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Silver Fern Education Consultants organises 2nd edition of The John’s MUN, to be held from July 22nd-24th



Recently, North India’s first international-level MUN conference which is certified by the prestigious University of Windsor, Canada, The John’s MUN’s second edition was announced by Silver Fern Education Consultants. This will be the first in-person edition that will be held at the school campus of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh. The conference will be held from July 22nd to July 24th and is organised by Silver Fern Education Consultants in association with University Living and CLAT Possible.

The motto of the international-level conference is ‘Evolution for Revolution’ that translates into the Evolution of young minds to generate a revolution that creates a sustainable world. With the University of Windsor on board, this conference will encourage academic and scholarly research combined with global networking. Additionally, this year’s John’s MUN is also going to have a special team of experts from the University of Windsor flying in straight from Canada to oversee the conference. The University of Windsor is a renowned Canadian Public University having a long history of excellence in Canadian education.

With over 380 delegates expected from over 80 schools across the world, the conference is all set to write its golden chapter in history. The conference is aimed at providing a strong and a credible platform for students to put across arguments on their country’s behalf and act as helmsmen for their rights. The idea of the conference is derived from the Model United Nations, also referred to as Model UN or MUN, which is a barometer of the future delegates where students come up with solutions to international conflicts honing their diplomatic skills on similar lines to the United Nations. The John’s MUN 2021 will be a harbinger of a raft of opportunities for the young minds who will be able to emanate their research, oration and debating skills, writing ability in addition to their adroitness in leadership. Participants will have to fill in an extensive registration form asking about their personal details, prior MUN experience, and a prompt to check the competent intellect of the student who is putting forward his preferred committee and portfolio preference.

Talking about the idea behind organising The John’s MUN 2021, Almasto Kapoor, the CEO of Silver Fern Education Consultants and Shivam Garg, the COO of Silver Fern stated, “For us, Education is the fundamental fulcrum of a society and it is something that not only decides the fate of students but country too. This healthy discussion and the exchange of ideas is something that will definitely fuel the human mind and will also bring forth the areas we need to work on. We would also like to add that if you’re a student, this MUN will stretch your rationale on international relations and if you’re a parent, your child will have a modified cognitive lens toward the global dynamics post this event.”

Silver Fern is one of the leading education consultants in India that provides premier international education counselling and support services and is also an authorised representative of over 450+ universities and colleges. Silver Fern and SJOBA after the previous year’s immense success of the event are back with the offline mode of the same that will provide a platform for all attendees to substitute the virtual, distanced atmosphere with realism and solidarity by coming together to cogitate on the dilemmas of this world with the focus on freedom and the UN SDGs.

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Jai Khurana : Owner of JAI ENTERPRISE and young entrepreneur



The beauty industry has never lacked successful  entrepreneurs . In 2005 JAI ENTERPRISE was established and now JAI ENTERPRISE is making  to build a beauty salon and cosmetics empire . Founder of jai enterprise mr jai Khurana is young entrepreneur who is very active on social media and has huge fan following know for his fashion sense jai is 19 year entrepreneurs form Rohtak Haryana ‘ growing his business into next level ‘ JAI says ‘ There was no precedent in the beauty space and I had no beauty experience; however I did have a strong merchandising background both in fashion and home, so while beauty was new, the fundamentals were the same but still with huge competition jai enterprise is outstanding and performing extraordinarily

I am someone that while considered accomplished and successful, has been plagued most of my life with insecurities, doubts, and fears. I am working through this and as I do, want to help anyone else in this process.”

It’s never too late to start over—ever! And surround yourself with people who will encourage you not to give up.”

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Bebe Nanki ji NGO & Param Jyot Foundation celebrated ‘Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ to commemorate 75 years of India’s Independence



 Bebe Nanki Ji NGO and Param Jyot Foundation, under the guidance of their Chairperson, Amrita Kaur, have been working towards the welfare of society in every possible way. Additionally, Guru Nanak Sukh Shala based out of Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi which is run by Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee under the chairperson Amrita Kaur is not only providing a shelter to senior citizens but home to everyone.

Chairperson Amrita Kaur makes sure that every event and festival is well celebrated at an old age home to keep the elders happy and high-spirited. Similarly, to celebrate Independence Day or Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the team made sure to organize a full-fledged program that included dance, music, theatre etc.

