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Top 10 Writers who are creating wonders with their Skills – An article by Flairs and Glairs



Every writer is deserving in their own way, and deserves credit for what they have written.

But always, some are better than the rest.

Here we are, featuring 10  most deserving writers of India.


You will find below more about them, how to connect with them, and also some of their best written contents.

The 10 Authors include :

1) Mahima Yadav

2) Priyanshi Mittal


3) Anamika Mallick

4) Sunil Kimidi

5) Maniska Das

6) Hameedha Mohammed Ghouse


7) Priyanka Krishnalal Tiwari

8) Abhilash Tewari

9) Varenya Madhariya

10) Himanshu Ahuja


Let us know about them Individually :- 


Mahima Yadav is a teacher by profession and a writer by passion. She believes writing is an essential form of medication to understand the Self and Individuality that lies within everyone. She already has published her work in numerous anthologies with different publication houses and has received various testimonials and appreciation.

Let us now read a poetry by her Titled “The Wait of Decades”


The wait of decades

& to fulfill the dreams,

As if not just passing moments,

But, living the memories of extremes.


I may not be the Goddess,

& may not be the perfection,

But I know the wait will be over,

After years of wait with patience,


Will prove perseverance, in reconciliation .



I was born in a middle-class family. I am a former draughtsman in Visakhapatnam. I am also a lyricist and dialogue writer. I have been trying to convey my feelings to the world since childhood. I prepared a certificate of honour and presented it during my father’s retirement. I will never forget the joy that appeared on my father’s face at that moment. Apart from writing, I love travelling, music and playing cricket. My debut novel, “124”, is based on actual incidents in my life.


I have been writing since I was six years old. I have written many beautiful stories. I was in a quandary when I decided to write a book for the first time. I didn’t understand which story I should start my first book with. One day I decided to write a Fictional story. But I thought again and made the final decision. You can contact me at author_sunil_kimidi (Insta) and [email protected]

Let us now read a short poetry by him titled “Magic of rain”

When it starts raining,

The excitement begins in the heart.


Shining stars in the eyes.

It suddenly changes the mood.

It is a play station

and the best time for having hot food.


It makes more beautiful sceneries as

Background for taking snaps.

Calm wind touches our bodies and

It gives a memorable experience.


The best moment to think peacefully.

The best moment to spend with our

Loved ones.

Provides the romantic moods like


No one can offer.

Tight hugs with our loved ones and

The warmth between us is

Remained as beautiful memories…




Hi dear world this is Hameedha Mohammed Ghouse. I have begun my writing by writing poem and stories on my own. When I was given motivation from my friends. I published my poetry in power poetry organization and story in Flairs and Glairs in 2021 . I published 15 poem until 2017. All my works were based on nature, sentiment and emotion. Cause I think every fact and information begins with someone’s emotions. Without emotion a writer may not be able to complete their work. And my favorite writer is Roald Dahl cause he said ” If you don’t believe in magic, you will never find it ” In his work Matilda. And I believe in my work which can bring out the best emotion of an individuals.

Let us now read a short content by her titled “The Leaf”


The leaf was hanging in the tree all alone as it was left forlorn. Nobody ever tried to save the previous leaves but everyone one pitied the last one that remained in it. The leaf was happy but sad too, he is the only leaf left. He looked at the sun and asked will he survive. The sun glared at it and went for sleep. The leaf reaches for moon he stayed mum. The leaf looked at the branches they were already looking down on him. The leaf lost its hope and wished for a quick fall. The branches then laughed out and said ” I heard it, you think that the tree will leafless because of you. Once you fall the tree will have another new leaves in it. So you will not leaving the tree empty instead you will help me refill the tree by your fall. So no one was looking down on anyone everyone is busy with the given tasks “. The leaf was happy to leave and when he had his fall. He saw the new leaves on it and fell very happily.



I like to read books and i am very interested in reading experience of preparation of civil and judicial aspirants


My ideal is my elder sister

Who always motivates me toward my goal.

