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Shahanshah got talent season 2 by Shahanshah Virtual Awards



Shahanshah Publications , Regd Under Govt, MSME act ,founded by , young entrepreneur Ankita Bhatia.

Ankita always try to come up with something unique, something amazing to appreciate the talent among people through different anthologies and different awards organised by her under one of the Affiliate of Shahanshah Publications, Shahanshah Virtual Awards.

One such initiave by her is Shahanshah Got Talent and here let’s witness the prestigious awardees of the Season 2 from Different Categories and few lines about some of them :


Following are titled as Mrs Insta Beauty Queen

1)Shipra Sharma

2)Sandhya singh

3)Ratna Lalitha.Pasupuleti


Following are titled as Achiever of The Year

1)Ashima Singh

2)Niraja Bandi

3)Anshika Dhingra



5) Samata Dey Bose




8)Rohith Kumar

Following Titled as Author Of The Year

1) Vishalakshi

2)Jyoti Verma


3)Tanvi Agarwal

4)Divsheen Kaur

5)Swarnasankha Acharjee

6) Dr Kalashri M Barve


7) Niraja Bandi

Following Titled as Writer Of The Year

1) Niraja Bandi

2) Sangamithran



4) Divya

5) Trina Kanungo

6) Rukaiya


Following Titled as Co Author Of The Year :

1) Mahesh Kumar Hansdah

2) Gayathri Nair



4) Eswari

5)Sushmita Das

Niraja Bandi

She is an author and blogger by passion and Operations manager by profession. She is a source of inspiration to aspiring writers. She is the author of 7 bestselling books.


Ashima Singh

A lady with warmness in her heart, kindness in her soul and beauty in her confidence. Mrs Ashima Kalra (Founder of The Great Podium and host @tgptalksbyAshima) is from Jalandar, Punjab

Trina Kanungo

Hailing from Kolkata, currently assistant manager in Ecgc Ltd, Mumbai, she is an ardent lover of Indian folk art and has co-authored many Bengali and English anthologies.


Tanvi Agarwal

A software engineer and content writer with a vision to create an impact with her work and writing. She has been a part of three anthologies and a poetry book of her 100poems “Surrounding Thoughts.”

Divsheen Kaur

Divsheen Kaur is a young author born in 2008. She’s based in Delhi, India. She wishes to create a change in today’s world through her work. She currently has three published poetry books and is on her journey to keep writing more.


Vishalakshi pandey

vishalakshi pandey is 18 years old and is college student. She has worked as a co author in 10 books and two self published poetry books.

Drishti Sethi

She is a young and emerging author. She has participated in various anthologies and have got her first solo book published named scribbled thoughts. She is passionate about writing and wants to continue to grow as a writer in future.


Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti

She is writer and a psychological listener, who listens to people in stress, anxiety etc. Being a home maker, she want to prove, women can achieve anything this world, just by laying on their chaise lounge.


She is jyoti Verma who belongs from BALLIA(UTTAR PRADESH). She has been author of her book named “MY HUSHED VOICE ” . RECENTLY she is graphic designer is ADP PUBLICATION and in other field also.


Swarnasankha Acharjee

He has completed his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science from University of Delhi. He was born and brought up in the North Eastern state of Tripura. He has 2 published books under his name so far. Apart from writing, he loves cricket, football and chess.

Samata Dey Bose

Samata Dey Bose is the founder of the entertainment E-portal She is now a freelance content developer, book reviewer, author, Co-author,poet, blogger, online interviewer, Vedic astrologer, and passionate photographer. She compiles books under her banner Indiacafe24 and has been a part of different anthologies as Co-author.



Ayush saxena (pen name: Arnit) is an IT engineer who discovered his

passion for writing while he was in college and has been writing

abstract poetry since then. He lives in the city of lakes, Bhopal and believes that poetry


can capture essence of anything in the world and make it beautiful.

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @poemsopedia

Anshika Dhingra

 Anshika Dhingra is a second year student at University of Delhi. She has always believed in ‘Power of Words’ and writing makes her life more worth. She has been part of 3 anthologies as a co-author. She believes that learning should never stop!!


Shipra Sharma

She is an IT program manager by profession and is passionate about fitness. She has recently been crowned as the first runners up in Mrs India International Queen 2021. She believes in giving back to the society and does charity runs to support cancer research and Alzheimer’s society.

Divya Mahindru

She is an ardent lover of poetry. She finds evershining gleam in inditing the flow of thoughts in verse. She has been a part of many anthologies. She has been working in schools and colleges as teacher of English language. She has won several writing contests.She believes that faith in God can move mountains.