The event commenced with a welcome speech by Amrita Kaur followed by some wonderful music and dance performances by professional artists and the elders of the old age home. Post that, Natshala a well-known theatre group based out of Delhi NCR performed a play named Partition 1947 directed by Vishnu Grover. A compilation of three stories Amritsar aa Gaya, Raavi Paar and Toba Tek Singh showed the agony and pain suffered by Indians. The performance was so powerful and soul-stirring that the audience couldn’t control their tears.

Additionally, Natshala was invited to train the elders for a drama performance. After such heavy and intense acts, the elders were able to spread smiles and giggles on the faces of the audience through an impactful play named Sneeze written by Anton Chekhov and directed by team Natshala. The play was satirical comedy in nature and the senior citizens left no stone unturned to take the audience on a laughter riot. They proved and motivated the audience that age can just be a number if determination and hard work are strong enough.

Chairperson Amrita Kaur encapsulates her experience by saying, I am blessed to have numerous parents. I feel that I am the chosen one by God that I can serve all these elderly with

the support of my team and the Delhi Gurudwara Committee. We try to make sure that we serve our elders with all their needs and on top of it, we keep on organizing events and activities to make sure that their inner child always stays happy and alive.

And, on such an important day like Independence Day, how can we miss a chance to make it not special for them. Purposely, we kept Partition 1947 as one of the acts because 14th August is also a Partition Horrors Remembrance Day and who would understand the pain of those days more than this age group? I feel sincere gratitude that I am able to do something for these wonderful people and seek their blessings by it.” The event was a big success and was conducted in the presence of some dignitaries including Harmeet Singh Kalka (President DSGMC), Dr Raju Chadha (Wave One) and Rana Paramjeet Singh (Ex Counsellor, Rajinder Singh).

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Twilight Organic: A women empowerment saying yes to an organic environment



The pandemic period of COVID-19 made many give up but the winner is born to live and let people live surrounding them. The same happened with one of the emerging leaders of the society who was hit hard by the statement by Sandeep Maheshwari in a video. The statement was that everyone is talking about the job but how many were thinking to create jobs? The leader got inspired by it and their time internal feeling to do something unique got the push to brainstorming.

The personality has great skin and for that has got positive comments with a question of revealing the secret of beautiful skin. Love for organic products to serve own skin has forced to get started thinking to give the natural gift to society with a chemical-free environment to feel.

The goal of organic products is triggered towards the research of daily needs of products and their composition and ingredients. Then decided to start with organic soaps and skincare products.

The affection for the benefits of aroma oils made the origin of Twilight Organic in existence with the invention of candles with diverse aroma oils mixed with other ingredients. The reason behind the aroma oils candle effect was to find relaxation to senses for emotional stability and health as well.

Then the series of products started coming as natural and organic value holders maximum without any preservatives. In case any preservatives were in need then natural extracts were used for the purpose instead of synthetic. The products range in soaps, scrubs, bath salts, organic body butter, etc.

Twilight Organic takes care of packaging too so that products will not react with it.  Cloth bags, glass containers, or high-quality containers are used for packaging the products with gift and shipping facilities included with each order. There are different products for skin care issues to get healed.

The products are free from animal testing and near to Ayurveda and nature to provide the best to the skin. These are pollution-free and eco-friendly products. Twilight Organic is supporting our Indian economy with a job opportunity for women as a talented crowd got already involved and many more is to get included soon.

There are new products on the list such as

  • Charcoal scrub and charcoal pack for anti-acne and skin lightening.
  • Pearl scrub and pack for skin whitening.
  • Chocolate scrub and chocolate pack for dry skin
  • The shampoo bar is a special product for healing dry and damaged hair, dandruff, and hair fall. It’s handy to carry and natural care for your hair. A great idea is no more plastic bottles to carry.

There can be many more additions in the forthcoming years as per the need of the environment and people. Twilight Organic is focused on the objectives at the base of the organization.

The future goal of Twilight Organic is to make more people influenced by natural products to get a long-lasting effect for a healthy body with healthy skin. Creating job opportunities is also one of the main objectives of Twilight Organic. The organization believes in creating a better future for the next generation with the asset of the natural environment. For more details visit

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