I am animal lover and I want to open NGO for animals.

Currently I am preparing for judiciary. My hobbies are planting, painting.




Himanshu Ahuja is a Delhiite, born and brought up in Delhi. He is a graduate in Commerce from SRCC, Delhi University and a post-graduate in Commerce from Delhi University. He is a creative buff, a story writer, a storyteller, a researcher, and a rigid critic. He is an avid reader and is a staunch believer of the fact that ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’. He pens down his thoughts in the form of stories, poems, essays, articles, and terribly tiny tales, as he believes that writing is the most satisfying pursuit of all. He understands the intricacies of life’s philosophy in great detail, and that is very clearly reflected through his work. He writes to bring a positive change in society, by addressing questionable norms and stereotypes. His goal is to write for a cause, making this world a better place to live in!

So far, he has participated in numerous creative writing contests and has won several accolades. He has been a strong contributor to a number of anthologies, and currently runs his own Instagram page named *Inkk Pot – The Philosophy Hub* (@inkk_pot), where he posts content on life’s philosophy (generally quotes) on a regular basis. He aims to grow higher and higher with each passing day!


Let us read a poetry by him titled “Break the Glass of Bias

I and she were born through the same process,

Then why so many prejudices do people possess?

When both of us have the same caliber and right to enjoy,


Then why does it matter that she is a girl and I am a boy?

When we both are equally intelligent, proficient, and deserving,

Then why is behavior towards me motivating while towards her unnerving?

When I talk to girls, it is acceptable to all,


When she talks to boys, her character soon begins to fall?

When I come late to home, I am taken as busy at work,

When she comes late to home, her morals suddenly begin to shirk?

We all must break the glass of this gender bias,


With an open mindset, we can make this world so nice!



Maniska Das who is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in physiotherapy, is a budding writer who has her special interest in poetries! Being 20, she has currently been co-author of more than 20 anthologies, honoured in many online competitions and being  featured in national newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Dainik Jagran. She is currently working on  her Anthology named “Disabled Society” which is dedicated for the differently abled peoples.  She belongs from Jagannath Dham Puri, Odisha and she believes that everything is possible with a pen and paper.


Let us now read a poetry written by her, titled “Through My Lens!”

On a very beautiful eve,

When dusky clouds marked an end,

Nature has painted a canvas,


Said the view through my lens.

Eyes saw a view at first,

Blur was only the visual part;

And then I wore my specs at once,


Contrasting colors have their clearance.

Sun setting with an orangey sight,


Passing air had a touch of calmness,


Drowsy eyes with tickling contents;

City lights and empty roofs,

Making my fingers type.

Birds returning with a chirping sound,


honking horns and talks around,

The sky, moon and stars felt closer,

As I lost in this melodious weather.




Priyanshi Mittal is a Universal Bilingual Content Writer from Heart of Rajasthan ‘AJMER’. She is persuing Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from City of Dreams -Mumbai. She loves to treat disable people and like to be with them.She is an Indian Book of Records Holder, Vajra World Records Holder, OMG Book of Records Holder, and Wonder Book of Records Holder (International). She has been a proud co-author to Bravo International Book of Record Holder (Title- Gems and Crystals) and also certified with PM’s Mentoring Yuva Scheme 2021.

Let us now read a hindi poetry by her.

 अक्सर एक सवाल


 मेरे बेजुबा होटो पर ठहर सा जाता है।

ना जाने कितने अल्प विराम जडे है उसमे ,

अंखियों से छलकते वो अक्षर ,

रूह से निकल मेरी खिड़की पर जा बैठे है,


उन्हे भी इंतजार है उन तारो के दिदार का ,

एक जुगनू उस अंधेरे कमरे में रोशनी भरने को बेताब है, मन नहीं मान रहा उस जगमगाती खुशी के स्वागत को ,

अब तो भोर पर ही दर्पण में चेहरा खिलेगा,

इंतजार है उन सुनहेरे रेशमी धागो का ,


ना जाने कब कोमल पंखुड़िया फिर से रस बरसाएगी,

ना जाने कब नन्ही मीना फिर से गुनगुनाएगी ,

इंतजार है मुझे …..

