation of a strong natural brain tonics manufacturing unit. Captivated by disturbances around our surroundings, youngsters tend to forget the lessons they took and with time forget it all, leading to difficulties caused later in life.


Mind Power Extra is a venture created with a vision to strengthen brain functions by using Ashwagandha,Shankhpushpi and other essential natural elements which helps to calm down the brain and relieve stress as well as anxiety. Initially, the company manufactured brain tonics only and after a certain point, the hindrance caused by the kids denying to take the brain boosters, the company came up with protein powder.

Throughout the years, as the company made its way to achieving its goals, the feedback from the customers has helped them all along. As the younger generation begins to run toward shaping their future, focus and determination are the aspects that can help them to be more career-oriented.

The brain tonic and memory boosters manufactured by Mind Power Extra are highly preferred by many parents and individuals as the product is true to its value and expectations. Without showing any side effects, the products have been referred to as ‘excellent’ and ‘valuable’ by the customers.

The products are quite affordable and valuable in efficiency, which tells us a lot about their worth. The products are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other E-commerce platforms. Check out the products and gift your loved ones the most valuable thing of all time.


Buy Online from the links below.

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Letest News

Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards 2022: Meet the Winners



Hypedge Media awarded healthcare professionals and hospitals nationwide during the 2022 edition of the Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards 2022. This was held on the 19th of November 2022 at the WelcomHotel by ITC, Chennai.


The Chief Guest of the program was Padma Shri Dr. Vijay Kumar Shah, and the Guest of Honors was K. Pushpaleela (Ex-Minister, Women and Social Welfare Department ), Dr. R. Kannan (Chairman, Prime Indian Hospitals ), Prof. N. Balaji (Director & Trustee, Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre), Dr. C.J. Vetrievel (Director. – Be Well Hospitals), Sanjay Kumar Singh (Vice President, Sales Marketing


Rusan Pharma Ltd) and Gaurav Gautam (Founder of I CAN Foundation and CEO of Hypedge Media). They shared their wishes with all the selected awardees of GHWA 2022.


Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards are conferred on the outstanding / highest achievers in International Healthcare Industry. This most awaited global platform is bringing eminent healthcare experts together from the health world to understand the health revolution, market dynamics, the impact of digital technologies on the masses, and the future of health & healthcare in India. The platform would also recognize and felicitate massive efforts of various health initiatives, healthcare professionals, hospitals, institutions, and initiatives benefiting India through a technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem.




Here’s the list of this Year’s (2022) winners for the Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards:


