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List of Top 100 Influential Indians released by Hypedge Media



Hypedge Media, a premier insight-driven media, research, rating, PR, branding, and marketing services company has released theirTop 100 Influential Indians List:

Zoran Talib Hafeez, He is a multi-award winning CRCA certified singer, songwriter and Music Producer.

Javed Khan, He is a First Gen Entrepreneur at Multiple business verticals. Started from scratch and went on building bits by bits to cater services and products in 3 continents.


Dr. Prashant Arun, He works as a Consultant Physician & Diabetologist at MV Hospital for Diabetes Chennai.

K.B.S.Venkat Sai, He is known to be an Author, was formerly a Law student, writes personal blogs on regular basis.

Rashmi Manglani, Living her life as a Dietician, her mantra towards fitness is to have a good lifestyle not depending on diet and to make people aware that kitchen is the main thing that an plays important role and keep them healthy.

Rajdeep Bhattacharjee, He founded of quite a handful of websites based on food and travel, namely, Gourmets Travel Guide, Botol Puran, Panch Phoron India and Panch Phoron Kolkata.


Dr Ranjan Yadav, He serves the nation by providing free medical consultation through WhatsApp after his duty hours, especially since the second wave of COVID-19.

Mangesh Shinde, He is known to be one of the Best Process Designers in the world and best-in-class project planner for both India and world.

Sanatan Deka, Living in Assam, he has been working with Wildlife Trust of India for the last ten years. He has largely contributed in saving the life and livelihoods.

Chhaya Dadasaheb More, She was the Ex Sarpanch of Walchandnagar, was known for being instrumental in social works in her district.


Chiranjivi Bist, He is working as a Professional Fitness Trainer for the past 7 years accumulating experience as a fitness coach, marking his name in Indian Book of Records.

Mansukh ayadi, He is a Founder of Unique Plus Solar Pvt. Ltd. as well as a Chairman of Atulit Foundation.

Dr. Sai Sushanth, He is a Cyber Law Expert & works as a Techno Legal Consultant and the CEO of Sushanth IT Law Associates.

Ramsudeer, He is the owner of Ramji Cables Networks who provides high speed Intra & Internet Service around South of Tamil Nadu especially in village and remote areas.


Rajesh Mhatre, He has a vast experience in Civil engineering which he accumulated working as a Deputy Engineer with KDMC for 22 years.

Dr Karunamoorthy Neethimani, He is a passionate entrepreneur in Wind Power Industry with an experience of 27 years and know to be a Philanthropis.

Sukhadiya Ashokbhai, He works on the post of Principal in C.B.S.Doshi High school, Devgam, Gujarat. He has ensured to provide quality of education to the students.

Kamaruddin Sheikh, He works as a life advisor and retirement planning expert. Over 5 years of his service in LIC, he was able to secure 500+ families with his expert services.


Gurdeep N Dhillon, He is known today for the Amazon Bestseller book and a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Currently, he is working with Human Aura to understand the psychology of humans, work around them, and created remedies through his knowledge of various modalities.

Sowmya Anirudh, She is the owner of ‘Bloom by Sowmya Anirudh’ which aims at making presents more presentable with top quality and creative curation for every occasion that needs a celebration.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, The creator of the “Science-Based Goal Setting & Achieving Blueprint”, He is your go-to Business Transformational Leader who helps new businessman to grow.

Valmiki Hari Kishan, He works passionately in Tourism Industry and his compassion for helping society made him secure his place in Top 100 Influential Indians 2022.


Neelima Pal, She has been relentlessly working in this field as an educator for the past 18 years. She has also helped the socially deprived students to continue their education.

S.K. Farjana, She is founder of ‘M.F. Fashions’. Her aim through M.F. Fashions is to help the under privileged women stand on her own and live independently.

Pallavi Walia Raj, She is a multi-award-winning personality, worked as a TV Host and covered ICC Cricket World Cup for ESPN, STAR Sports and Milan Fashion Week for Zee Trendz, etc.

Harmeet Singh Saluja, He is passionate help anyone who asks, no matter the religion, caste, gender or any division the person belongs to.


Dhrubajyoto Sen, An Engineer transformed to an Academician and elocutionist, represented the country in Bangladesh’s highly ambitious Mission 2020 the dream project of PM Sheikh Hasina.

