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Early Symptoms of Mental Disorder You Shouldn’t Ignore : Advices from 8 Best Mental Health Specialists



Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of psychological health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a concern becomes an illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.


A mental illness can make you miserable and can cause problems in your day to day life. In most cases, symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications and therapy. Here are few suggestions from the top mental health experts about the warning signs of your mental health that you shouldn’t ignore.


Dr L C Sunda,

MBBS (AIIMS), DNB (Psychiatry),

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist – ShakuKarma Mind-care Clinic, Paschim Vihar & Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital, New Delhi



As the stigma attached with the mental disorders in the society, we delay the medical and psychological interventions by NOT “recognizing” the early signs of such disorders.

Longer phase of sadness, extreme swings in mood, overwhelming anxiety, being socially isolated and withdrawn, self-harm ideas, delusion and hallucinations, sleep impairment, use of addicting substance are some of the early signs of impending illnesses and are NOT to be ignored.

Awareness programs and psycho-education are really important for the public and the caregivers to get some insight into these disorders.

Early intervention remains the best policy in the management of psychiatric disorders as also in other illnesses.



Dr Mithila Desai,

MA, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Therapist, Mumbai



Perfectionism can be confusing; it affects different people in different ways. Studies have shown that perfectionism is correlated with mental health issues and predictive of high level of anxiety, OCD, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders.

Perfectionist thinking is based on a belief that we’re inadequate: “I’m not enough, and the only way to be enough is to accomplish. Anxious perfectionists are hard on themselves and this often takes the form of self-criticism and dwelling on imperfections, constantly worrying about what people think of them

They procrastinate or don’t start things, because they don’t think they can do it perfectly, feeling defective or flawed.

Stress can show up in our bodies as aches and pains, insomnia and trouble sleeping, gastrointestinal problems, muscles tension, and low energy. Stress also impacts our mood, contributing to anxiety, depression, and a short temper, could be few early signs of mental illnesses.



Dr Vikas Bhatheja,

PhD (Cognitive Psychology), Senior Consultant – Indus International Hospital, Chandigarh



Some symptoms of a mental health disorder appear as physical problems, such as stomach pain, back pain, headaches, or other unexplained aches and pains.

There are a few early signs of Mental Illness that need to be taken care of. For example – feeling sad, confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate, excessive fears or worries, extreme feelings of guilt, extreme mood changes of highs and lows, withdrawal from friends and activities, significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping, detachment from reality, suspiciousness, inability to cope with daily problems or stress, trouble understanding and relating to situations and people, excessive anger, hostility or violence. The most important thing is family support and a positive approach to handling these situations.


Dr Pooja Anand Sharma,


MA, PhD, Chairperson – Vishwas Healing Centre,

Expertise in Psychotherapy, Dream analysis & Energy Healing training, New Delhi


Understanding the early signs of mental disorders is the key to getting the right help at the right time.


There are a few signs we must not ignore, like – distancing ourselves from our loved ones, increased aggressiveness or violent behavior, agitation, a prolonged period of sadness, increased suspicion of others, being easily annoyed, feeling threatened by people, detached from reality, sleep disorders, change in appetite, losing interest in our favorite activities, and a disturbance in focus.

Remember that these are cumulative symptoms. If the symptoms persist for more than three weeks, you must seek professional help immediately.

Mental illnesses do not go away on their own. We must seek the necessary help at the right time. Otherwise, they can get worse with time.

If your loved ones face such issues, have an open discussion with them about their concerns. Support and encouragement go a long way in healing and treatment.



Dr Kiran Makhijani,

Psychotherapist & psychologist – Dr Y A Matcheswalla’s Superspeciality Polyclinic, Mumbai



One or two of these symptoms alone can’t predict a mental illness but may indicate a need for further evaluation. Some of the indicators that one should not ignore include – sleep or appetite changes, mood changes, social withdrawal, loss of interest, difficulty in daily functioning, poor concentration, memory, and increased sensitivity.

If a person is experiencing several at one time and the symptoms are causing grim issues in the ability to study, work or relate to others, they should consult a professional. People with thoughts of suicide or harming others need immediate attention. Early identification, appropriate assessment, effective care planning, and appropriate treatment play a crucial role in enhancing mental health.


