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Nirgia Brand Promoters organized its virtual ceremony for Indian Woman Mompreneur Awards



Nirgia Brand Promoters, founded by Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur, in an attempt to showcase the immense strength that the women of today exhibit across every realm organized the IWMA- Indian Woman Mompreneur Awards on January 29, 2022. The award show was a virtual event and based on the belief that says, ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’. The event had the awards presented to the registered awardees, along with various networking sessions, and a Talk Show that allowed individuals to exchange their opinions.

The virtual ceremony took place to recognize and celebrate the persevering mompreneurs who break all barriers and emerge as significant members of the society. The event was hosted by Assistant Professor Swati Wadhawan, confederating with Educator and Motivational Speaker Ayesha Shaik as the Creative Director of IWA.

The list of awardees and their winning categories include Sudipta Debnath for IWM Architect Award, Haripriya Pettem for IWM Art & Culture Award, Monita Dhingra for IWM Artist Award, Priyanka Joshi for IWM Blogger Award, Mrs. Sandhya Thukral for IWM Business Award, Ritu Dhawan for IWM Business Award, Tazaika Official – Radiya Adil Sayed for IWM Chef Award, Anitha S for IWM Covid Warrior Award, Isha Jain for IWM Dancer Award, Dr. Madhuri Bhatt for IWM Doctor Award, Dr. Manasi Pavaskar (Mulay) for IWM Doctor Award, Dr. Rakshinda Tabassum Nasser Shaikh for IWM Doctor Award, Dr. Aparna Sharma for IWM Doctor Award, Dr. Heena Inder Moolpani for IWM Spiritual Leader Award, Nupur Heda Patil for IWM Spiritual Leader Award, Vidhi Bhatnagar for IWM Spiritual Leader Award, Divya Johari Resu for IWM Writer Award, Srividya Muthuvel for IWM Writer Award, Prachi Shinde for IWM Yoga Instructor Award, and Dr. Shreyaa Sriram for IWM Doctor Award.


The other ladies who bagged different prizes were Radhika Naikawadi- IWM Educator Award, Ambica Singal- IWM Educator Award, Nalini Sankar- IWM Educator Award, Akanksha Aneja- IWM Educator Award, Aastha Mehta- IWM Educator Award, Dr. Pratima Mishra- IWM Educator Award, Aliya Jamil- IWM Educator Award, Shalini Das- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Chandni Shah- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Dhanamani- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Bhavani Saravanan- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Kalpana Palanisamy-

IWM Entrepreneur Award, Mrs. Shradha J. Wardhe- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Jaishri- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Sneha Gavane- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Inderjeet Vinky Daryani- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Pallavi Garg- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Dia- IWM Entrepreneur Award, Mrs. Sriharini Vijay- IWM Fashion Award, Mahek Agarwal- IWM Fashion Award, Aparna Paul- IWM Influencer Award, Hema Dubey- IWM Leadership Award, Niharika Sharma- IWM Leadership Award, Niveditha- IWM Make-up Artist Award, C Brinda-

IWM Make-up Artist Award, Riddhi Doshi Patel- IWM Psychologist Award, Manisha Gothi- IWM Social Worker Award, Dr. Sahithyaa Raghu- IWM Social Worker Award, Dr. Brahmi Pandey – IWM Doctor Award, Pragya Bhargava – IWM Educator Award, V.Merina Maju – IWM Dancer Award , Saima Pervez- IWM Researcher Award, Priyanshi Jain- IWM Blogger Award.

Apart from the names listed above, Bhawna Agarwal, Sharmistha Chakravarty, Neha Amogh Gurave, Mrinali Haryal, J.Uma, Mrs. Aparna Vora, Aiswarya R, Firdouse Qutb Wani, Rupinder Maliya, Sunita Jain, Deepti Gupta, Sarika Kaushal, Jayanti Gupta, Bhavana Sood, Kanika Khanna, Anagha Dosi, Tamil Aruvi, Mamta Kelshikar Vanmore, Dr. Sarannya Mugunthakumar also bagged the Super Mompreneur Award.


The Talk Show at the IWMA event was organized by Janitri, a socio-cultural voluntary organization for Mother and Child. The speakers at the Talk Show include The Unicorn People Entrepreneur- Vandana Teji, Entrepreneur and MSME Awardee at Mintlime- Rumi Borah, Self Empowering Mindset and Motivational Coach- Rekha Pandey, and Physiotherapist, Fitness Expert, Speaker and Writer at Move-On Physiotherapy Centre- Dr. Shakti Mishra. They also heard the Mindfulness Sessions by Dr. Soamya Arora who is acclaimed with M.Sc, Ph.D., and Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counseling. She shared her thoughts on child psychology and mindfulness of social and emotional learning.

Alongside the prestigious recognitions, Nirgia and IWMA have come up with an exclusive initiative of 1-month FREE brand/ product promotions for all awardees which will bring the small business owners into the limelight which will in turn help boost their business. Nirgia also proudly announces the launch of their official website  wherein every awardee will be provided with a FREE membership. Besides that, it also serves as a great platform for the womenpreneurs as they share their success stories which shall further empower many more women.

Apart from confederating trophies and certificates to all the mompreneurs, over a hundred free-of-cost digital certificates were also given to the digital awardees. Entrepreneur Harpreet Kaur believes that via such recognitions, more and more women instill courage and confidence to come into the limelight and add value to the lives of others.