Dr. Vinod Kumar, He is the Founder & Chairman of Greenworld International Business Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, a Successful Entrepreneur running 7+ projects.

Mudasir Wani, He was elected unanimously as President at J&K students union, persuasive & recognized for his abilities to train, lead & to be part of effective teams.

Saakshar Dugal, He is an emerging technologies expert and gives training sessions in different corporates and colleges on the updated technologies like metaverse and artificial intelligence.


Ramlal Bhaskar, He works as an authorized and registered licensed private detective. His book “The Godfather Waqlida” has won the “Nelson Mandela” award and nominated for Nobel awards.

Rinku Chakraborty, He is the owner of Tapati Publishers and has been publishing all competitive level books since 2007.

Ram Dadhich, He is the founder of Fly King Universal Shipping. His company consists of hardworking and loyal employees who shares the same vision as he does.

Mangesh Mandge, Director at TKT Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mangesh Mandge was inspired by Mr. Ratan Tata who has built his empire from nothing to endless with his broad vision.


Mr. Ashish Sandbhor, He founded SkkAto India Pvt. Ltd. which provides third party inspection, metrology, audit & training services within India and globally as well.

Mohammed Naved Shaikh, He is a Master Trainer & Deputy Chief of Surat Civil Defense. He works for orphan, needy, special child, handicap, martyr & patriotic.

Dr Hari Krishna Kommi, He is working as a Residential Head, STEM coordinator and Microsoft Innovative Educator at Edify School, Tirupati.

C.A. (DR.) Shankar Ghansahamdaas Andani, He is a diligent and committed professional as well as a Social Worker, knowledgeable in assisting clients for life challenges and growth in their financial sector.


Nilesh Dhahifule, He works at Swastik Enterprises, an enterprise deals in Marketing & Financial Analyst in Real Estate, also assisting and working with R K Group & Morya Group.

Mita Banerjee, She was the member of high court bar library club, Kolkata from 2009 and has successfully handled matters under the jurisdiction of civil cases and animal rights.

Richa Munjal, She works as an International Cabin Crew in the Boeing 777-USA and Canada airlines. She also work for the upliftment and empowerment of young children and women in North India.

Dr. Ajil Abdulla, He worked as a Healthcare entrepreneur and Pediatrician. He became the founder and CEO of Vellnezmed Healthcare which is a premium health tech provider.


Sukhdev Singh, He works in the deep far flung areas of Union Territories of India, to help the people in dire need of help due to such areas remained socially and economically under developed.

Dr. Keerthi Pai, She works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Apollo hospitals, Mental Health Advisor in Apollo Shine Foundation.

Ryan Varghese, He is a researcher, author, and innovator whose work spans a spectrum of topics from artificial intelligence to diagnosis & drug delivery in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sakshi Pawar, She is the founder and president of Achievera Foundation an NGO working to educate, empower, encourage youth across India to develop and grow socially.


Mani Gyanendra Goel, She is Internationally Acclaimed Celebrity and Spiritual Healer and Founder of Mani Healing International, A Spiritual Wellness & Alternative Learning Enterprise.

Dr. Debrato Mukerjee, He is an Independent Scientist with over 28 years of Research and innovation to support his achievements. Dr. Mukerjee has accomplished 47 Patents and 310 Patent claims in highly core competitive field of research in varied heads.

Dr. Manju Nehra, She is working as an Associate Professor and Chairperson in Department of Food Science and Technology. Her specialization is in Nutrition and dietetics.

Avni Shah, She is a professional artist, photographer, sculptor and a poet. She has previously held and performed at 26 solo shows, 22 group shows Internationally.


Sahil Hussain, He is proactively participating in educating the children of the age group 5-10 in an orphanage.

Dr. T.Vadivel, Dr Vels Regenerative Therapy is one of the best stem cell solution providers, performing cell therapy infusions in adults and children.

Gulshan Tyagi, Founder of ‘Excellence Ecogreen Services Pvt. Ltd’ which is an e-waste management consultant works at pan India and based in Hapur, UP.

Hrudanand Meher, He has been working to improve the educational standards in rural, tribal and migrant areas.


Koyyana Sriramulu, has received many accolades shows the amount of acknowledgement he has received due to his contribution in society.