Dr. Kalashri Barve

A Mumbai-based Indian writer, is a Bollywood film director, writer, art director, and artist. A philosopher is a creative thinker who enjoys finding art in everything, She is a multiple distinguished national and international award winner. She aspires to build a world in which everyone’s heart is filled with nothing but peace and love.

Mahesh kumar Hansdah

He is from Odisha.He jots down his memories and believes that dreams are the things which can give happiness to oneself.Till now he has participated in different publication houses



She is an artist, percussionist and now working as an Assistant Professor of English at Trinity College of engineering.

During her Post-graduation, held the position of President of Rotaract club that tied with institutions and had organised many social services.

Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann)


She is an artist, percussionist and now working as an Assistant Professor of English at Trinity College of engineering. During her Post-graduation, held the position of President of Rotaract club that tied with institutions and had organised many social services.

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Pink Beagle : A Brand New Guide to International Marketing



International business is a phenomenon of global percolation and adaptation of organizations selling products and services to conducive and favorable niches across the world. One requires strategic and well versed knowledge about international marketing and its applied principles for the foundation and expansion of any business to global boundaries.

The Pink Beagle written by Dr. Vikas Singh offers a detailed and perceptive insight on his experience and expertise of global business and trade. Mr. Singh, a doctorate in business administration from Lucknow University, has an experience of more than two decades in leading international corporates and is an authority on global trade and its various niches due to his extensive knowledge in the field.

Despite having a successful career, Dr. Singh left the corporate journey a few years ago to follow his passion of helping small businesses and exporters go global. He also gives a considerable amount of his time to writing, the result of which has been two books — Return Ticket and his last release, The Pink Beagle. The latter is a concentrated effort to bring into focus the concept of globalization and, as Dr. Singh puts it, Glocalization — a portmanteau of the connection between global and local trade.

Dr. Singh is also a successful speaker and has given many speeches on various platforms and is soon slated to speak at TEDEx Motijheel.

Coming back to his last release, The Pink Beagle is a thorough guide with plenty of references of successful brands and ventures for any aspiring business and is a must read for anyone starting a venture of their own. Dr. Singh brings all his experience and knowledge to play here and shows a path that can be trodden by anyone new or old in the world of global trade and branding. The book, segregated into many different chapters all dealing with a particular aspect of international business and trade, also contains a plethora of anecdotes from both DR. Singh’s personal experiences as well as popular culture.

The Pink Beagle is written in an easy to understand conversational style and many of the anecdotes and references are not only useful but are also extremely witty, making the reading experience a fun one.

Dr. Vikas Singh is presently working on his next book which is slated to release very soon. Here’s wishing him all the best for it.

You can purchase The Pink Beagle from the following link:

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India Hemp expo 2023: Get ready to learn, grow and network about hemp!



After the successful accomplishing of the first edition of India Hemp Expo 2022 in Delhi, now it’s time to gear up to witness the second instalment of the unique B2B exhibition in Mumbai. Slated to be held at Nehru Centre Exhibition Space, Worli, Mumbai, from 24th to 25th February, the India Hemp Expo 2023 aims to promote the hemp industry by bringing together professionals and industrialists who are involved in one way or another with this nascent industry.

Celebrating hemp in all its splendour, the event is expected to feature over 30 exhibitors, and thousands of visitors including business experts, Ayurveda doctors and hemp enthusiasts from across the world.


The India Hemp Expo 2023 will serve as a brilliant space for all the participating exhibitors to present their brands on a grand level in front of all the potential buyers, consultants, and business experts under one roof in order to widen their network.

The expo is being organized by and While talking about the prime motive behind this event, the founder Vaidya (Dr.) Piyush Juneja said, “Our main focus is on creating positivity around this great Ayurvedic Herb and letting people know about the incredible list of health, industrial & nutritional benefits of hemp.”


He also added, “I believe like the previous season, IHE 2023 will serve as a great platform for all the exhibitors to present their brands on a grand level in front of all the potential buyers and business experts.”


The India Hemp Expo 2023 will help accelerate the growth of the hemp industry, and it’s an opportunity that should not be missed. You will get a chance to learn about the inner workings of the industry as well as a chance to enhance your knowledge about the various related products and their benefits in your personal as well as professional lives.

