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Everything You Need to Know About Genetic Engineering



When we think of genetic engineering, we tend to think of a Sci-Fi Hollywood movie where anything is possible. Well, the analogy might be correct. But at the base level, we have a

simple definition of genetic engineering.

What is genetic engineering?

A basic explanation of genetic engineering is that it gives us the power to suitable alter the genome of an organism. It involves artificially changing the DNA of an organism, such as bacteria or yeast, by adding in new genetic material.


This can be done by inserting a gene from another foreign organism.

The process is based on experiments involving inserting genes that code for antibiotic resistance into the DNA of plasmids in bacteria, which could then be passed on to other bacteria. The new types of bacteria are not considered GMOs unless they were specifically designed by humans. These “mutant” bacteria reproduce more easily than the parent species and survive where they are not usually found.

The result of genetic modification has yielded outcomes that have proven to be phenomenal. Altering the genetic makeup of cells allows for unique organisms or enhancements within the target organism.

This experiment has been conducted on various organisms. Some have shown tremendous success in being commercially made available. At the same time, others are still within the realm of the R&D labs, where further tests may go on to prove the viability of their


commercial applications.

What are the 5 genetic engineering techniques?

Manipulating the genes of the target organism can take shape in different formats. Let us look at these in detail.

1  – Transformation

In this method, the cell’s organic component is directly modified. This is achieved by passing the genetic material of the source organism cell into the cell membrane of the target organism cell. The subsequent processes of cooling the cell membrane and them exposing it to heat

shock. This allows the passing of the cell components through the walls of the cell membrane.


2  – Transfection

It is the in-vitro transfer of the source cell component into the cultured animal cells of the target organism. The most common transfection method is to use chemical-based compounds that are acted upon to facilitate the entry of the cell DNA into the target organism. Other methods of transfection involve the use of electroporation and biolistics.

3  – Transduction

In this method, the foreign DNA is passed on by a virus and into the host organism. The process is usually carried out using a virus that is capable of penetrating through the cell membrane through its attachment proteins. A virus with a modified vector may be used to carry foreign DNA into the host cells.

4  – Regeneration

This method of genetic engineering is accomplished by combining either DNA from another organism or the DNA of related organisms. They are then used to regenerate the organism’s characteristic features. This is achieved by introducing a combination of the host and donor’s genetic material or vice versa.

5  – Gene Confirmation

This involves testing the inserted DNA into the target organism’s cell. This is needed to


ensure that the tissues and other parts of the organism’s body will respond favorably or as

expected to the inserted DNA. Various tests will look for and measure the altered material in the cell. They will also identify RNA processing patterns and gene expression to give more well-rounded data about how the inserted DNA is behaving with the tissues of the target organism.

What are the applications of genetic engineering?

1  – Agriculture

With Genetic engineering, one can grow crops that are resistant to disease, drought, and the salinity of the soil. These genetically engineered plants were first grown in 1988. Plants have been genetically modified to include genes that are foreign to their species. These foreign genes improve their resistance against pests, weeds, and other plants.

Scientists use genetic engineering to modify the DNA of plants in a laboratory, then grow the plants in fields. Some of the most common genetically engineered plants are corn and


soybeans. Having different characteristics for agricultural purposes is one benefit of this technology.

Even pesticides are altered at the cell DNA level to make them conducive to agricultural practices. In the cornfields, there are field pests like the larvae of corn rootworms. The larvae eat the root and leaves of corn, making it difficult for farmers to grow a good crop.

In the past, farmers had to use insecticide poisoning or other methods in order to control them. Nowadays, this unwanted pest is kept under control by releasing genetically engineered insecticides that kill only the larvae without harming other animals or plant life.

2  – Medicine

Through a proper genetic engineering approach, we can quickly develop drugs to cure diseases. For example, some diseases can now be cured through genetic engineering of a specific chemical compound or drug that is used to treat that specific neurodegenerative


disease. Genetic engineering can be used in treating many diseases caused by a single gene defect or inherited from parents.