Dr Saumya Sharan,


MPhil (Gold medalist in clinical Psychology),

Clinical Psychologist Senior Lead – MindOn, Gurugaon


Mental Health is also health. It is difficult to answer questions concern Mental Health: How much is too much, when is it getting unmanageable or how long do we wait before we should seek support? But it’s worth being aware of some signs and red flags which may pose as early symptoms or patterns that warrant timely professional help. There are terms loosely used for signs that may not qualify as a psychological disorder, e.g., internet sadness for depression, nervousness for anxiety, restlessness for ADHD, and so on.


Instead, look for emotional patterns like frequent crying outbreaks, increased nervousness that feels unmanageable, changes in sleeping routine or appetite, or energy levels. Note if these signs are prolonged for more than a certain period or cause significant distress in your professional, personal and social spheres and interfere with daily activities.


Ms Saachi Arora,

MSc, MPhil, PhD, RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist,


Founder -Therapy by Saachi – A Safe Space for You, Mumbai


Mental Health Signs are not as easily visible as physical health signs. Therefore, mental health care often gets neglected. However, there have been open conversations about mental health and well-being. Early identification of signs and symptoms in mental health leads to proper management and intervention of these signs.



These signs may pave a pathway to seeking mental health care at the earliest – extreme mood swings, excessive worry or anxiety over trivial matters, avoiding problems, dramatic changes in your sleep and appetite, difficulty coping with stress, or engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse or risk-taking behaviors.


It’s okay not to feel okay. Its okay to experience changes in your mind & body. However, it can affect your functioning, social life, and other domains. Therefore, let go of the stigma, identify the mental health signs, cope effectively and seek professional help if required.

Take care of your mental health because you matter!



Ms Devaleena Ghosh,

Clinical Psychologist, MRes (UK), Director – Kornash The Lifestyle Management School, Kolkata



Your feelings of sadness that lasts for more than two weeks can be a sign of mental illness. Everyone experiences sadness at one point or the other. However, normal feelings of sadness get better with time.  An abnormally intense sadness lasting for two weeks or longer could be a sign of depression. If you observe in yourself or a loved one, a feeling which is heavier than normal and is difficult to snap out of might requires immediate attention.






A literary person’s influence depends upon many factors including their readership, fanbase, depth in writing, how well they connect with the readers, and their achievements, among many more parameters. In this article, the top 5 young stars of  Indian Literature in 2022 will be listed. The information provided in this article has been carefully curated and gathered from notable sources including leading national and international news networks by our competent editors. There is no strict protocol to decide someone’s influence as these things can’t be measured in purely statistical terms, but we believe these five young stars are certainly the future of the Indian Literary field.


The top 5 young stars of Indian Literature in 2022 are

  • Kaushiki Sarkar
  • Subham Acharya
  • Pragya Gogoi
  • Jyoti Matania
  • Judy Balan


Here is all you need to know about these top young stars of Indian Literature in 2022.





Kaushiki Sarkar is an ambitious woman who was born on 11th May, 2004. She hails from Kolkata, West Bengal.


Kaushiki Sarkar is the Founder of Enchanted Books Publication. She is a Poet, Social Worker, Motivator, Painter and Nyctophiliac. Darkness, moon and stars soothes her soul. She buried her thoughts and emotions inside her until she started writing. Writing is her antidote and passion.



She was featured in the Cover Story of RK Magazine (May Edition 2022) and in an international magazine, Pachagazine. She has won numerous awards like International Women’s Laureate Award, The Prime Women Achievers Award 2022, Indian Stardom Award, Sparkling Scribbler Of The Year 2021 and many more. She is featured in national and international News Sites, Magazines and International Newspapers like Hindustan Metro, Zee5, Google News, Fox Interviewer, The Asian Herald, Entrepreneur Hunt, UK Times Now, Atlanta News, London Journal News, Punjab Metro, Spotify and many more. Her write-up was featured in The Diaspora Times Global (Weekly Kenyan Newspaper).


She has won numerous writing contests. She is co-author in more than 80+ anthologies and compiler of 10+ anthologies. She has completed a marketing internship from Hues Of Life Foundation. She has worked as a social worker in Aashman Foundation. She is a member of the Indian Women’s History Museum.