Dr. Mahesh Vishnupant Thorwe, He was appointed as the Member of State Theatre Inspection (Censor) Board by Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra on December 16th, 2020.

Dr. Narendran Junior Sundersh, Professor of Surgery in Rajah Muttiah Medical College, Tamil Nadu. He is a secretary in International Robotic Society and also a Joint Secretary in IMA.

Navdeep Srivastav, He is the founder, Partner & VP in Sierra Cloud India and is responsible for all aspects include Partnerships, Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience, etc.


Shounak Amonkar & Pranay Jaitly, together have founded “Who-Wore-What-When”, a fashion consultancy platform to advice youngsters about new apparel style.

Naeem S. Tirmizi, a Businessman & Philanthropist, was a crucial member in the management of some elite group of companies, organizations and trusts; also indulge in humanitarian & social welfare activities.


Arnav Nigam,


Aswini Sahoo,

Bibin Babu,

Dr Aripirala Yoga NandanSastry,

Dr Santanu Banerjee,


Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni,

Dr. Aripirala Kalyan Sastry,

Dr. Jigna Desai,

Dr. Mantri VenkataSwamy,


Dr. Rajat Sharma,

Er Rehan Sayed,

Gurudeen Verma,

Harshit Prasad,


James Aruldas Silvai,

Namrata Shah,


R. Sobiya,


Raj Golla,

Rajeeb Lochan Panda,

Rajendra Sable Patil,



Sandeep Kataria,

Sangita Dhole,

Sanjay Kumar Surekha,

Somil Agarwal,


Subhash Ola,



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10 Influential People Changing The Game In Their Respective Fields In 2023



We the people of India certainly believe that India can disrupt the global content landscape with indigenous stories and by staying true to our culture and realities. Here is a list of 10 Influential people changing the game in their respective fields in 2023. Each one of them is someone people from their field look up to, respect and trust to guide them towards their desired results.


10 Influential People Changing The Game In Their Respective Fields In 2023 are:

  • Priyasi Das
  • Shreya Dubey
  • Aurora Bluemoon
  • Rakhi Kapoor
  • Gary Clark
  • Saurabh Pant
  • Supriya
  • R K Mohapatra
  • Mayuri Kadambande
  • Mayaa SH



Dr. Priyasi Das


Dr. Priyasi Das belongs to the City of Joy Kolkata. She is an Award-Winning – Best-Selling Author, Engineer, Doctorate in Literature, National, World, and Global Record Holder via India Book of Records, Vajra World Records, Global Records & Research Foundation, Grace Ladies Global Book of Records & many others. She is also a Guinness World Record mass attempt Record Holder. She has Authored 9 Books. She is the founder of Priya’s Wisdom Publication (PWP), Iconic Brand Network (IBN) & The Inspiring Women Community (TIWC) which gives aspiring candidates a good platform getting recognised for their talent, hardwork and dedication. She is a Professional Certified Expert in Literature from the GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL EXPERT FORUM of Professional Skill Development Hub Singapore. She is also a National Award Winner by Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award. She has received more than 50+ International & National Awards for her impeccable literary projects. She has interacted with Honorable Prime Minister of India – Shri. Narendra Modi virtually for the initiative discussion toward Independent India under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. She is the first person to write a reality based book on COVID-19 titled “PHASES OF COVID-19” which is an Amazon Bestseller and multiple record holding book. Her recently published book “DENSIS” is a unique informative book which is based on the author’s real life experience which portrays the reality of two deadly medical conditions (DENGUE & SEPSIS). Surviving from two back-to-back deadly diseases the author has dedicated the book towards the medical survivors and written the book to create healthcare awareness.



Shreya Dubey


Shreya Dubey is a poet, writer, podcaster, story teller, speaker, live reader & interviewer, host, content creator and author of bestseller book “ALL THE FLOWERS SHE HELD”, available on Amazon, Flipkart & Coauthor of 35+ best seller anthologies. She has successfully released her podcasts on Spotify, gaana, jio music & other platforms where podcasts with title “Don’t give up on hearts” & “Meri kavitaaein, chai aur tum” were great hits. In her debut book, she spoke about emotions of relationships. She is currently residing in Pune & working on content creation where she guides on how to deal with emotions & provides insights on sensitivity of emotions of heart with her reels. With her monthly podcasts series with an Instagram firm, she’s now helping listeners on how to deal with mental issues, emotions & relationships. Received many awards in field of literature, writings, live reading & as speaker and has been nominated for numerous awards which includes Awardee of top 10 aspiring writers, best book reviewer, top 10 literary awardee, queen awardee, pride of India awardee, youth icon in literature and winner of best live reader & best book reviewer. Featured in Google news, Menafn, zee5, jio news, daily hunt, Indian saga, fox interviewer, team punjabmetro, thedailybeat & ed times.