There are many examples of gene therapy. Gene therapy can be used to fix a specific gene in an individual suffering from a certain disease. The “transduced” cells are given back to the individual after the treatment is finished for him or her to express the normal gene.

One example is sickle cell disease, which is caused by abnormal hemoglobin genes inherited from parents that cause abnormal red blood cells to form, leading to painful and

life-threatening complications in individuals with this genetic disorder. Gene therapy has been used in these patients to correct the hemoglobin genes with those of the patients.


Gene therapy is also used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Patients suffering from cystic fibrosis are given a drug that contains many genes that are absent or mutated in normal individuals. The drug replaces and repairs the damaged gene in the patient.

3  – Safety

Genetic engineering can provide us with safe and effective vaccines, bacteria, and fungi. By modifying the genes of a certain organism, we can develop drugs or vaccines that are highly effective and less harmful to the body. Through genetic engineering, scientists have been able

to create a much safer vaccine for hepatitis B, which has no side effects. The benefit is greater scientific knowledge and safer vaccines for people.

4  – Industrial manufacturing

Did you know that genetic engineering has a hand in improving the yield, quality, and volume of products manufactured in certain industries? This branch of molecular biochemistry has been a driving force in producing recombinant microorganisms with a diverse array of industrial applications.


Take the case of hydrocarbon guzzling microbes. They have been proven to be effective in cleaning up the mess left behind by oil spills in oceans and water bodies.

The key ingredients in present-day laundry detergents and contact lens water, too, have genetically modified enzymes. The contact lens solution is produced by utilizing the plant (papain) and animal (pancreatin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin) protease.

5  – Cloning (?)

Of course, in addition to this, we see many landmark experiments like Dolly, the world’s first cloned animal. Gosling used genetic engineering to produce Dolly the sheep, the first animal cloned from adult cells. This was done in 1996 by Ian Wilmut, Thomas, and William D.F. Sanger, and others at the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh. It lived 6 years and paved the way for many other cloning experiments. These next phases cloned rats, mice, cats, dogs, monkeys, and even wolves!

What are the advantages of genetic engineering?

1  – Enhanced crop production

Through genetic engineering, scientists can modify the DNA of the plant and make it resistant to drought. This frees farmers from having to grow different crops under different


conditions. They can now plant only one variety of a crop that is resistant to drought, pest, or disease.

Some examples of GMOs or genetically modified organisms include GMO tomatoes. They have a much higher shelf life than organic tomatoes. Pest-resistant GMO potatoes lead to a higher yield.

Farmers get higher prices and augment their livelihood with better income levels. Plus, the burgeoning general population can consume more food products without having to worry about increasing yield from the limited agricultural land.

2  – Better resistance to diseases

Through genetic engineering, scientists get the power to alter the DNA of a certain microorganism. This helps them produce drugs that are much more effective and less harmful to the body compared to other traditional solutions.


They can create bacteria that are resistant to viruses by inserting genes from viruses into bacteria which makes the bacteria more resistant.

Do you know that synthetic insulin production today is derived from genetically altered

e-coli? Yes, you heard that right! Before this, insulin used to be derived from the pancreas of pigs and other animals.

3  – The development of drugs

Genetic engineering allows scientists to quickly develop drugs for treating diseases and improving the body’s defense mechanism by replacing and repairing a mutated gene.


In fact, the first successful case of genetic mutation finds a mention in this category of practical applications. Boyer and Cohen are attributed to creating the e-coli in 1973 that had the genes to fight antibiotic resistance. It was a watershed moment for molecular genetics and biochemistry.

4  – It helps in preserving the environment

Genetic engineering helps to preserve the environment. With it, we can harvest resources that would otherwise be wasted. Say, for example, there is a plant species endemic to an area, but it is no longer found in that particular area. Through genetic engineering, we can develop a plant that is resistant to drought or heat, and this will help preserve the ecosystem.