Dr. Sangita Motiram Gavit Excellence in Medical Education
Dr Narendra Singh Excellence Award in Cardiology
Dr. Manasi Wakankar Award for Leadership And Management in Healthcare
James Aruldas Silvai Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
Dr. Ekta Shrivastava Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. KVNN Santosh Murthy Excellence in Diabetic Foot & Burns Management
Dr. RANJAN YADAV Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Akula Laxmi Award for Excellence in Research
Dr Deepti Mankad Excellence Award in Mental Health & Counselling
Dr Sujit Kumar Satpathy Healthcare Personality of the Year
Reshma Khan Excellence in Medical Education
Alfred Goodwin Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr.Arunkumar H Best Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Care Specialist
Dr Deepika Goswami Excellence in Medical Education
Dr.Nirmal Kumar Veeraragavan Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic Best Homeopathy Centre
Arogyadeep Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Excellence award in Acupuncture & Yoga Naturopathy
Dr Meghanad Meher Excellence Award in General Medicine
Dr. Md Imteyaj Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Dr. S.M. Shariq Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Ryan Varghese Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
Dr. Santosh Swathi Lakkoju Healthcare Icon of the Year
Pradeep Kumar Social Work Healthcare Award
Dharmendra Kumar Parihar Excellence Award in Rural Healthcare
Dr. Harnoor Singh Pruthi Excellence Award in Cardiology
ANUP KUMAR MISHRA Excellence in Hospital Quality Management
Dr. Laila Beegum Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Ajil Abdulla Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr.DEEPAK SINGH BAJETHA Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr Jayendra Narang Excellence Award in Neurosurgery
TNB Aesthetic Secrets Best Cosmetic Clinic
Dr Nancy Burat Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Bahar Yawazy Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. Chaitanya Seshu Babu. G Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Capt G. Dhanan Jaya Rao Life time achievement Award (Veterinary Surgery)
Dr Amanur Rahman Zaka Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Srinivas Reddy Best Hospital Administrator of the Year
Dr. Kumaragurubaran Healthcare Icon of the Year
Scholar Overseas Best Overseas Job Placement for Doctors and Nurses
Dr. Ayush Garg Excellence Award in Oncology
Dr S.N. Lokesh Kumar Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Mohamed Qutbuddin Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr. Supriya Munganda Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr Nibedita Sahoo Healthcare Personality of the Year
Sourav Kumar Das Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. Mantri Venkataswamy Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. B .C CHANDRA MOULI Excellence Award in Cardiology
SRI CHANDRA SEKARA HOSPITAL Best Hospital – Cardiology
PHYSKRAFT Superspeciality Physiotherapy Clinic Best Physiotherapy Clinic
Manoj Shivaji Wakhare Social Work Healthcare Award
Asha Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited Leading Milk Producer Company
Shwetdhara Milk Producer Company Limited Leading Milk Producer Company
Dr.Arunkumar H Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Shri Vishnu Shri Hospital Best Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital (Madhya Pradesh )
Be Well Hospitals Best Multi-Speciality Hospital
Dr Ashwani Mudgal Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Dr.Hemapriya Jayapal Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
KABIR HOSPITAL Best Hospital for Wellness & Healthcare
Dr.Kavita Sudersanadas Excellence in Nutrition and Dietetics Education
Dr. Karuna M S Excellence Awards in Medical Nutrition Research and Education
Dr.Lesil George Award for Best Psychologist
Dr. Raj Deokule Award for the Best Diabetologist
Prof Dr N. Junior Sundresh Excellence in Medical Education
Dr. Muneeb Ahmed M K Excellency Award in Sexual Health
Dr Pradeep Thomas Excellence Award in Accident and Emergency (A&E)
Dr. Sneha Shamkumar Londhe Excellence Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr Mustafa Murtuza PT Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr Anu Jacob Healthcare Personality of the Year
Dr. Kartikeswar Jena Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
PM Medical Centre Best Hospital – Diabetology
Dr T Vadivel Excellence Award in Regenerative Medicine
Dr.ARUN KRISHNA A K Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year’
Dr Raviram.S Excellence Award in Laser Proctology
Dr.E.Kalaichezhian Best Functional Rehab Specialist
Dr. B. Kalpana Kosalram Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Kiran Kumar Varma K Healthcare Icon of the Year
Yuva Dental Clinic Best Dental Clinic
J. Benedicta Colleen Social Work Healthcare Award
Dr.Indumathi.K.P Excellence Award in Public Health Dentistry
Dr Renu Kumar Watwani Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr.Swarupa Rani K Excellence Award in Radiology
Dr. Syed Ahmed Ali Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Prof. N. Balaji Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Farooq Ahmed Manur Excellence Award in Accident and Emergency (A&E)
Dr Praveen H Jain Excellence Award in Dentistry
Dr Jeswanthmal Khatod Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Healthcare Icon of the Year
Kosmoderma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Dr. ANNAM VENKATA AJAY KUMAR Excellence Award in Rural Healthcare
Dr.S.Senthilkumaran Healthcare Icon of the Year
DR.K.S.ARUN PRAKASH Excellence Award in Forensic Medicine
Dr. P. Senthil Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
DR. C. MOHAMMED ALI Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Riya Sara Mathew Excellence Award in Nursing
SUBHOJIT MUKHERJEE Healthcare Personality of the Year
Dr. Amit Mehta Excellence in Homeopathy
Dr. Sunil Babu K C Excellence Award in Ayurveda

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