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The best tea franchise in India with investment starting from 6 lacs



The best tea franchise in india with investment starting from 6 lacs, Chaai Seth has established it’s strong roots in the indian tea and fast food franchise markets.
Seeing the current situation the brand is looking for passionate and enthusiastic franchisees in PAN India.

Here is a glimpse of discussion we had with Chaai Seth Co-founder Mr. Arpit-

How do you see the tea and fast food industry in India, has this pandemic have some impact on the industry?

“Tea is something that we normally drink 3-4 days a day, one can not ignore tea!
Talking about the tea and fast food industry, yes because of the current scenario, there has been some impact on the preferences and buying behaviour of the customers.
But India being such a huge country, the potential to grow the food industry is immense. The pandemic has affected primarily on the unorganised sectors and ways of Tea and fast food industry.
Food, education and entertainment is something that will never go out of trend in India because of the huge population we have.

In the tough time, we are looking for positive and enthusiastic people who are ready to grow with the concept we have. As when the Market will open, there will be good demand again.

People will still love to have tea and will run after fast foods but will be now more hygiene centric, and that’s what we through chaai Seth are working upon !

We have read multiple articles about how Chaai Seth started; would like to know more about what you see and search in the franchisees before offering them your franchisee?

Tea and fast food franchises are ready-made concepts. One do not require to market much about the needs, demands and potential of having a tea cafe or a tea corner.
Through our franchise mode, we are looking for people who have atleast 6 lacs of budget to start with, a positive approach towards the concept, and hunger to grow with us.

Do you see any mistakes that people make while searching for a franchise?

Yes! We talk with lots of people daily, one common thing we are asked is the number of outlets. People think that a brand with huge number of outlet can be more beneficial which is I think is acceptable to a certain level, but that cannot be the only or a big parameter to judge. We have seen brands with 100-200 outlets; but with the speed they open new outlets, older outlets get “vapouried” with the same speed in most of th cases. We through chaai Seth focus on ‘quality instead of quantity’.

Another common mistake we see is; people without any food business or any business background are ready to invest 15-20 lacs initially! We call it business suicide internally. What we believe is, everyone has hard earned money, and we respect that. We advice a nominal investment initially and to keep some funds as backup. Even we recommend one to start with our basic kiosk/take-away model initially. As we are focused on getting the Return on investment As soon as Possible.
It’s better to start with a 6 lacs of investment initally, once there’s is a good response, you can take our multiple outlets!

That’s pretty cool ! How can one contact for Chaai Seth Franchise? Do you have any relaxation Coz of the covid pandemic.

One can connect us directly through our official website (, or can call me directly at +91 9667869451 or can fill the contact form mentioned on the website, the team would connect within 24 hours.

Yes, we understand the value and possible availability of money, one can book the franchise with a nominal token and we book his/her preferred location(s) for 1 year, one can start anytime within this one year, his/her prefered location will be locked for him.
As we keep a gap of 3 km of radius between 2 of our outlets to kill the internal competition.

Recently Chaai Seth is nominated for India 500 start-ups award and Go Global Awards 2021.

This was a small discuss we had with the co-founder Mr. Arpit Raj on this Friday.

We wish Arpit, and the whole team of Chaai Seth and their franchisees a great success ahead.


Farari Cab is now available in Shahjahanpur and Village also. Himanshu Taxi Bala



farari cab

Now the residents of Shahjahanpur will get the pleasure of a luxury car almost as much as an auto.

You must have heard or even used the name of big cab ie taxi companies in the cities, but Farari Cab (Taxi) is different from them and is moving ahead with an effort to do something new, you know that all the big ones. The funds of taxi companies are almost the same to do business in big cities and earn good profits. But our company Ferrari Cab has a different thinking.

Farari Cab says that India is moving towards rapid development, but the speed with which the wheel of development is spinning in the metros or big cities also has a quarter of Shahjahanpur and its small villages or other small towns. does not appear in Tell yourself – do not people in villages or towns need better transport?

The citizens here have to travel by bus or auto alternatively with their family and relatives due to non-availability of proper arrangements for travel, where there is no security, no option to avoid the wrath of the weather. Is. Keeping this in mind, Ferrari cabs is trying to move towards small towns and villages like Shahjahanpur by changing the direction of fast growing development like big cities in the field of transport. Presently, Farari cabs is moving forward in the direction of providing 24×7 hourly transport service to all those villages and towns under Shahjahanpur district where there is a cab accessible road system. Here the Farari cab has come to the land of Shahjahanpur as a new ray of hope.