“The words I weave today will make me what I wish to become,


The Words I weave will remain as my essence when I’m gone.”


Author Subham Chandra Acharya is an aspiring writer from Bhubaneshwar who believes in creating a world that people fail to see through his works.



He’s a Medical student from Shaheed Lakshman Nayak Medical College,  Koraput.

He has participated in several anthologies and magazines.


He has experience of once writing blogs and Short stories under the pseudonym ” Underdog Ace”.



He is the author of “The Anglerfish – A collection of lives never felt” that opens as a symbolic representation of Social issues not talked about.






“Whispers of a Nyctophile” famed poet and author Pragya Gogoi is rapidly carving a niche for herself in the international poetry arena after winning several accolades within India in the past 2 years. Her work was selected this year for publication in two elite international literary forums/journals based in USA and Ireland and was the sole Indian writer selected in both forums for those journal issues. She was also recognized by The Munster Literature Centre, Ireland for her poetry.



Starting the year by grabbing the winner’s title in poetry in CLA Global Awards, she grabbed the Runner Up trophy soon after, at the TEQ Literary Awards by Ahmadabad Book Club conducted nationally.  In August 2022, she made it to the top 10 finalists of VOS-Poetry in Pamphlets- one of the most prestigious poetry competitions in India for contemporary poets and finished as a Special Mention awardee.


The 22-year-old poet, author and engineer hails from Assam, Northeast India and came into light after the release of her debut book – “Whispers of a Nyctophile” that instantly became an Amazon best seller for several weeks across various categories. She created the record of being the youngest Indian author to write a best-selling debut book in just 3 days in August 2020. She actively writes for various magazines and literary forums and her work has been published in several literary journals and reviews across India, USA and Europe. Pragya has also co-authored 11 volumes of poems and is presently working on her second poetry collection which is expected to get published sometime during the 1st half of 2023.



She was the winner of Best Author Poetry 2021 in the National CBA Awards Season 1, Nazm-e-Sahitya Awardee 2021, Best Author Poetry by Poetic Caesura Book Awards Season 1, AIBA 2021 Overall Winner for excellence in literature among several others. Pragya was a 2021 Indian Book Awards finalist and was nominated for the prestigious Orange Flower Awards 2022 in poetry category.  The talented young poet is very vocational about reviving traditional poetry that is slowly losing its essence in today’s world where poetry is being popularized across social media channels as 2 3 liners with aesthetics. She has constantly spoken about the need to revive poetry in its original form and understand the true art behind how they are written and how much knowledge and depth a true poem carries.


Her poetry style shows great understanding of poetic literature and mostly explores deeper meanings of human emotions, social issues, mental health and lives of common people. In 2021, Gogoi was ranked in the list of 100 Inspiring Authors of India followed by Asia’s top 100 Women Icons in literature category by various organizations of repute.The same year, her debut book was featured in Hindustan Times’ among 13 most impactful reads in modern literature along with Outlook India’s must read recommendations list.



Juggling a career between science and literature, she was honoured by ISRO and IITRAM Ahmadabad in January 2022 at the International Conference for Futuristics Advancements in Materials, Manufacturing and Thermal Sciences (ICFAMMT 2022) with the “Best Technical Session Award” for her research on differential mounts and Rear inboard braking systems of FSAE vehicles. She is an alumnus of Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, from where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pragya is a robotics enthusiast and along with her team, she has represented her university at World Robotics Championship 2019, Roboprix 2019, ABU Asia Pacific Robocon 2020 and 2021. International Rover Challenge 2020, International Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021 among others and has achieved significant national, international rankings and podium finish wins for the university.


Pragya also has a keen interest in music and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hindustani Classical music (vocals) coupled with instrumental skills on the violin and has previously performed on radio and stage shows. A curious writer who loves experimenting with different genres, the poet is also eyeing for a fiction debut soon and has her upcoming crime thriller’s work in progress.





Born and brought up in Odisha, Jyoti Matania has come a long way !! Currently pursuing her bachelors in political science she aims to become a civil servant. Being co-authored in 40+anthologies and in the process of being more, her work “CLIMACTERICS” has been honoured by the Indian Book of Records.  The title “Aaj ki Womaniya “, ‘The real heroes, and ‘Kalinga Kanya’ aptly justifies her essence of being the best version of herself..A national debator,fashionista &yes now a writer..has allowed to be ME!