Scientists can produce less damaging substances like pesticides and herbicides. They can also make plant tissues more resistant to injury. They can also change the plants, so it is not

affected by pests or diseases as much.


5  – Better use and yield of land for crop production

Through genetic engineering, farmers can grow only one variety of a plant that is resistant to both pests and diseases. This will allow them to save the land and have better crop yields.

We’re not saying that it’s a silver bullet for food security, but it certainly helps.

With the growing population, we only have a limited land parcel available for farming purposes. If it were not for genetic engineering, who knows? The world may have been facing a shortage of food in staple crops like rice, wheat, corn, and maize.

What are the challenges in the field of genetic engineering?

1  – Lack of regulations

Though the benefits of genetic engineering are great, there could be several risks involved. New applications and new concerns have to be addressed by governments and regulatory bodies. If a new product is not tested in a protocol before production begins, it can cause unknown side effects. Scientists often don’t know the long-term effects of genetic modification on various species. To tackle this problem, there have to be proper guidelines and regulations in place so that products are tested properly before being produced.


2  – The dark side of unknown effects

There are also other unforeseen risks that could cause unknown side effects. Consider the

example of an antibiotic-resistant gene introduced in a bacterium. This bacteria may not just become resistant to the antibiotic, but it may also cause side effects on other types of bacteria.

3  – Environmental impacts

Genetic engineering also has an impact on the environment. There may be unintended effects that can affect wildlife and other organisms. If genetic engineering gives rise to new species, these may affect other species in a negative way.

4  – The use of genetically modified organisms in food production

The overuse of genetically modified organisms may cause environmental changes. If a


species is introduced and it becomes popular because of its benefits, it can alter the organic ecosystem. It can help possibly replace a natural species, thereby altering the entire


To conclude

Genetic engineering is a highly relevant field in today’s modern world. It has led to the development of many different products and some controversial ones as well. It could help


save the world from hunger, famine, and other concerns that plague this planet. But adequate study and research will be needed. This is because there are quite a few aspects of the field that is beyond the scope of human intelligence.

Content Authored By: Ayushi Hisaria



Top 10 Most Influential Indian Personalities of the year 2022 announced by Fame Finders Media




Fame Finders presents the names of the top 10 admiring personalities who’ve set themselves apart through their undeniable contributions to the world and people around them. They have what it takes to inspire and motivate others.


These top 10 influential personalities are blooming in diverse industries through their intellectuality and unbeatable excellence. Here are the names below:





Dr. Amit Dua is currently working as an Assistant professor in the Computer Science Department of BITS Pilani, Pilani, where he has been teaching for over six years. Dr. Amit is the Honorary Adjunct Distinguished Scientist-Professor and Head of the Blockchain Branch (India) at SIRG. As an educator, he has trained over 6000 students.  He is the founder and CEO of Yushu Excellence Technologies Private Limited. Amit’s book on Blockchain Technology and Applications is highly acclaimed amongst academia and research.


Dr. Amit is the co-author of the Amazon national best-selling books on “Machine Learning” and “Cybercrime and Cyber Hygiene”. He has published over 50 international publications and filed Indian patents and copyright for Blockchain innovation. Dr. Amit is a certified life coach and advanced Pranic healer. He is living to fulfill his mission to help 10 Million people realize their true potential.





Nitin Baburao Patil is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Social Activist, and the founder of Uttung Bharari Training Academy. He is an Academically Pharmacist with over 32 years of Pharmaceutical Experience.


He has written various motivational articles for a prestigious Maharashtra Govt aided magazine UDYOJAK and has conducted The Power Of Positive Attitude Motivational sessions for several colleges including D Y Patil School of Pharmacy Nerul, Navi Mumbai, MKTBTS College of Pharmacy, Nashik, and many more.


He has been honoured as chief guest at Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar  College of Pharmacy and Research Centre for the convocation ceremony


Through his NGO, Uttung Bharari Foundation, he has conducted various free health camps and works for the Empowerment of Students of Rural Areas by Conducting free sessions on personality development.