सवाल में पूर्ण विराम का ।


इंतजार है मुझे …..



Abhilash well-known by his pen name ‘Parimal’ and his one liners can be seeing flying all around social media. His recent co-authored book ‘The Chroniclers of India’ which was a world record anthology and ‘Tales of Heart’ is already making heads turn. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Writers Desire Award 2022 Our Correspondent had an exclusive interview with him on his journey and what next Here is an encrypt of our conversation with him


Q)  How has your journey as a writer been till now?

I had started writing poetry and stories way back when I was in school but as I entered my college and the Chartered Accountancy course time was scarce so I couldn’t devote much time but when the pandemic hit I had more time at hand therin I entered into the world of professional writing and published my 1st book मेरे अल्फाज़ – Words that touch your heart published which was huge success post that I have co-authored multiple books and most of them have hit the shelves. ‘The Chroniclers of India’  the book I had co-authored is a world record holder as of now. So to sum it up it has been a pretty exiting journey so far.

Q) You are a Chartered Accountant by qualification we usually know CA’s are good with numbers but your words also inspire what are your thoughts on this

CA is my profession but writing is my passion, I am currently following my passion along with profession of course so its pretty balanced at the moment.


Q) We also hear that you are a travel freak?

Hahaha that’s right I love to travel and have been fortunate enough that my work also makes me travel. I have travelled to almost more than 100 cities across continents and I can tell you what you learn from travelling you can’t learn anywhere else.

Q) What inspires you to write?

I love travelling and meeting new people and if you want to narrate your experience to the world I believe writing is the best medium because you can connect to the masses. If you see all my work that has been published till date usually is from my personal experience both good and bad so it tells you that there is always day after night and vice versa


Q) Why do you use your pen name ‘Parimal’ more often ?

As the famous saying goes what’s in a Name, I am a firm believer of that work speaks louder than name that’s what I am following at the moment

Q) You are not very active on social media?

I know! it’s an era of social media and people believe you will be known only when you are visible on these platforms but then works speaks for itself, even though I am personally not very active my quotes fly all over the social media.  I have been planning since long to launch my own page wherein I would be singing my poetry and quotes let’s see when that happens. 


Q) What are you currently working on?

As I just mentioned I am thinking of launching my page that’s the thought at the moment, I am also writing a few uncaptioned books you would get the details soon.

Q) What’s your life mantra

Well let me put it in my own words or a quote that went viral recently “One Day The Word Soon Will be Replaced by Finally” that’s what I thoroughly believe in if you keep consistently working towards it.


Q) What is your message for the Gen Z who follow you?

The Gen Z is living life to the fullest my only message to them would be Don’t go too far that its becomes difficult to return it would apply to all the aspects of life

Q) Where can people reach you

I am available on Instagram @abhi861 or you can follow my quotes on Your Quotes by Pen name Parimal


Q) A Few lines of your before we let you go

Khwaish nahin ki har koi tarif kare, par koshish hai ki koi galat na kahe




“To me,

Poetry is the confluence of

Words that breathe,

Emotions that bleed,



Thoughts that burn!”

Priyanka Tiwari had a poetic disposition and a flair for writing from childhood on. Her first poem was published in a newspaper when she was 8. She won her first national – level award in short story writing the following year.

Throughout her academic career, writing helped her strike a balance between her studies, extra curricular activities and her own mysterious & magical inner world.  Her vivid imagination as well as her sensitivity to the world around her  found an outlet through the medium of words and verses. She used to frequently contribute poems and articles to local newspapers as well as to newsletters and magazines published by her alma maters. Though English was her preferred language for expression, she honed and developed her poetic skills in Hindi as well.