Celebrating yourself the way you are has allowed her to be voice for the voiceless and carry herself the way she is!! (BTC; be the change award) has recognised this thought of hers and  bestows this title to her..


A Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator&an Entrepreneur ……comes next to her while the line which kind of really makes her compliments her is “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line”. The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself. ” You Yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection”.



Moreover honoured with literary felicitations like SAHITYAKOSH SAMMAN 2021, TAGORE COMMEMORATIVE HONOUREE 2021 for her anthology  Fierce Fearless’n’Flawed has allowed her to pen her thoughts relentlessly!


She believes in creating her own path instead of complaining about the circumstances; She creates the new ones….

Being fierce, tough & bold is what has allowed her to stand against all odds of life!!



Work profile-


The finest perfection of simplicity is what makes her &her work profile more crisp, solid and efficient.



Being a Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator & an Entrepreneur she works exactly as it is penned symmetrically in the process so….


Writing her thoughts


Compiling the ideas

Authoring it down

Debating her voice for the voiceless

Entreprenuring it to live on her terms…



Work done So far


Her projects till date:


1) Fierce Fearless n’ Flawed

2) Unseen Blessings ‘Dua’

3) Holika

4) Climacterics (Indian Book of Records)


5)  Revival ( Bravo book of International World Records)


Debated at State, National, Chancellor Cups &MUN’s..



Awards and Recognitions:


1.Sahitya Kosh Sammaan..


  1. Tagores Commemorative Honouree.


3.Honoured with the” Be the Change  Award ” by OMG book of records for  her book  Fierce Fearless ‘n’ Flawed


  1. Indian Books Of Records Holder for her anthology ” CLIMACTERICS “


5.”The Real Heroes” title by the great podium for her unwavering commitment towards literature.


  1. Being featured in the national magazine as “Aaj Ki Womaniya”


7.Honoured with the title of “Kalinga Kanya”


8.Honoured by the Institute of Company Secretaries Of India as state topper in a quiz competition.



9.Honoured with “Writer of the Year Award ” by Forever Star book of World Records.


10.National Debator (won the title in 2020)


  1. India’s Diva Awardee for being a compiler &writer in the book ‘CLIMACTERICS’


  1. Felicitated with the honour of “The Real Super Woman Awards ” by Forever Star India Records


13.Honoured as State NSS

Debate holder by education minister Odisha.


  1. Awarded at ‘Elite Carnival of Book & Literature ‘wid the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art & Literature


15.Honoured with ‘Inkzoid& Glorious book of records’ for securing 12 titles in less than 2 months.



16.Nominee as NE8x Litfest 2022& recognised as literary icon by NE8x for 2022


  1. Published as “Hall of the fame” by Elysian Magazine


Upcoming Projects-



Survivors (anthology)& solo book on the way…

Aiming for Asia Book of Records!



To sum up ‘SHE’ is a Hustler, Bustler & Knocker. Her energy to do so much more

makes so apt to say that which is also her

(mantra of jeet). “Life’s journey is not to arrive your grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out and say HolyShit, that’s the ride ..this is how I wanna go!” says Jyoti Matania.






Judy Balan (born 2 September 1981), is a comedy writer and author who debuted with the bestselling novel Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce, a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Two States: The Story of My Marriage. She is also the author of the blog Woman and a Quarter.



She is the author of Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce (published by Westland in Dec 2011) Sophie Says: Memoirs of a Breakup Coach (published by Westland in May 2013), How to Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions (Book #1 in the Nina the Philosopher series published by HarperCollins, India and HarperCollins, USA in Feb 2016 and HarperCollins UK in June 2016), Tweenache in the Time of Hashtags (Book #2 in the Nina the Philosopher series) and Half Boyfriend – a parody of Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend. She writes comedy across mediums and used to blog at Woman and a Quarter.


Featured in Femina, Scroll, and Vogue, she is based in Chennai and is certainly one of the top young stars of Indian Literature.



Also Read: Top 5 Most Iconic Personalities Of India In 2022


Kaushiki Sarkar, Subham Acharya, Pragya Gogoi, Jyoti Matania, and Judy Balan are the future of Indian Writing. We expect impactful works from all these five young stars of Indian Literature.