Her book made it to top 5 books to be read in 2022 by Cherry book awards.

Her connect

Instagram- @shreyadubey10


Aurora Bluemoon


Aurora Bluemoon is a pen name inspired by the magnificence of the southern lights, Aurora Australis, and the 13th full moon of the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon,” where all miracles happen, signifying the rarity of the natural phenomena.

In real life, she plays her role as an entrepreneur with a master’s degree in English literature. As an innovative writer, her vivid thoughts of fantasy led me to the writers’ world by the year 2021.

She has strategized a unique way of captivating readers in the fantasy world that she has created. “I’ve contributed my works to various literary genres like poetry, short stories, book reviews, micro tales, and articles. I have written four e-novels available in forty online reading apps and traditionally published two novellas available in Amazon, Kindle and Google Books,” she says.


The New Year 2023 proliferated her with a new title as founder and editor of two digital quarterly magazines, e-Chuvadi Magazine and Codextra Magazine. e-Chuvadi Magazine is a literary magazine with the unique concept of focusing mainly on South Indian Languages encompassing all literary genres. Codextra Magazine is a journal platform focusing on promoting best e-novels of proficient authors in online reading apps to connect with their readers.


“I won a few winner titles for my poetry from reputed organization such as Flairs and Glairs publication, Am Power, The Momma Clan, Unicorn Magazine and Cherry Book Awards. I’m awarded as Modern Literary Star Award from Cherry Book Awards with partners, Digital Golgappa and Indian Stories.Live.”

Instagram: @aurora.bluemoon

Facebook: @author aurora blumoon

Email id: [email protected]



Rakhi Kapoor


Meet Rakhi Kapoor, author of twenty five books, Prenatal counsellor and Entrepreneur


Rakhi Kapoor is an author of 25 impactful books with four Amazon India best sellers.

Rakhi writes on complicated issues like mental health, relationships, self help , pregnancy, mood swings, childbirth, work life balance, post-natal depression, infertility. Her books are backed by research, real life case studies, activities, checklists, dealt by the author.


Rakhi’s twenty fifth book Now You Breathe (Overcoming Toxic relationships and Abuse) has been nominated for many prestigious awards, awaiting the results in 2023.



Rakhi has been awarded the Best Author of the Year 2022 at the National Achiever’s Awards in New Delhi at the Constitution club of India .

She has received the Exceptional women of Excellence Award by Yuukke , a global ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.


Rakhi is a pioneer in the concept of prenatal counselling in India with over two decades of experience working with young women, moms and couples.


Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers for expecting Indian men which has been translated into Hindi as Behtar Pati Behatareen Pita.


Mums mental Health and Milestones is a groundbreaking book written by Rakhi dedicated to the emotional and mental health of young women and mothers. Her book Deliver with Delight topped the Amazon India charts making pregnancy and childbirth a matter of pleasure instead of stress.


She is an avid trekker. She keeps her head in between the clouds and her laptop exploring ideas which she translates into powerful books.


Gary Clark


Gary Clark is a USA based philanthropist, poet, and entrepreneur. He is known to connect animals with the latest trending topics in his poems. He loves writing and is currently working on a couple of upcoming untitled novellas. He shared 10 problems faced by Indian Youth after his extensive research.


Saurabh Pant


Saurabh Pant is a visually impaired Indian author who was born on 4th of April 1994 in the beautiful hill station of Nainital in Uttarakhand.


After having pneumonia at age of 3 and accepting the loss of vision at age 5, he came in touch of Braille at age of  12 and had primary education in NIEPVD in Dehradun where he also learnt screen reader access for devices.


He returned back to inclusion after schooling and graduated from Kirori  mal college in DU where he was a modest student of his time.


His journey into writing had started to grow in  school , but with technical help he published his 1st work in Sept 2014 and from there onwards he  never looked back.