Advent into professional life and responsibilities temporarily took her away from her writing. A graduate in Biotechnology, she became  associated with the field of Human Resources- Organisational Psychology with time. Travelling, photography, reading, socializing and spirituality became her passions. Her photography work can be accessed on her Instagram account

In 2020, however, when COVID-19 wrecked havoc all-over the globe and the whole world was thrown into a state of lockdown and uncertainty for almost two years, her own world was thrown into chaos and stagnation. The pandemic-induced isolation, restriction and anxiety compelled her to seek solace in the world of Words and her romance with writing was rekindled again. She began pouring her heart and soul on paper, to navigate through the uncertain times. However, she couldn’t summon the confidence to showcase her writing work to the world. Her confidence received a major boost when her poetry “Fire and Brimstone” , which describes the grim reality and futility of warfare, was selected and featured by an international publishing house Inner Child Press International in their annual anthology – “Poetry – the best of 2020 : Poets of the World”. Thereafter, on New Year Day 2021, she won her first National level accolade for poetry writing, when her Hindi poem “अन्तर्द्वन्द की पुकार” was chosen among the best 10 works in Hindi, out of a total 7000 contributions from across the nation.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Priyanka in her writing journey. She has been a co-author in more than 30 anthologies – both national and international. She has also won a few more awards in poetry as well as short story writing, on a  national level. She also holds a BRAVO WORLD RECORD for her contribution to the anthology on women “Ek Naari Sabpe Bhaari”, published by the famous Flairs & Glairs publishing house. On International Women’s Day 2022, she was invited for a live poetry reading and exclusive interview on her writing journey and views on women empowerment.

Priyanka sums up her writing journey and passion for words in the following verses –


“Writing became my love,

When as a shy, withdrawn tot

I stumbled upon the Wonderland of someone’s imagination

Brought to life by Words –


Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids,

Fiery Dragons that kept vigil

Far-off magical lands

Where miracles never ceased…


My fertile li’l mind realized

How the potent power of Words

Would help me weave my own World

A far cry from the absurd reality of Adults!


And to this day…

Words keep my sanity in check

And reality in perspective.

Words are my weapons,


Words are my elixir…

And still they wonder,

Why do I lust after words???”




A writer who likes to write what the readers love to read. Always relate to the emotions of the readers with simple words mixed with high pitched feelings and excess of love. Lives in Dhanbad, better known as the Coal Capital of India. Happily married with a man of her dreams and blessed with two children. Likes to gain knowledge from everything to gain experience. Can easily transform your hell into your heaven by taking away all your pain.

Anamika Mallick

Read a short content by her :


Death is peaceful

But life is blissful,

You may be forgetful

But try to be grateful.


Thank you for Reading and being patient throughout. You can connect with us on Flairs and Glairs through Instagram (@flairsandglairs)or mail us on [email protected] for your queries !



Top 10 Most Influential Indian Personalities of the year 2022 announced by Fame Finders Media




Fame Finders presents the names of the top 10 admiring personalities who’ve set themselves apart through their undeniable contributions to the world and people around them. They have what it takes to inspire and motivate others.


These top 10 influential personalities are blooming in diverse industries through their intellectuality and unbeatable excellence. Here are the names below:





Dr. Amit Dua is currently working as an Assistant professor in the Computer Science Department of BITS Pilani, Pilani, where he has been teaching for over six years. Dr. Amit is the Honorary Adjunct Distinguished Scientist-Professor and Head of the Blockchain Branch (India) at SIRG. As an educator, he has trained over 6000 students.  He is the founder and CEO of Yushu Excellence Technologies Private Limited. Amit’s book on Blockchain Technology and Applications is highly acclaimed amongst academia and research.


Dr. Amit is the co-author of the Amazon national best-selling books on “Machine Learning” and “Cybercrime and Cyber Hygiene”. He has published over 50 international publications and filed Indian patents and copyright for Blockchain innovation. Dr. Amit is a certified life coach and advanced Pranic healer. He is living to fulfill his mission to help 10 Million people realize their true potential.