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The 11th Annual Art 4 Peace Awards (Beverly Hills): An Event To Congregate Honorary Legends  



The founder, Dame Munni Irone, is all set to conduct the 11th annual Art 4 Peace Awards 2022 ceremony, tree plantation, and three-day International Peace Summit, which is to be started by November 10th, 2022.


“Aiming to establish human rights across the globe, there is a need to start thinking beyond boundaries.” Dame Munni Irone, founder of Art 4 Peace Awards (Beverly Hills)



The Art 4 peace Awards is not a political or a religious institution, it’s a foundation that recognizes those leading the global efforts for peace. The Art4PeaceAwards brings together nominees from seven continents to teach people to be proud of their own culture while learning about others.


The Art 4 Peace Awards pursuits to bring politicians to conscience so they can be conscience leaders, as conscience is the essential ingredient to peace of mind which leads to diminishing crimes.



On November 10th, Dame Munni Irone, with her global team, is going to plant the peace tree in Beverly Hills.


On Nov 11, at 10 AM, at the Saban theatre, we will have an honorary doctorate: The recipients are Mr. Liston Bouchette, Javid Pymani, Rajbir Singh Husson, Dr. Amb Pst Verona V Broomes, Dr. Gershom Sikaala, Dr. Amb Andrew A Broomes, Dr. Amb Denise Zoubert, Charles Quainoo, Dr. Amb Patrick Nolan, Dr. Amb Taré Porbeni, Dr. Amb Ann Marie Wright, Dr. Amb Pst, Christopher A Pusey, Dr. Amb Pst Grace M Morgan, Dr. Amb Pst Andrea L Thompson, and Dr. Amb Georgia Reynolds.



Crowning of the King and the Queen of Art 4 Peace Awards. And two minutes of global silence on 11/11/2022 in front of the theatre. Everyone will be holding their country flags. Every country that hates each other brings them to the table for peace and love. At 5:00 pm, a royal summit is to be organized, to bring the business world together and network, regardless of culture, tradition, skin color, or language.


*The Awardees of 2022*



#1 Dr. Amb Pst Verona V Broomes


#2 Dr. Amb Andrew A Broomes



#3 Dr. Amb Denise Zoubert


#4 Charles Quainoo



#5 Dr. Amb Patrick Nolan


#7 Dr. Amb Taré Porbeni



#8 Dr. Amb Ann Marie Wright


#9 Dr. Amb Pst, Christopher A Pusey



#10 Dr. Amb Pst Grace M Morgan


#11 Dr. Amb Pst Andrea L Thompson



#12 Dr. Amb Georgia Reynolds


#13 Dr. Listen Bouchette



#14. Amitab Shrivastav


#15 Dr. Bonzie William



#16 Sir Gary Kong


#17 Ambassador April Sutton



#18 Annie Pirmoradi.


Don’t expect it to be a usual award ceremony. Art 4 Peace awards aim to bring like-minded people together, which is going to be both inspiring and interesting to be a part of the event.



The article is covered by Team Fame Finders. To know more about the event, click on

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Treatment of Burn Injuries on Diwali: HBS Collagen Products Can be More Effective in Advanced  Wound Care



  • An estimated 180 000 deaths every year are caused by burns – the vast majority occur in low- and middle-income count
  • Non-fatal burn injuries are a leading cause of morbidity.
  • In India, over 1 000 000 people are moderately or severely burnt every year.

New Delhi:

The festive season is hear and now all are busy in preparing for the Diwali celebrations. The Diwali festivities are not complete without lighting of lamps and bursting of firecrackers. However, every year amid Diwali celebrations, many people across different age groups receive burn injuries while bursting crackers.  

A recent study shows there was an increase in the number of patients of firecracker-related injuries in Delhi national capital region from the year 2002 to 2020, based on the hospital statistics. During the study period, the hospitals received approximately one patient with firecracker-related injury per 1,00,000 population of the city.

Nearly 300 children and adolescents die from fire or burn injuries each year, and over 100,000 are admitted to a hospital or treated in an emergency department.


In burn injuries  damage is caused to the skin superficially and deeper, into underlying structures, depending on the length of time or degree to which a person is exposed to fire. The cause, size and severity of the burn will greatly determine the survivor’s pain levels, treatment and recovery. Initial care of patients with severe burn injuries presents challenges in airway management, vascular access and hemodynamic and pulmonary support.