Today he is author of more than 120 works and has won 9 international  awards but he feels more connected in between his visually impaired friends and likes to help  in whatever way it is  possible so he feels gratified to all for this.


In 2022, he was supported hugely by Digital Golgappa and Cosmoclan platforms  and came to be known by the larger Indian spectrum for which he is thankful and  he  would continue to grow more in2023 as an author.





Supriya from Chhattisgarh INDIA completed graduation in biotechnology Research field with advance training. She is passionate about dancing, listening music, writing her thoughts, Reading, travelling, playing Casio little bit, drawing and making creative things, dressing herself, etc. she is fond of Reading because it makes her feel like travelling without moving feet. She is a girl who believe that miracles do happen because of hard work and the results that came after, are the best gift of her life.

She had participated in 20+anthologies as a co-author with different theme, genre, concept some are mentioned below-

  1. Our inspiration
  2. Impossible? I’m possible
  3. Unicorn
  4. Rainbow
  5. Silent love
  6. Stolen heart
  7. Roller coasters of Emotions
  8. Tribute to kk
  9. Still with you
  10. Dream
  11. Robust overlive
  12. Tarpan
  13. Wishtling wind
  14. Every words matter
  15. Smile
  16. Dosti
  17. From impossible to possible
  18. Penned aspirants
  19. The porphyrous ocean
  20. Whisper of heart
  21. Because its always you

till now Compiled 4 anthologies- “zest for life” “Raindrops on the pain” “Imaginating world”“Serendipity”.  Her poetries got featured in “Namya Magazine September Edition 2022” “Eagle Eye Magazine October Edition 2022” and ”Namya Magazine January Edition 2023”.

She won awards- one for “India’s top 20 prestigious artist 2022” by Namya magazine and Namya foundation another award for “The Leading Attainers Award 2022”organized by JEC publication and awarded with “Sri Aurobindo Indian literary award 2022” by cherry books award.

She has Insta Id [email protected] where she posts her thoughts, ballads and quotes that might help to come out from your hard times.



R K Mohapatra


  1. K. Mohapatra is a Cost and Management Accountant, Financial Expert, Blogger, Speaker, Writer, Social Activist, and Award-winning bestselling Author; he has vast 32 years of experience in the field of Finance and Accounts in India & abroad. Mohapatra is well-known for his work in cash and wealth management, portfolio and risk analysis, micro and personal financial planning, and estate & retirement planning for individuals.


Mohapatra has authored four books on non-fiction business self-help on the topic of Finance, Investment, Retirement Planning, and Mutual Funds.


R K Mohapatra is the cover star of “SELFESTA,” “SPANDORA” & “GLORIOUS INDIA” Magazines and a multitalented personality best-selling Author who has been interviewed in many media houses.


Mohapatra’s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national & international awards: the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress -Exemplary leader award 2019, the 19th Edition Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021, Indian Glory “Best Writer of the year,” “Criticspace Best Indian Author,” “Inspiring Indian 2022,” “Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani” and “Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna- Best Author Award” in recognition of his immense contribution to literature across talent domains, striving for excellence in genres across the Nation and beyond.



Mayuri Kadambande


Mayuri Kadambande is Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari foundation and the author of “Art of Overcoming Rejection”.


Mayuri is on a mission to Empower 1 lakh women to become great leaders with the help of lifechanging tools and solutions. She is a transformational leadership and mindset Mentor.

She is also an author of the bestselling book “Art of overcoming rejection ” for which she has been recognized as must read books of 2022 by wisdom publications & Aspiring Achievers.

Mayuri has been applauded with multiple awards like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala saman Phd convocation award as Literary personality, Sahityakosh Awardee for 2022.

She has also received International Women’s Laureate Award in March-2022 for her significant contribution to the women in society and excellence in the respective field of Honour. SHEROES recognized her impeccable work and journey and awarded her NAVYA NAARI SAMMAN on women’s day this year.

Mayuri has successfully trained 1000+ people helping them achieve their leadership goals.

She believes every woman has right to live an independent & respectful life by developing right mindset one can overcome challenges in their life be it discrimination of color, financial situation, racism, relationship with the family, Workplace politics, sexual harassment, Abuse and many more.

In 10+ years of her work experience in different leadership roles she has experienced challenges that women face while balancing their personal and professional lives, which results them falling into stress, anger, Anxiety, frustration, depression at times even affecting their health in long run.

