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iSTEM Dermaceuticals launches a series of niche products, Coffee Table Book and a Series of 9 Ad Films in a mega event



Recently, iSTEM Dermaceuticals, a brand that offers a wide range of technology-driven phytopharmaceutical products, organised a mega event on the 5th July, at O-Hub, StartUp Odisha in Bhubaneswar. The brand, under the able leadership of the founder, Dr Lita Mohapatra, launched a new line of niche products alongside launching a Coffee Table Book and a series of 9 Ad films. The event was attended by a numerous esteemed guest who graced the occasion with their august presence. These guest included names like Dr Amar Patnaik (Member of Parliament), Shri Pawan K Gupta (IEDS, Joint Director & HOO of MSME –DI Govt of India, Cuttack), Shri Satyabrata Tripathy (Eminent Ollywood Actor) and Dr Rosalin Patasani Mishra (Founder Parichay Foundation). These people were invited in the capacity of esteemed guest panelists. iSTEM Dermaceuticals also felicitated Mrs Zubina Ali, Founder Zuby’s Designer house and Dr Barada Prasad Panigrahi CEO of Sri Sri Incubation Centre during the event. The brand exhibits heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Mrutyunjay Suar, CEO KIIT TBI, Executive Chairman StartUp Odisha Dr Omkar Rai, Start-Up Evangelist Dr Sanjukta Badhai and Mr Barada Prasad Panigrahi, the CEO of Sri Sri Incubation centre for their constant support and guidance.

Earlier, iSTEM Dermaceuticals, successfully organised the first season of the show ‘Beyondbeauty2022’ with an aim to empower Indian women. The 9 contestants that were selected through the audition process that were held across Bhubaneswar, Odisha were featured in a series of 9 Ad films directed by 14 year old child prodigy Ms Leisha Mohapatra. The #Beyondbeauty2022 contest was co-sponsored by Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd, iSTEM Dermaceuticals, Asrava Foundation, Clinilogic Aesthetics, Earthology Pvt Ltd, Ms Poonam Mohapatra (Founder Get Back to Nature), Shri Rajendra Parida (Founder Sai Plywood), Ms Subhrasheema Nayak (MMT Salon), Ms Sushma Epari (Founder Jeweligree), Ms Sonal Saraogi (Founder Alba Gifts). The Ad film was also released during the event, gaining a huge appreciation from the audience.

Talking about the event, Dr Lita Mohapatra stated, “It was indeed a great moment for me and the entire team of iSTEM Dermaceuticals as we finally released our Ad film and a series of niche products that we have been working on for so long. Getting to launch our products, the Series of 9 Ad Films and a Coffee Table Book in front of esteemed guests is a dream come true. I would like to congratulate all the hard working contestants who have been featured in the Ad film and along with this, I would also like to thank everyone who has been very supportive to us.”


Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd’s iSTEM Dermaceuticals division launched a new line of products including Bioplacental skin serum, Deniococcus skin serum, Skin pro face wash, 360 degree sunblock, skin moisturiser, Hair folli amino acids shampoo and nutraceutical tablets. Los Jovenes Clinilogic has established a great reputation as a creator of unique active ingredient concepts as well as a true expert in the domains of biotechnology and green chemistry in a short period. It supports all skin kinds and colours and has different products for different levels of satisfaction since it is more concerned with providing healthy, moisturised, glowing, and soft skin. As iSTEM Dermaceuticals cares for your trillion skin cells, the brand aspires to develop new products to help consumers attain beautiful and healthy skin regardless of their skin colour.

On the other hand, iSTEM Dermaceuticals is a brand that has carved a niche around itself by offering a wide-range of products that are meticulously formulated using active ingredients.  In the form of skin serums, iSTEM Dermaceuticals offers a innovative, niche and technology-driven phytopharmaceutical product. Launched initially for the Indian market, Dr Mohapatra believes it has the potential to expand globally. The brand, which is currently incubating at KIIT TBI Bhubaneswar, is on a rapid expansion mode and is growing with a strong R&D laboratory and adhering to rules all under the leadership and guidance of Dr Lita Mohapatra. The brand with a holistic approach is working towards making women feel more confident about themselves and is backed and supported by BIRAC and Startup Odisha.

Watch the Ad Film by clicking on this link:-


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Letest News

Why Anais Events is the Popular Choice for Couples Tying the Knot




Planning a wedding is one of the most important and exciting times in a couple’s life, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. With so many details to take care of, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, which is why many couples are choosing to hire a wedding planner. Among the many options available, Anais Events stands out as a popular choice for couples tying the knot.


Anais Events is a premier international wedding planning company that offers a comprehensive range of services to make the wedding planning process stress-free and enjoyable. From venue selection to vendor management and décor, they handle all the details, leaving couples free to focus on the more important aspects of their lives.