Nitin Baburao Patil is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Social Activist, and the founder of Uttung Bharari Training Academy. He is an Academically Pharmacist with over 32 years of Pharmaceutical Experience.


He has written various motivational articles for a prestigious Maharashtra Govt aided magazine UDYOJAK and has conducted The Power Of Positive Attitude Motivational sessions for several colleges including D Y Patil School of Pharmacy Nerul, Navi Mumbai, MKTBTS College of Pharmacy, Nashik, and many more.


He has been honoured as chief guest at Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar  College of Pharmacy and Research Centre for the convocation ceremony


Through his NGO, Uttung Bharari Foundation, he has conducted various free health camps and works for the Empowerment of Students of Rural Areas by Conducting free sessions on personality development.





Nilima Rajesh Kamdar started her career as a freelance HR professional in 1986. Carry forwarded her recruitment profession and in 2009 she founded Nilima Jobs. She worked for her dream from the scratch, building up resources, clientele, and a reputation in the industry.


Global recruitment brand Nilima Jobs is a human capital solutions provider, as well as provides talent acquisition services to many corporate houses, listed companies renowned organizations within India and overseas. Now, she has authored the book “ Unlock your potential.


The founder has also focussed on problems faced by women employees while remote working. Women were given flexible working hours without pay cuts. Nilima Kamdar has been awarded the Women Achiever of India (2013) award in the employment sector by PEOPLE’s FOUNDATION and has been honored with Swaawlambika Samman Award on 7th March 2021 in New Delhi.





She has completed her graduation from NIFT- where she specialized in celebrity and fashion styling after her course in fashion communication. She graduated with the prestigious most innovative graduation project award, and now she is pursuing her MBA in luxury management from IFA Paris. Praachi got into modeling and pageants at the age of 18 and has tried and worked for 7 years to finally become a miss India. As a type 1 diabetic, Praachi didn’t let her disability bring her down to achieve what she set her heart on. She has also been working with the WHO as an advocate to bring awareness in India about type 1 diabetes.





Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya, MBBS, MD, Ph.D., and a member of NYAS, SAGES, Epilepsy Foundation, USA, World Society Of Interdisciplinary Antiaging Medicine, and British Physiological Society, and European Atherosclerosis Society. He has received his accreditation from international universities, namely – Harvard Medical School, Yale University School Of Medicine, John-Hopkins University School Of Medicine, And Vanderbilt University, USA.


He has written books on moral philosophy, universal ethics, human virtues, human morality, and beyond, and has also been honored with:

  1. BR Ambedkar National Award
  2. Dr BR Ambedkar International Award
  3. Mahatma Gandhi Nobel Peace Award
  4. Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award
  5. Bharat Bhushan Award
  6. Bharat Sree Award
  7. Bharat Vibhusan Award
  8. Asia Peace Prize
  9. Gandhi Mandela Award
  10. Rashtriya Ekata Award
  11. Jagadish Chandra National Talent Search Exam Encouragement Award-2002
  12. Mathematical State Olympiad Award
  13. National Physics Olympiad 2003 State Topper
  14. Visharad In Tabla Instrumentation
  15. Iap Medical Quiz Topper, Rims 2007, And Many More





“We, as a collective, have traveled far, outward, long enough. It is time to go deep, within!”, says Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, to a world rearranging its priorities, after the pandemic!


15 years of successful media life, transitioned into her true calling to facilitate Body, Mind, and Spirit wellbeing, for a balanced, abundant life. Her mission is to DEMYSTIFY & NORMALISE SPIRITUALITY,  ANCIENT WISDOM, and HOLISTIC HEALING for the modern urban.


A certified Sound Energy Alchemist, CrystalSonic Therapist,  Kriyā Meditation Mentor,  Anoopama has trained, mentored, and shared her practices with individuals, groups, and corporates, for over two decades. She is an expert curator and facilitator of Experiential WellBeing through Retreats, Workshops, Festivals, and Programs that offer all levels of Yoga, Sound Healing, Kriya, Meditation, Forestbaths, Earth Commune, art, movement, music, and local, cultural experiences.