Nilima Rajesh Kamdar started her career as a freelance HR professional in 1986. Carry forwarded her recruitment profession and in 2009 she founded Nilima Jobs. She worked for her dream from the scratch, building up resources, clientele, and a reputation in the industry.


Global recruitment brand Nilima Jobs is a human capital solutions provider, as well as provides talent acquisition services to many corporate houses, listed companies renowned organizations within India and overseas. Now, she has authored the book “ Unlock your potential.


The founder has also focussed on problems faced by women employees while remote working. Women were given flexible working hours without pay cuts. Nilima Kamdar has been awarded the Women Achiever of India (2013) award in the employment sector by PEOPLE’s FOUNDATION and has been honored with Swaawlambika Samman Award on 7th March 2021 in New Delhi.





She has completed her graduation from NIFT- where she specialized in celebrity and fashion styling after her course in fashion communication. She graduated with the prestigious most innovative graduation project award, and now she is pursuing her MBA in luxury management from IFA Paris. Praachi got into modeling and pageants at the age of 18 and has tried and worked for 7 years to finally become a miss India. As a type 1 diabetic, Praachi didn’t let her disability bring her down to achieve what she set her heart on. She has also been working with the WHO as an advocate to bring awareness in India about type 1 diabetes.





Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya, MBBS, MD, Ph.D., and a member of NYAS, SAGES, Epilepsy Foundation, USA, World Society Of Interdisciplinary Antiaging Medicine, and British Physiological Society, and European Atherosclerosis Society. He has received his accreditation from international universities, namely – Harvard Medical School, Yale University School Of Medicine, John-Hopkins University School Of Medicine, And Vanderbilt University, USA.


He has written books on moral philosophy, universal ethics, human virtues, human morality, and beyond, and has also been honored with:

  1. BR Ambedkar National Award
  2. Dr BR Ambedkar International Award
  3. Mahatma Gandhi Nobel Peace Award
  4. Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award
  5. Bharat Bhushan Award
  6. Bharat Sree Award
  7. Bharat Vibhusan Award
  8. Asia Peace Prize
  9. Gandhi Mandela Award
  10. Rashtriya Ekata Award
  11. Jagadish Chandra National Talent Search Exam Encouragement Award-2002
  12. Mathematical State Olympiad Award
  13. National Physics Olympiad 2003 State Topper
  14. Visharad In Tabla Instrumentation
  15. Iap Medical Quiz Topper, Rims 2007, And Many More





“We, as a collective, have traveled far, outward, long enough. It is time to go deep, within!”, says Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, to a world rearranging its priorities, after the pandemic!


15 years of successful media life, transitioned into her true calling to facilitate Body, Mind, and Spirit wellbeing, for a balanced, abundant life. Her mission is to DEMYSTIFY & NORMALISE SPIRITUALITY,  ANCIENT WISDOM, and HOLISTIC HEALING for the modern urban.


A certified Sound Energy Alchemist, CrystalSonic Therapist,  Kriyā Meditation Mentor,  Anoopama has trained, mentored, and shared her practices with individuals, groups, and corporates, for over two decades. She is an expert curator and facilitator of Experiential WellBeing through Retreats, Workshops, Festivals, and Programs that offer all levels of Yoga, Sound Healing, Kriya, Meditation, Forestbaths, Earth Commune, art, movement, music, and local, cultural experiences.

She now heads the Experiential Wellness business pillar with Baidyanath Life Sciences – the Wellness Industry’s first, Integrated, Holistic Wellness Curation and Management Expertise.

It combines over 100 years of the brand’s Ayurveda heritage with holistic practices and new-age science of ethical beauty, wellness, and wellbeing, to curate, execute and manage the Wellness Experience for  Hospitality, Real Estate, and Corporate institutions.