One of the reasons Anais Events is a popular choice among couples is their personalized approach. They take the time to understand each couple’s vision, style, and preferences, tailoring their services to meet their specific needs. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, they create a unique and memorable wedding experience that reflects the couple’s personality and style.


Another reason for the popularity of Anais Events is their expertise in South Asian weddings. They have a deep under- standing of the culture and traditions of these celebrations, and they work closely with couples to incorporate them into the wedding planning process. Whether it’s a Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet night, or the wedding ceremony itself, Anais Events ensures that each aspect of the South Asian wedding tradition is captured and celebrated in its full essence.


In addition to their personalized approach and expertise in South Asian weddings, Anais Events also offers a modern touch to their events. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and incorporate them into the wedding planning process, creating a unique and contemporary experience for each couple.


Finally, Anais Events is a popular choice for couples because of their commitment to quality and customer service. They work with the best vendors in the industry and have established relationships with them, ensuring that each aspect of the wedding is of the highest quality. They also provide their clients with round-the-clock support and are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.


In conclusion, Anais Events is a popular choice for couples getting married because of their personalized approach, expertise in South Asian weddings, modern touch, and commitment to quality and customer service. With their compre- hensive range of services and attention to detail, Anais Events makes the wedding planning process stress-free and enjoyable, ensuring that couples have the wedding of their dreams.

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Some relief to the employees and general public who got 7th pay commission in the new income tax regime



Vidarbha OBC leader Dr. Ashok Jeevtode’s reaction to the new tax system of the central government.

The new income tax system has given some relief to the salaried public and the general public, but the world is deceived because it is not what it seems. Vidarbha OBC leader Dr. on the new tax system of the central government.

Although there is relief to some extent, 5% tax for those with a salary limit of 3 to 6 lakhs, 10% tax for those with a salary limit of 6 to 9 lakhs, 15% tax for those with a salary limit of 9 to 12 lakhs, 12 to 15 lakhs 20% tax for those within the limit and 30% tax for income limit above 15 lakhs.

On the first day of the Lok Sabha today, Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman made a slight change in the tax system. But that change is not enough. The old tax system has been abolished and a new tax system has been introduced. Surcharge has been reduced from 37% to 25%, which roughly shows relief to common people.

But according to the Seventh Pay Commission, it was necessary to increase the exemption limit given to the employees up to seven lakhs. It seems that the employees are not satisfied. Although the salary has increased according to the rising inflation, the tax limit is the same, so the employees will not get the actual benefit of the rising salary. Jeevtode said.

The new budget is favorable for employment creation and there is substantial provision for industry, tribals, cooperatives, health and education sector, but this budget shows that there is less provision for agriculture.

The new budget is favorable for employment creation and there is substantial provision for industry, tribals, cooperatives, health and education sector, but this budget with less provision for agriculture is also favorable for getting votes in the upcoming elections. Dr Jeevtode expressed this clear opinion

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“Mind Power Extra”, the brand behind the manufacturing of brain function booster tonic blows up as its popularity rises among people



Many people prefer using specific tonics to improve their brain functions and as for the parents who want their kids to be the best at school, they surely want to stuff them up with healthy things which serve as a memory enhancer. The parents usually get their kids the memory booster or brain booster tonic, so they can be smart and intelligent by being career oriented from the very start of life.

But why feed them something which is maybe a mixture of harmful chemicals, rather than giving them a more natural product? Well, among the many renowned companies selling these brain tonics, Mind Power Extra, the manufacturer of natural, safe, and efficient brain tonics and memory-enhancing protein powder, started selling 3 years back and is now considered a pioneer in this field.

Throughout the journey to ultimate success, the company has defeated many existing established brands in this field and has successfully laid the foundation of a strong natural brain tonics manufacturing unit. Captivated by disturbances around our surroundings, youngsters tend to forget the lessons they took and with time forget it all, leading to difficulties caused later in life.

Mind Power Extra is a venture created with a vision to strengthen brain functions by using Ashwagandha,Shankhpushpi and other essential natural elements which helps to calm down the brain and relieve stress as well as anxiety. Initially, the company manufactured brain tonics only and after a certain point, the hindrance caused by the kids denying to take the brain boosters, the company came up with protein powder.

Throughout the years, as the company made its way to achieving its goals, the feedback from the customers has helped them all along. As the younger generation begins to run toward shaping their future, focus and determination are the aspects that can help them to be more career-oriented.

The brain tonic and memory boosters manufactured by Mind Power Extra are highly preferred by many parents and individuals as the product is true to its value and expectations. Without showing any side effects, the products have been referred to as ‘excellent’ and ‘valuable’ by the customers.

The products are quite affordable and valuable in efficiency, which tells us a lot about their worth. The products are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other E-commerce platforms. Check out the products and gift your loved ones the most valuable thing of all time.

Buy Online from the links below.

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