Mayuri extends her hand to women who are aspiring to make difference in their life through her books, webinars, coaching sessions.

She also talks about leadership and giving equal opportunities to people.

Why wellness of Mental health & mindfulness is necessary


Slogan of WakeUpUrbanNaari is

“Living Respectful life is basic right of every woman “

Follow Mayuri on :

Instagram: mayuri_kadambande

FB: mkadambande25



Mayaa SH


Mayaa SH also known as Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di,Mayaa Audio SH, Pushpa ‘The Fire’ , Padma Of The East, lady Robin Hood and Lady Gandhi is a known name in Contemporary Literature .She is a Multi-National Award Winner , a six times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster,  a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and has been chosen as number 1 The Modern Literary Stars Of India, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards for making valuable contribution to Contemporary Indian Literature. She has Won In Memorable Performance in the category termed as ‘Other than English write ups “ for her appreciation of hard work , creativity and dedication in Grand Christmas Competition 2.0 which has been a world record event of the largest creative event hosted online with more than 1000+participants . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a gender equality exponent to position and contextualize her work within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism, Gender Equality,  Transforming Vision Into Action: Transmogrification on Transgender Community and Mental Health Awareness Topics. Her work depicts the identity,economic and social freedom of many. She has co-authored more than hundred and thirty plus anthologies with five solo books and has been aligned with more than 70  publication houses.She has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international magazines. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. She navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a medium to combat stress and fear.

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Language Curry with KiCo teaches Bhagavad Gita in 186 countries



Recently, Mumbai-based education platform Language Curry partnered with ed tech platform KiCo- India’s Kitaab Copy to launch a Bhagavad Gita course. The course which will be introduced for the first time in India and the world will be available in 186 countries. The course will be accessible on Language Curry’s application which has an active user base of more than 2 million. In addition to all this, the course will be taught by a team led by Gunjan Chaudhary, IIT Delhi Alumni, who has been a speaker at the ISKCON Youth Forum for a decade.


The course will be completely online, thus, people can gain knowledge at their own pace and convenience. Additionally, Gunjan Chaudhary, who will be mentoring students, is also the Co-Founder of KiCo and has been a prominent member of the ISKCON community since the year 2013. He is an active speaker of the ISKCON Youth Forum and travels across borders to enlighten people’s life. Gunjan Chaudhary under his guidance helped KiCo- India’s Kitaab Copy partner with Language Curry to introduce people to the truth about life and help them attain freedom from false beliefs and superstitions by teaching them all that is mentioned in the holy Gita.


While discussing this collaboration and the new course, KiCo’s Co-Founder Gunjan Chaudhary says, “ The Bhagavad Gita holds importance that people often do not realise. It inspires one to live a life with strength, purity, discipline, honesty, integrity and kindness. It assists one in finding life’s purpose and living to it fully. One can apply the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to face our own challenges and decisions with courage and honesty and learn to live life genuinely and fully, just like Krishna teaches Arjuna to set aside all doubts and believe in his ultimate Self. So to help people have to opportunity to know what all insightful lessons Gita has stored in, we launched this course with Language Curry and we are hoping the vision we have in our mind turns into reality.”


Language Curry offers a very enriching language learning experience by blending cultural understanding with language learning. Currently, the company engages in teaching 12 Indian languages. The company plans to increase its offerings to include more Indian languages and other Asian languages like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malay etc. Language Curry has two million+ downloads across 185 countries worldwide. The app is featured among the top 10 language learning apps and ranked in the top 100 educational apps on Play Store. Language Curry is a one-of-its-kind app that was seed funded by its learners. Language Curry was a part of Google For Startups Accelerators (2022) and Venture Studio by TiE (2021).

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10 Influential People Changing The Game In Their Respective Fields In 2023

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Language Curry with KiCo teaches Bhagavad Gita in 186 countries

Recently, Mumbai-based education platform Language Curry partnered with ed tech platform KiCo- India’s Kitaab Copy to launch a Bhagavad Gita...

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In the era of mass layoff, Geetanjali Homestate is giving opportunities to 1000+ candidates in different domains in Delhi NCR.

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Sumonto Mukherjee, the Voice Behind Viral Cover Saiyyan talks about his Life Journey as a Music Influencer

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