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Computers and the Internet have altered the global work environment in ways that were previously unimaginable. All of our data has been shifted from records and ledgers to computers, as computers have taken over much of our life. While this change in employment has lowered physical strain on employees, it has also raised the risk of data theft. Hackers are knowledgeable persons with ill intentions who are involved in stealing data or damaging systems. Hackers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Ankur is cyber forensics and cyber intelligence analyst with over nine years of experience. . He’s also directed a number of cyber-awareness programmes for children at a variety of schools and colleges. Microsoft certified trainer, cyber forensic investigator, the most valuable person in the Australia chapter, Cisco certified, and he has worked on over 800 cyber cases are just a few of his impressive achievements and ambitions. He is regarded as one of the most well-known ethical cyber-hackers.

Let’s look at the many sorts of hackers and the various hacker assaults and strategies listed by Ankur Chandrakant through this article-
1) White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are cybersecurity experts who hack in a professional capacity. They have been given permission or certification to hack the systems. By breaking into the system, these White Hat Hackers help governments and organisations. They get access to the system by exploiting the organization’s cybersecurity flaws. This hacking is being done to see how secure their corporation is. They are able to discover weak areas and correct them in order to avoid assaults from outside sources. White hat hackers adhere to the government’s norms and regulations. Ethical hackers are often referred to as white hat hackers.
Motives and Goals: These hackers are motivated by a desire to aid businesses and a desire to find security flaws in networks. They want to help and defend businesses in the continuous war against cyber-threats. A White Hat hacker is someone who helps the firm protect itself from cybercrime. They assist businesses in establishing defences, detecting weaknesses, and resolving them before other hackers do.

2) Black Hat Hackers
Black hat Hackers are also computer geniuses, but they have the wrong motive. They target other systems in order to gain access to systems to which they are not allowed. They may steal data or harm the system if they get access. The hacking techniques utilised by these categories of hackers are determined by the hacker’s ability and expertise. Because of the hacker’s motives, he or she is a criminal. While hacking, neither the hostile purpose of the hacker nor the degree of the intrusion can be determined.
Motives and Goals: Hacking into corporations’ networks in order to steal bank data, cash, or sensitive information. Typically, they benefit from the stolen resources by selling them on the illicit market or harassing their target organisation.
3) Grey Hat Hackers
When classifying a hacker, the hacker’s intent is considered. Between black hat and white hat hackers, the grey hat hacker occupies a middle ground. Hackers, they aren’t certified. These hackers might have either good or harmful motives when they hack. It’s possible that the hacking is for their own benefit. The purpose of hacking determines the sort of hacker. If the hacker’s goal is to make money, he or she is referred to as a grey hat hacker.
Motives and Goals: The difference is that they don’t wish to rob anyone or aid someone in particular. Rather, they like tinkering with systems in order to identify vulnerabilities, crack defences, and have a good time hacking.
4) Script Kiddies
It is a well-known reality that half-knowledge is never safe. The Script Kiddies are a group of hackers that are new to the industry. They attempt to attack the system using scripts written by other hackers. They attempt to break into computer systems, networks, or websites. The purpose of the hacking is to attract the attention of their peers. Script Kiddies are amateurs who aren’t fully aware of the hacking procedure.
Motives and Goals: DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS assault is a common Kiddie Script attack (Distributed Denial of Service). This simply shows that an IP address is overburdened with excessive traffic to the point of collapsing. Look at a few Black Friday shopping websites, for example. It causes confusion and makes it impossible for someone else to utilise the service.
5) Hackers who are sponsored by a state or a country

Hackers are hired by the government to get information on other countries. State/nation sponsored hackers are the sort of hackers we’re talking about. They utilise their knowledge to get sensitive information from other countries in order to be well prepared for any potential threats to their country. The sensitive information not only helps you stay on top of every situation, but it also helps you avoid danger. They only report to their respective governments.
6) whistleblower

Individuals that work for a company and have access to secret information are examples of this sort of hacker. The motivation for the disclosure might be a personal vendetta against the institution, or the individual could have discovered criminal actions within the organisation. The intention behind the exposure is defined by the cause of the exposure. Whistleblowers are people who expose wrongdoing. Follow on Instagram

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Digital Shout: – All in One Solution in Digital Marketing



In today’s visual world, you need to make sure you communicate with images as well as you do with words. We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services to software product companies across all stages in the product life cycle, from product ideas to obsolescence. We have put together a team of highly qualified engineers, designers, programmers, and developers who can think exponentially, ahead of the curve for those brilliant applications that come in line with the maximum user expectation. Digital Shout services assure customers of good software quality, reduce product development costs and reduce time-to-market. We consistently deliver these results through a combination of technology expertise, tools, and processes.