She now heads the Experiential Wellness business pillar with Baidyanath Life Sciences – the Wellness Industry’s first, Integrated, Holistic Wellness Curation and Management Expertise.

It combines over 100 years of the brand’s Ayurveda heritage with holistic practices and new-age science of ethical beauty, wellness, and wellbeing, to curate, execute and manage the Wellness Experience for  Hospitality, Real Estate, and Corporate institutions.





Sangeeta Kabra is a life coach and always wanted to help people by providing a systematic methodical way to manage today’s stressful environment. Her purpose is to empower, help and motivate people to become their best. She finds holistic solutions by considering all possibilities carefully, asking the right question to bring hidden thoughts out from others,


A life coach wishes to strike a perfect balance in life for people seeking help and that is what inspired her to initiate her brand ‘PerfectU’ and the social initiative ‘PerfectU Wellness & Research Center”.


She is fully dedicated to eradicating issues concerning the health of an individual, society, and relationships. Through her Foundation, she provides education and employment opportunities to women and children.





Mr. Satish Pathak, a visionary entrepreneur founded Futurol Moteur Globale Private Ltd. in 2018. He graduated from NIT Silchar, PGDMM from NMIMS Mumbai, and Senior Business Leadership Diploma from IIM Bangalore. Having rich experience in Automotive Aftermarket in Parts, Lubes & Services with Automobile Stalwarts , Mr. Pathak brings a lot to the table & Value to a start-up Business.

Apart from India, Mr. Pathak has worked in different geographies across Globe, gaining invaluable experience as a Person & Professional.


As he says “Success can only be achieved with hard work and consistency in your work”. His passion has already bagged a few awards for FMGPL in a short span of time, including “Top Ten Lubricant Manufacturer of 2021” by Industry Outlook.


“The Global Choice Awards 2021” and “Indian Achiever’s Award for Emerging Company” to name a few.

Futurol Moteur Globale is the Manufacturer, Exporter & Marketer of a complete range of Automotive Brakes, Clutches, Lubricants, Greases & Filters. Recently, the company signed a contract with Umran Malik, Fastest Indian Bowler, for Brand endorsement.





Viren C. Dayal is an LSC-certified trainer, in Customs Law applied  Rules and Regulations. He is a commercially focused manager and business director with over 35 years of experience ranging from multinational corporations to closely-held partnership firms.


Possesses deep expertise in the fields of international import/export, clearing, forwarding, transportation, shipping, customs laws, tax, world trade (WTO), and dealing with varied sectors such as chemicals, textiles, engineering goods, polypropylene, etc.


He is passionate about teaching and developing young minds in order to make them reach their full potential. He has also been awarded citations by Brihan Mumbai Customs Broker Association for imparting knowledge and training to the fraternity and also successfully handling the general elections for 20 years.





Dr. Monica Nagpal is a Ph.D. in education and a certified meditation and Mindfulness coach. She is a founder of HopeandHappiiness and also a parent advisor. She uses mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, and NLP tools to enable women and children to bring out their inherent potential for excellence. She helps parents renew their connection with their children and thus have a harmonious family.


She is also an inner image consultant enabling women to recognize their true selves. Based on her experience as a Buddhism practitioner, she helps to find the root cause of your problem before finding the solution.


She advocates value-based education methodology and integrates mindfulness and meditation and uses them as tools for bringing transformation in individuals. She envisions creating a world in which all living beings can coexist in harmony and flourish eternally.


This campaign has been managed by Fame Finders. Many more campaigns are yet to be executed in the coming months. Stay tuned for timely updates about further campaigns. Visit us at or contact us at +91 9718750379 or [email protected] or 


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Implementing dietary & lifestyle changes can reverse fatty liver: Dr Soumen Roy



The liver is one of many places where the body stores fat for insulation and energy. However, if the liver’s fat content is excessive then it might lead to a fatty liver. Dr Soumen Roy who is an expert of Gastro and Liver Transplant Surgery says that it is crucial to have frequent blood tests performed, if not quarterly then at least twice a year. This may enable a person to recognise some illnesses like fatty livers, that may not exhibit any signs in their body.


Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) and non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are the two main kinds of fatty liver disease. Acute fatty liver is a type of fatty liver disease that can also affect pregnant persons, in the third trimester or the first several weeks following delivery. Typically, fatty liver has no symptoms and does not result in any long-term harm. It is a treatable disorder that can be cured by altering one’s way of living. Only when the liver’s fat level is excessive and the liver becomes inflamed, then it can lead to organ damage and then the fatty liver may pose difficulties. However, it allows enough time for a person to make up before it gets to that point. The primary line of treatment for this disease is dietary modifications and one should change their lifestyle gradually and subtly before it’s too late.


A dietitian can assist in developing a personalised meal plan that is suitable for a person’s tastes, symptoms, and the type of fatty liver disease they have. Omega-3 fatty acid consumption may reduce liver fat and raise high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in NAFLD patients. It can be found in foods like salmon, sardines, walnuts, and flaxseed. The second on the list is garlic, which is a common ingredient in many diets and may have advantages for those who suffer from fatty liver disease because it helps those with NAFLD to lose weight and body fat mass. Vegetables can never not be healthy, and eating a variety of whole vegetables is beneficial for people with the condition. Broccoli is one vegetable that an individualwith fatty liver disease should consider incorporating in their daily diet. The soy protein, which has isoflavones, an antioxidant also helps increase insulin sensitivity and reduce body fat. In conclusion, eating natural, unprocessed meals rich in protein, fibre, and complex carbs is an excellent place to start. These can provide long-lasting vigour and fill them up.


One strategy for treating fatty liver disease is to include more nutritious meals in the diet, however, limiting or avoiding certain other foods is also critical. Food with sugar such as icecreams and carbonated drinks should be avoided by people with a fatty liver conditions. Secondly, they should try to reduce or completely eliminate alcohol consumption from their diets. One should also try to substitute refined grains with legumes, potatoes, or whole grain and whole wheat options. Fried foods that have a lot of calories should also not be eaten as they may cause obesity and create further problems. Highly saturated food like pork, beef and deli meats should also be not consumed by people with this condition.


One can completely revamp their dietary habits, however, it is extremely necessary that they stay consistent and implement lifestyle changes. People with fatty liver should keep an eye on their calorie intake as even a five per cent reduction in the body’s total weight can help in decrease of the amount of fat in a person’s liver. Everyone should regularly exercise. However, it offers additional advantages for fatty liver disease sufferers in terms of symptom management. Even the basic activities like stretching, walking on the treadmill, gardening, choosing stairs over an elevator, etcetera could make a great difference.” says Dr Soumen Roy while talking about additional tips that can be beneficial for controlling fatty acid.


Dr Soumen Roy is one of the top Gastro and Liver Transplant Surgeon in Odisha and has excelled in the medical sector for more than ten years. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for the Bhubaneswar, Odisha, departments of GI Surgery, GI Oncology, Minimally Invasive, and Bariatric Surgery. He has carried out innumerable GI surgical procedures throughout the years to aid many patients in leading disease-free lives. He is proficient in treating liver, biliary, and pancreatic malignancies, colon, gastro-oesophagal, and rectum cancers, Liver transplants, and Bariatric Surgery

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Zoi Fintech received Arthsanket ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ 2022 for their contribution in the IT Industry.


Here is small introduction of Zoi Fintech –

We build niche technology solving critical management problems of small & medium enterprises.” We specialize in creating Saas-based solutions & enterprise solutions depending on the needs of our clients. We simplify business processes with the advantages of speed, scale & technology. We have introduced a flexible pay-as-you-go model with an aim to make automation possible for every enterprise.