Now any journey is not difficult, no destination is far, day or night, be it winter, summer or rain, our mission is to provide a beautiful, safe, reliable, comfortable and affordable transport system 24X7 day in Katra Tilhar Shahjahanpur area.
We have decided to take the land of Shahjahanpur to a new flight in the field of traffic, to a new sky.
We need your cooperation to fulfill the dreams we have cherished for the land of Shahjahanpur in the field of transport. We believe that all of you Shahjahanpur Vashi will also share our vision more and more and together with us will give this vision further direction.

Aapka apna Himanshu Taxi wala

For more information you can call or whatsapp us.

Phone – +919555956280 

Email- [email protected]


App –

Office – Front of kanya patshala Primary school, Kasrak, Katra, SHAHJAHANPUR 242301

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How ‘ONE WEEK DIGITAL’ is Building Brands & Creating Great Employment Opportunities with demanding future skills!.



Digital Marketing Industry in India is 199 Billion Indian Rupees in market size in the financial Year 2020, yet 82% of businesses in India are yet not Digitalised their business & many of them suffered during Covid Phase. So, with the mission of growing and helping Indian small businesses at the time of the pre-covid era ONE WEEK DIGITAL (OWD) was Initiated by a team of young Visionary Entrepreneurs to help local businesses and city brands with Digital Exposure and grow them in Digital Space Market.

(Management Training Workshop, Training Under Privileged Students, Training Future Skills to Students)

Due to the emerging need for Digital Marketing due to the digital shift in the market ONE WEEK DIGITAL started a “FREE CONSULTATION” Campaign to help businesses that need business growth strategies & service modifications for real market business growth with great revenue return on their initial Investments (Roi’s).

With a vision of training graduates with future demanding skills & to contribute to increasing the employment rate, One Week Digital started “One Week Education” as a part of OWD where they educate students with skills that will help them earn & have a happy settled life. Apart from this “One Week Education” started Management Training Workshops for businesses & brands to upscale their teamwork to get better sales or customers.

The OWD Team is doing their best & pretty confident with what they do in this field because they are teaching what they already implemented & tested in the real market with their own clients. So, what they educate students or business teams is totally practically implemented beforehand, hence will get you big results!

Students of One Week Education are placed in good firms & many of them are earning on their own through Freelancing you can check the reviews by their students in their website. The owner of “Bhumi Nishtha Group” Mr Anoop Dwivedi appreciated the results they got from their team after the Management & Digital Sales training provided by One Week Digital Workshop, “it was a win-win situation” they said.

As we all know 90% of the Indian students are lacking interpersonal skills due to glitches in our education system and due to poverty they can’t afford a quality education that helps them to secure an income for their future, that’s why One Week Education started initiative reaching to these Underprivileged Students from across the city and training with them basic soft skills helping them by moulding their personality for better future.

A major part of the Indian Economy is contributed by Indian local businesses across the streets whether they are street vendors or small stalls selling a large number of affordable products and earning for their livelihood but we notice after the big giants like Amazon, Flipkart, their offline market has decreased and small vendors are facing lots of troubles in managing their livelihood so OWD TEAM initiated to help them through Social Media platforms under Let’s Grow Foundation for free to initiate that’s their business by Social Media Recognition so that they’ll come into limelight by the audience support. This way OWD TEAM can help them in their earnings & business growth with the help of a local audience.

If you are interested in helping any business through Lil support, if you want business management training for your team, or if you are interested in their services you can contact them on their social media handle – @oneweekdigitalcompany they’ll respond!

Website :

Contact Details : +91 6393 773 186 (whatsapp only)

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Altos Provides the Right Platform to Success Seekers; Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Managing Director Altos Enterprises Ltd.



Altos is India’s leading Home Grown Direct Selling Company, which began with seven products in the year 2000 and has since expanded its product line to over 350 products. Business Opportunities offered by Altos and its product ranges have aided it in establishing a pan-India presence.

Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Managing Director of Altos Enterprises Ltd, is an inspiring young leader in the Indian Direct Selling Industry who has trained and motivated thousands of Direct Sellers associated with Altos on Direct Selling techniques that will assist them in building Sales Networks in the region.

He strongly supports women’s empowerment and has stated that the; Direct Selling business model provides equal opportunity for women to advance; It offers them flexible work hours in the comfort of their households and product lines that they will enjoy using it.

Fame Finders Media

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