Branding that makes you feel special in an ordinary world.

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We believe in the prospect of a bright future because it can be achieved through hard work and dedication. We lend a hand in turning your ideas into reality in a more fruitful way and taking into account their predictions and understanding their marketing and sales strategies, to which we apply our technical expertise as a leader in Digital Marketing and Company website development to create their own existing business.

Social Media Marketing: –
Social Media Marketing Services are all over the place however do you understand what works for your business? That is the reason we’re here. From paid advertisements to content showcasing and web-based media, our advanced specialists convey arrangements that have an effect. Regardless of whether you are a private company or a huge undertaking, we offer plenty of advanced showcasing answers for suit all your necessities

Search Engine Optimisation:
We are dedicated to acquiring the best-class Website design enhancement administrations to rank your business high on Google. Our group of Search optimization Specialists, content essayists, proficient engineers, and planners have the correct blend of modern mastery and abilities to carry compelling outcomes to dispatch your online presence.

Website Designing:
We make a website fundamentally which shows your organization essentially on the Web. In this manner, it’s vital to build up a site that sends the correct message to your clients and keeps up your image picture. We have a group of Expert and Business Web specialists to assist you with developing your online business.

Pay Per Click (PPC):
Digital Shout is a leading PPC company in Hyderabad that has shown results rather said. Our recipe for transformation begins with a one-on-one meeting with the client. We prefer talking business benefits to buzzwords. Digital Shout emphasizes more on the user experience instead of the search engine. Because Google loves you only when everyone else does.

Online Reputation Management:

Online reputation is an integral part of digital promotions. It is important to build a b Implementing email marketing strategies for your company is like breaking out your old FM radio when streaming your favourite song favorite to your mobile device. There is no guesswork involved. Strategies are tested continually to measure results in order to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Email Marketing:

Implementing email marketing strategies for your company is like breaking out your old FM radio when streaming your favorite song straight to your mobile device. There is no guesswork involved. Strategies are tested continually to measure results in order to see what’s working and what isn’t. This is the way of email marketing. To rephrase it, a way of email marketing is when you have a highly skilled digital marketing agency like Digital Shout executing the email marketing activities for your brand or business.

We absolutely love learning about our clients and the opportunity to meet together and brainstorm on your business is something that we live for. Those meetings are both fun and relaxed as well as productive as we ask the key questions that mine out what’s important to you and the marketing challenges you are trying to solve.
Getting to know your unique organization is the starting point to any recommendations or pricing of work for your branding campaign or project. We believe that it just makes sense to get to know you and your business first before we offer up a plan full of recommendations or price out a detailed scope for your project. Here are some of the initial questions we ask to learn more about who you are and what makes your business unique.

Contact us:
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Metawhale World, under Rahul Kaushik, announces move to launch the World’s First NFT Museum



One of the newly launched blockchain-based platforms, ‘Metawhale World’ has announced the launch of the world’s first NFT Museum. The launch officially took place Yesterday during a mega event held at the Hotel Glitz Westend Inn, situated in the National Capital. Alongside this, the management of Metawhale World also announced the big news of IgniteChain collaborating with them to release a variety of digital collectibles on the blockchain network. The event witnessed several distinguished personalities who graced the occasion with their august presence. These included names like Honourable Prahladbhai Modi, Deepak Londe, Prashant Mandekarand, Honourable Rajuseth Oswal. Rahul Kaushik (Founder) and Rahul Pabby (Co-Founder) of the Metawhale World oversaw the entire event and ensured its success.

Metawhale World, which was officially launched on April 28, 2022, has been creating quite a stride in the realm of Metaverse and now by partnering with IgniteChain, the brand aims to offer low-cost token minting & seamless user experience for all digital art lovers. Metawhale World is an emerging NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform allowing interested users to utilise their NFT across several applications such as 3D arts, gaming inventory, membership cards etc. With the official announcement of the news of Metawhale World allying with IgniteChain, made by Rahul Kaushik (Founder) and Rahul Pabby (Co-Founder), the MWW will be effectively and efficiently utilise the resources of IgniteChain to mint and distribute hundreds of NFTs to it’s marketplace. Representing IgniteChain, JM Narola (CEO), Umesh Mistry (COO), Vimal Panchal (CMO), Hardik Vaghela (CTO), Hemant Jass (Head of Advisory) and Piyush Jain (Advisory Member) were also present at the event.