Sangeeta Kabra is a life coach and always wanted to help people by providing a systematic methodical way to manage today’s stressful environment. Her purpose is to empower, help and motivate people to become their best. She finds holistic solutions by considering all possibilities carefully, asking the right question to bring hidden thoughts out from others,


A life coach wishes to strike a perfect balance in life for people seeking help and that is what inspired her to initiate her brand ‘PerfectU’ and the social initiative ‘PerfectU Wellness & Research Center”.


She is fully dedicated to eradicating issues concerning the health of an individual, society, and relationships. Through her Foundation, she provides education and employment opportunities to women and children.





Mr. Satish Pathak, a visionary entrepreneur founded Futurol Moteur Globale Private Ltd. in 2018. He graduated from NIT Silchar, PGDMM from NMIMS Mumbai, and Senior Business Leadership Diploma from IIM Bangalore. Having rich experience in Automotive Aftermarket in Parts, Lubes & Services with Automobile Stalwarts , Mr. Pathak brings a lot to the table & Value to a start-up Business.

Apart from India, Mr. Pathak has worked in different geographies across Globe, gaining invaluable experience as a Person & Professional.


As he says “Success can only be achieved with hard work and consistency in your work”. His passion has already bagged a few awards for FMGPL in a short span of time, including “Top Ten Lubricant Manufacturer of 2021” by Industry Outlook.


“The Global Choice Awards 2021” and “Indian Achiever’s Award for Emerging Company” to name a few.

Futurol Moteur Globale is the Manufacturer, Exporter & Marketer of a complete range of Automotive Brakes, Clutches, Lubricants, Greases & Filters. Recently, the company signed a contract with Umran Malik, Fastest Indian Bowler, for Brand endorsement.





Viren C. Dayal is an LSC-certified trainer, in Customs Law applied  Rules and Regulations. He is a commercially focused manager and business director with over 35 years of experience ranging from multinational corporations to closely-held partnership firms.


Possesses deep expertise in the fields of international import/export, clearing, forwarding, transportation, shipping, customs laws, tax, world trade (WTO), and dealing with varied sectors such as chemicals, textiles, engineering goods, polypropylene, etc.


He is passionate about teaching and developing young minds in order to make them reach their full potential. He has also been awarded citations by Brihan Mumbai Customs Broker Association for imparting knowledge and training to the fraternity and also successfully handling the general elections for 20 years.





Dr. Monica Nagpal is a Ph.D. in education and a certified meditation and Mindfulness coach. She is a founder of HopeandHappiiness and also a parent advisor. She uses mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, and NLP tools to enable women and children to bring out their inherent potential for excellence. She helps parents renew their connection with their children and thus have a harmonious family.


She is also an inner image consultant enabling women to recognize their true selves. Based on her experience as a Buddhism practitioner, she helps to find the root cause of your problem before finding the solution.


She advocates value-based education methodology and integrates mindfulness and meditation and uses them as tools for bringing transformation in individuals. She envisions creating a world in which all living beings can coexist in harmony and flourish eternally.


This campaign has been managed by Fame Finders. Many more campaigns are yet to be executed in the coming months. Stay tuned for timely updates about further campaigns. Visit us at or contact us at +91 9718750379 or [email protected] or 


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Implementing dietary & lifestyle changes can reverse fatty liver: Dr Soumen Roy



The liver is one of many places where the body stores fat for insulation and energy. However, if the liver’s fat content is excessive then it might lead to a fatty liver. Dr Soumen Roy who is an expert of Gastro and Liver Transplant Surgery says that it is crucial to have frequent blood tests performed, if not quarterly then at least twice a year. This may enable a person to recognise some illnesses like fatty livers, that may not exhibit any signs in their body.


Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) and non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are the two main kinds of fatty liver disease. Acute fatty liver is a type of fatty liver disease that can also affect pregnant persons, in the third trimester or the first several weeks following delivery. Typically, fatty liver has no symptoms and does not result in any long-term harm. It is a treatable disorder that can be cured by altering one’s way of living. Only when the liver’s fat level is excessive and the liver becomes inflamed, then it can lead to organ damage and then the fatty liver may pose difficulties. However, it allows enough time for a person to make up before it gets to that point. The primary line of treatment for this disease is dietary modifications and one should change their lifestyle gradually and subtly before it’s too late.