For two days, the expo will feature a host of exciting events such as exhibitions, conferences, inter-college competitions, CEO round table, B2B meets and a gala India Hemp award. Visitors will also get a chance to participate in various engaging activities and win hampers.


While the India Hemp Expo 2023 is supported by an incredible list of sponsors such as Ananta Hemp Works, Svadhishthan, 13 Innovations, Twiee & Moksa, Cannazo India, Awega Green Technologies, Noigra, Aim Biosciences, Sawant, some of the big names of the hemp industry like Buffalo Extraction Systems (Technology Partner), Blazen Photonics, Hemp Satva, Hampa Wellness, Cannapure, Weaving Vibes, Wig Health Products, and Rafbrix Essentials, will participate in the event as exhibitors.

What are you waiting for? Whether you are a hemp enthusiast, Medical/Pharma/Ayush practitioner, Ayurveda student, B2B delegate, wellness expert, someone related to the paper or fabric industry, cosmetics expert, dietician or entrepreneur looking to know this nascent industry in a better way, visit to register yourself. Click here to register yourself as delegate. Limited slots available!

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A Story of Gratitude & Power of Coaching



Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can profoundly impact our lives. When we express our thanks for the good things in our lives, whether to those directly responsible or simply to the universe at large, we can tap into a sense of positive energy that ripples out to affect those around us. The power of gratitude is undeniable. Gratitude is an essential part of any positive, successful life. It has been linked to increased happiness, better health and stronger relationships. In addition, gratitude can help us develop a growth mindset and see opportunities instead of obstacles which can lead to an abundance of positive energy. When we focus on the good in our lives, we create a powerful force that helps us overcome challenges.Also, when it comes to peak performance, result-oriented coaching plays a significant role. Whether you’re training for a race, trying to improve your business strategies, or working to achieve a personal goal, having an experienced coach by your side can be invaluable.


In one such case, when Mr. Rajesh Sharma started working with Dr. Chandni Tugnait, a life and business coach and founder of Gateway of Healing, he had no idea that she would help him achieve such phenomenal growth in such a short span of time. In just a few sessions, she helped him align his energy, mindset and action, and the results started coming in immediately. Mr. Rajesh, the founder of JPJ Land Promoters Pvt. Ltd., is pioneer in handling the most challenging disputed property cases in the country with immense professionalism and magnanimous results. He had always been a very successful businessman, but with her help, he has seen even greater growth in recent months.


On New Year, to express his gratitude to Dr. Chandni, Mr. Rajesh gifted her a Kia Carnival Limousine. She couldn’t help but reflect on all the hard work they had put in together to achieve this success. The big thing here is not the car or the growth but the emotions of respect, awe, trust, gratitude and conviction between a coach and the coachee. When one surrenders to the power of energy and mind, miracles, beyond the scope of comprehension, are possible. This is what it means to be a successful coach – helping others achieve their dreams and goals!


This story is a testimony to the power of gratitude & coaching and how this can help people achieve their dreams and goals. Don’t shy away from looking for someone who can help you reach your full potential. Choose transformation at every step in life!



Here are some benefits of incorporating gratitude in your life –



1.      People who practice gratitude are typically more content in their lives, because they take the time to appreciate what they have rather than dwelling on what they don’t have.


2.      Studies have shown that those who practice gratitude report feeling fewer physical symptoms of illness than those who do not incorporate gratitude into their daily lives.


3.      Gratitude also has long-term effects on our mental health. Those who practice gratefulness daily are more likely to experience higher levels of self-esteem, resilience, and optimism than those without this habit in their lives.


4.      Studies show that expressing gratitude results in increased empathy towards others and improved relationships with family members and friends alike.


5.      People who practice gratitude experience greater levels of overall happiness, joy, optimism and enthusiasm. They also report fewer feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. Additionally, those who actively express their appreciation tend to be more resilient when faced with difficult situations and develop stronger relationships with others.



But how can this be achieved? It’s actually quite simple—all you need to do is make a conscious effort each day to appreciate the people, places, things or situations around you or the good things in your life. This could include writing down 3 things you’re thankful for each day or taking time during the day to express your appreciation for someone close to you or simply tapping into the feeling of gratefulness and internalizing it; whatever works best for you!Remember that even small acts of gratitude can make a huge difference in your life.

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India Hemp expo 2023: Get ready to learn, grow and network about hemp!

After the successful accomplishing of the first edition of India Hemp Expo 2022 in Delhi, now it’s time to gear...

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A Story of Gratitude & Power of Coaching

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can profoundly impact our lives. When we express our thanks for the good things...

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