This partnership between both the renowned platforms is aimed at bringing a 360-degree transformation in the realm of NFTs and through this move, IgniteChain has opened doors for many developers, projects and applications to build decentralised solutions for the web3 community. Apart from the partnership, the main big announcement made by Metawhale World was the launch of World’s First NFT Museum.

The founder of MWW envisions “lifting the curtain” on Blockchain-based digital art by announcing the mega move to launch NFT museum which will be first-of-its-kind which will display digital artworks for anyone who is having a strong internet connection. The soon-to-be-launched museum will also be able to extend access without diluting the monetary value of the plethora of listed digital artworks. Apart from this, designers and curators will also be able to make the exhibitions as imaginative and as immersive as they would like while spending less time and capital.

The event that was organised on June 26th, 2022 at the Hotel Glitz Westend Inn, witnessed around more than 350 people taking part and putting forth their views on the emerging trends in the realm of NFTs and Metaverse. The idea to launch the world’s first NFT Museum was widely appreciated by the Chief Guest at the event and both Rahul Kaushik (Founder) and Rahul Pabby (Co-Founder) of Metawhale World received appreciation for their innovative idea.

IgniteChain which will be partnering with Metawhale World is a decentralised blockchain network working on PoS consensus combined with reward based validation protocol PoR (Proof-of-Reward). They make it easier to utilise blockchain networks across different sectors including enterprises, governmental and decentralised finance. Meanwhile, the Proof-of-Reward (PoR) consensus is uniquely designed & developed for the IgniteChain network for reward distribution. Using this reward based validation mechanism, every node is rewarded for the transaction they sign and all the transactions are processed and broadcast on the blockchain network with a stamp of rewards. It incentivizes node operators, delegators, senders and developers community for their contribution in the ecosystem development.

Metawhale World, a blockchain based platform that was launched recently allows users to build and monetize their gaming experience. The Binance Blockchain powered the platform and uses MTW’s utility token. Meta Whale World will allow actual ownership of the creation to all its existing gamers, and they even promise to reward every participant with their exclusive utility token-MTW. Further, for data protection and ensuring security, they have developed a decentralized control system that will restrict creator ownership in the current gaming market.

To know more about Metawhale World, click here:-

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Shunya Ekai Technologies announces the launch of RIOT Learning in Gurgaon



Recently, one of the leading technology companies, Shunya Ekai Technologies has officially announced the move to launch its educational initiative called RIOT Learning with its first center situated in Gurgaon which will be launched in June 2022. RIOT Learning will offer advanced-level technology courses in domains like Robotics, IoT, Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, 3D Printing, and Product Design and Development through multiple courses, industrial training, summer training, and paid internships.

The first of its kind training facility will provide students with access to R&D (Research and Development) Labs, 3D Printing labs, Machinery & Equipment’s, Mechanical Workshop and Production Studio. Additionally, all courses will include master classes in the field of Personality Development, Patent & IP, Legalities of Electronic and Cyber Laws. During the course tenure, students will also learn the entire process of designing, developing, and manufacturing products. The special assistance team at RIOT Learning will also offer various payment plans for eligible candidates, numerous offers, as well as equipment and computer rental.

Talking about the vision and mission of launching RIOT Learning, Chintan Sareen, the founder stated, “My vision behind launching RIOT Learning is to bring in the new era of technical training in India closer because I certainly believe that students in India are full of academic potential. However, they don’t get the deserved training, guidance, and mentorship to pursue their career and make a bright future for themselves. This physical training institute will ensure proper learning because these courses are very challenging to be taught online The physical training will ensure that the students who have enrolled in the technology courses get the beneficial experience, appropriate knowledge, collaborative learning and by getting access to various hardware and equipment infrastructure.  India, without a doubt, has come a long way in the realm of technology, and through our new initiative we are certainly determined to contribute to this positive growth.”

Shunya Ekai Technologies is a global organization with office in India, Canada, and UAE. It is one of the emerging names in the domain of manufacturing and designing IoT devices and Robotics products.

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