Our enterprise productivity tracking software enables your enterprise to share goals, increase accountability, support diverse workstyles & track the real-time impact of decisions. TrakZo tracks growth, not your people! Choose a Saas-based subscription model or an enterprise-based model, but choose TrakZo for a culture that fosters accountability with flexibility.



Jade is our new-age B2B Wealth Management Platform that facilitates tracking, management, & makes buying & selling of assets easier for Brokers, Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors. The SaaS-based model allows flexibility while the enterprise set-up allows complete autonomy & customization.


Zoi Fintech Services Pvt Ltd. Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra

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On Saturday, October 29, 2022, the program ‘Arthsanket Maharashtra Gaurav’ was held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Mandir Theater, Dadar West, Mumbai from 7 am to 10 am.


Arthsanket is First and only online Economic and Business Newspaper in Marathi Language reaching upto 50 lacs people per month


Arthsanket is dedicatedly working for financial literacy and entrepreneurship growth in Maharashtra. Various books on Investment and Entrepreneurship are published by Arthsanket which receives good response from various parts of Maharashtra. Arthsanket is known for conducting high profile events across Maharashtra, places like Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange. Arthsanket Contact – 8082349822 ([email protected])Zoi Fintech received Arthsanket ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ 2022 I

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Top 10 Most Influential Indian Personalities of the year 2022 announced by Fame Finders Media

  Fame Finders presents the names of the top 10 admiring personalities who’ve set themselves apart through their undeniable contributions...

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Gate 2023: गेट 2023 परीक्षा का शेड्यूल हुआ जारी जानिए कैसे कर सकते हैं डाउनलोड

भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान केंद्र आईआईटी कानपुर ने अपने ग्रेजुएट एप्टिट्यूड टेस्ट परीक्षा का शेड्यूल जारी कर दिया है जिन छात्रों...

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बाबा रामदेव ने महिलाओं के कपड़ों पर किया कमेंट – बाद में मांगी माफी

दरअसल यह मामला महाराष्ट्र में आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम का है जिसमें बाबा रामदेव अपना कार्यक्रम कर रहे थे जिसमें Baba...

Railway group d result 2022 Railway group d result 2022
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Railway group d result 2022 जल्द ही आने बाला है

Railway group d result 2022 का इंतजार करने छात्रों के लिए बहुत बड़ी खुशखबरी है क्योंकि रेलवे ग्रुप डी का...

anjali arora news video viral video anjali arora news video viral video
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anjali arora news video viral video : अंजलि अरोरा का विडियो हुआ वायरल

कई दिनों पहले अंजलि अरोड़ा का कथित तौर पर एक वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हुआ था। फिर भी, कई...

Rajasthan Public Service Commission Released Exam Schedule Calendar For Various Posts To Be Held In 2023_files Rajasthan Public Service Commission Released Exam Schedule Calendar For Various Posts To Be Held In 2023_files
Naukri4 days ago

RPSC Exam Calendar 2023: RPSC ने अपना परीक्षा कैलेंडर 2023 जारी कर दिया है। जाने कि कब और कौन सी भर्ती परीक्षा होगी?

राजस्थान लोक सेवा आयोग (आरपीएससी) द्वारा 2023 में रिक्त होने वाले विभिन्न विभागीय पदों के लिए भर्ती परीक्षा कैलेंडर जारी...

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Spider Tanks (SILK): A Play2Earn Gaming Ecosystem of NFTs, Players, and Developers

What are Spider Tanks and what role does SILK token play? Spider Tanks is a Play2Earn ecological network of NFT...

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Implementing dietary & lifestyle changes can reverse fatty liver: Dr Soumen Roy

The liver is one of many places where the body stores fat for insulation and energy. However, if the liver’s...

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Zoi Fintech received Arthsanket ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ 2022 for their contribution in the IT Industry.   Here is...

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The new launch by Serein creates a stride for Sustainability in fashion industry “House of Serein”

Everyone, from influencers to celebrities, is working to spread the word about sustainable fashion and, as a result, persuade consumers...