In regard to skin healing after a burn injury, early excision of dead/necrotic tissue with temporary or permanent coverage of the open areas decreases the chance of wound colonization and systemic sepsis. It has become the standard of care . The aim of treatment in burn injury is to control infection and promote wound and burn healing with good aesthetic results.

Recently, collagen-based dressings for acute burn wound management have been extensively used in India and worldwide. Dr. Sunil M. Kewsani Plastic Surgeon at National Burn Center in Mumbai India says, “We found SkinTemp very useful when applied immediately after injury when brought into the hospital. SkinTemp is life saving for burn cases.”

Wound healing and regeneration involve cell proliferation, cell migration, cell differentiation, and interaction between the different components . Collagen-based products provide a natural hemostat that regulates the wound and stops initial bleeding. The sheet and particle forms of collagen will bind with exudate and white blood cells when helping to debride mild necrotic tissue by encouraging autolytic debridement. For drier wounds with slough, collagen gel can donate moisture, also assisting with the removal of dead tissue. As the wound process continues, collagen encourages new granulation tissue and capillary formation to fill in the wound surface through re-epithelialization. A strong, smooth scar is achieved faster with better structural integrity due to organized collagen bonds.


The Chief of the Burn Unit in Choithram Hospital and Research Center, Dr. Shabha Chamania says, “SkinTemp is very useful for facial burns especially around the ears and residual wounds after grafting. It heals the deep partial-thickness burns by helping with epithelialization.”

All aspects of burn injury (e.g., dressing changes, excision and grafting procedures, physical therapy, and line insertion) are associated with pain. There is ongoing background pain as well as procedure-related pain. This pain is exacerbated by anxiety if the pain is poorly controlled . Collagen-based dressings are soft, pliable, and naturally occurring. They are easy to remove with gentle cleansing of the wound and burns versus the need for significant scrubbing or irrigation to limit non-biologic residue that could risk damage to newly formed granulation tissue and capillary buds.

Frequently, collagen-based dressings are absorbed into the wound bed with little need for trauma during dressing changes and easily reapplied daily or less often depending on wound drainage and dislodgement needs through regular wear. With easier and less frequent dressing changes, less medication and nursing care are required. Patients are likely more capable of participating in other aspects of their recovery like mobility, self-care and therapy services leading to a faster recovery overall.

Human Biosciences products contain native non-hydrolyzed Type -1 bovine collagen in its purest form with three modes of delivery for Kollagen technology: 


Collatek Gel would be most appropriate for dry wound beds requiring additional moisture.

SkinTemp II Sheets would be suitable for coverage of flat shallow surfaces.

Medifil® II Particles

Dr. Rohan Jain, President of Human BioSciences confirms the mission stating, “We believe that people should not have to choose between their lives, their livelihoods, and their limbs. To that end, we intend to focus on delivering the world’s most cutting edge wound care technology globally.”


Human BioSciences (HBS) Inc. is a specialty biotechnology company focused on developing, manufacturing, and selling advanced wound care products utilizing the proprietary Kollagen technology, popularly known as SkinTemp II Dressing Sheets, Medifil II Particles and Collatek Gel worldwide. These products have are proven to speed up the healing of chronic or slow-healing wounds.

Since 1990, the company’s innovative collagen-based wound care products have helped heal millions of serious wounds worldwide in thousands of hospitals, clinics, Army training Centers & War zones.

The main headquarters and primary production facility is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with another factory Human BioSciences India Pvt. Ltd., located in Ahmedabad, India, with FDA-compliance and ISO 13485 certified.

Current products Medifil II and Skin Temp II are considered more effective than traditional wound dressings as it helps to stop the bleeding immediately, providing faster wound healing and a better aesthetic appearance with minimal scarring. Appropriate for use and management of burns, scrapes, sores, ulcers, acute and chronic wounds, superficial, partial and full-thickness wounds, infected and non-infected wounds, and minimal to heavily exudating wounds. Medifil II is an absorbable collagen-based granule and Skin Temp II is a solid sheet. Both formulations of HBS products are known for easy application and compatibility with various topical agents and cover dressings.


For More Info

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