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Akansha Dayanand (Viral Model, Influencer, Actor) is breaking stereotypes to live her dream



India Flux: Akansha Dayanand is breaking stereotypes to live her dream.

There are now many more women in top positions because of the glam industry’s rapid growth. While few women would pick a career in the entertainment business, there is a handful who are defying expectations and rising to the top of the field. Here, we share the journey of Akansha Dayanand – The Viral Girl from Instagram who is one of India’s finest models and influencers. Her successful journey to become a youth icon of Bihar has been full of perseverance, dedication, and enthusiasm. She is now heading towards Bollywood, just like her idol Priyanka Chopra.

Recently picked by Lokmat Times as one of India’s best models, Akansha Dayanand was born in an affluent family in Patna, a place where the glam industry is a distant dream even today. With the full support of her parents and other family members, she has reached the crucial stage of being a successful model, influencer, and actor in Mumbai.

A regular in sports and extracurricular activities since her school days, Akansha is a fitness and Yoga freak. She regularly shares exclusive content of her gym routines, ramp shows, exercises, acting, fun activities, and many more on her viral Instagram account – @akansha_dayanand


Recently, Akansha’s pic went viral on the internet. India’s biggest meme pages like Naughty world, 69. flix, the comedy villa, tharki Gyan, the naughty trolls, idiotic nation, and many more featured her and this made her an overnight social media sensation. She gained thousands of new followers on the internet after she went viral on these biggest Meme pages.

Akansha Dayanand has appeared in more than 100 advertisements in addition to more than 100 appearances as a top model on different ramp and modeling shows. She has garnered fame everywhere, whether it is in the world of memes or the world of glitz. Today, Akansha Dayanand is amongst the most well-known faces in the modeling and glamour worlds. Akansha believes that modeling is a demanding profession and that being attractive is not enough to succeed in it. It’s crucial to be self-assured, have the ideal body, and be prepared to put in a lot of effort.

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In addition, Akansha Dayanand is a well-known Instagram influencer who has collaborated on successful projects with numerous companies. When it comes to their advertising campaigns, almost all companies and designers choose Akansha Dayanand as their model. Akansha regularly does brand collaborations with India’s biggest brands and designers on her Instagram. She is regarded as a top influencer in India. She recently did some major ad campaigns and achieved enormous recognition and fortune.


Most people are motivated by money to do big things in life, but Akansha is different. She had the passion and zeal to live her dream in the glamorous world; that is precisely what she is doing. Clarity of goals helped her carve her way to success.

Having achieved a lot in her modeling career, Akansha Dayanand has plans for a smash hit entry into Bollywood too, following the footsteps of her idol Priyanka Chopra.

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Singer Pranil More Becomes the first singer to present his voice with the Single “Morya Anthem” on Count Music Channel



World’s first short song music channel launched few days ago and now the song “Morya Anthem has been loved by the people across which is sung by the talented singer pranil more.

Pranil started his journey with…

Hindi Reality Shows,
Got into programming & composing for many renowned music directors of the league.
He has been composing for background score of webseries & films.


While talking to pranil he said “this song is really special to me & when our debutant music director vijay kadechkarr came to me with a song with lyrics, i decided to sing this very special devotional track.

Also this is the first time that count music is experimenting with the short songs space on youtube and entering in it with a new age space.

Mona Kadechkarr is the owner of the label count music & she said we will be producing more such musical content for the world in the near future & will keep presenting exclusive talent like pranil.

The debutant music director vijay kadechkarr said, pranil is a very hardworking singer , composer and has a versatile voice which can be amalgamated into various songs in near future.


We wish all the best to pranil for delivering to the expectations of the audience and the music composers.

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Varun Dagar young entrepreneur



Varun Singh Dagar born on 25th May, 2000 in Delhi, is a young upcoming highly passionate entrepreneur who is involved into various domains such as Renewable Energy Solutions, Construction and Exports as his main strength areas in business. Varun’s hobbies include reading new books and trying new courses. His positive approach nurtures a positive attitude among his counterparts and that’s how he makes it easier to communicate with other people who try to interact with him. He is a good speaker and can understand people really well as he has a fine quality of logical understanding and awareness. 
He idolizes Jordan Peterson. This is mainly because of the reason of how he has a perspective of this world, how people think and how he tells the world that they should stay determined, not waste their life and always move forward. One goal that Varun wants to achieve in his life is to hold a power that could empower him in helping the poor, he wants to provide the homeless people a chance to start a normal life and write an impact on the history of mankind.

Varun always wanted a career in stock market as he loved the trading aspect of the financial instruments, that is how he and his partner started their first firm namely, Knoxventura Consulting LLP. Everything that they have gained after that came through by evolution of ideas and pivoting their ways to find the perfect things by achieving their goals and aspirations. 
Currently Varun is working on his new venture , i.e. Generation and trading of carbon credits with the hope to fulfil the career that he wished for, i.e. trading in financial markets. This would help contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints on our earth and help solve the difficulties we face with climate change. A little about what he has got here for the youth is that – the carbon credits would work to offset the rising carbon emissions in the world and would be traded as a non tangible commodity, it’ll be served to people as a good investment. 
One life motto that Varun is inspired from and lives by is – 
पश्चात्तापः न, भयं न. 
No regrets, no fear.

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