A dietitian can assist in developing a personalised meal plan that is suitable for a person’s tastes, symptoms, and the type of fatty liver disease they have. Omega-3 fatty acid consumption may reduce liver fat and raise high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in NAFLD patients. It can be found in foods like salmon, sardines, walnuts, and flaxseed. The second on the list is garlic, which is a common ingredient in many diets and may have advantages for those who suffer from fatty liver disease because it helps those with NAFLD to lose weight and body fat mass. Vegetables can never not be healthy, and eating a variety of whole vegetables is beneficial for people with the condition. Broccoli is one vegetable that an individualwith fatty liver disease should consider incorporating in their daily diet. The soy protein, which has isoflavones, an antioxidant also helps increase insulin sensitivity and reduce body fat. In conclusion, eating natural, unprocessed meals rich in protein, fibre, and complex carbs is an excellent place to start. These can provide long-lasting vigour and fill them up.


One strategy for treating fatty liver disease is to include more nutritious meals in the diet, however, limiting or avoiding certain other foods is also critical. Food with sugar such as icecreams and carbonated drinks should be avoided by people with a fatty liver conditions. Secondly, they should try to reduce or completely eliminate alcohol consumption from their diets. One should also try to substitute refined grains with legumes, potatoes, or whole grain and whole wheat options. Fried foods that have a lot of calories should also not be eaten as they may cause obesity and create further problems. Highly saturated food like pork, beef and deli meats should also be not consumed by people with this condition.


One can completely revamp their dietary habits, however, it is extremely necessary that they stay consistent and implement lifestyle changes. People with fatty liver should keep an eye on their calorie intake as even a five per cent reduction in the body’s total weight can help in decrease of the amount of fat in a person’s liver. Everyone should regularly exercise. However, it offers additional advantages for fatty liver disease sufferers in terms of symptom management. Even the basic activities like stretching, walking on the treadmill, gardening, choosing stairs over an elevator, etcetera could make a great difference.” says Dr Soumen Roy while talking about additional tips that can be beneficial for controlling fatty acid.


Dr Soumen Roy is one of the top Gastro and Liver Transplant Surgeon in Odisha and has excelled in the medical sector for more than ten years. He currently serves as the Senior Consultant for the Bhubaneswar, Odisha, departments of GI Surgery, GI Oncology, Minimally Invasive, and Bariatric Surgery. He has carried out innumerable GI surgical procedures throughout the years to aid many patients in leading disease-free lives. He is proficient in treating liver, biliary, and pancreatic malignancies, colon, gastro-oesophagal, and rectum cancers, Liver transplants, and Bariatric Surgery

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Zoi Fintech received Arthsanket ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ 2022 for their contribution in the IT Industry.


Here is small introduction of Zoi Fintech –

We build niche technology solving critical management problems of small & medium enterprises.” We specialize in creating Saas-based solutions & enterprise solutions depending on the needs of our clients. We simplify business processes with the advantages of speed, scale & technology. We have introduced a flexible pay-as-you-go model with an aim to make automation possible for every enterprise.



Our enterprise productivity tracking software enables your enterprise to share goals, increase accountability, support diverse workstyles & track the real-time impact of decisions. TrakZo tracks growth, not your people! Choose a Saas-based subscription model or an enterprise-based model, but choose TrakZo for a culture that fosters accountability with flexibility.



Jade is our new-age B2B Wealth Management Platform that facilitates tracking, management, & makes buying & selling of assets easier for Brokers, Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors. The SaaS-based model allows flexibility while the enterprise set-up allows complete autonomy & customization.


Zoi Fintech Services Pvt Ltd. Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra

+91 022-62671241/+91-8433727714

[email protected]





On Saturday, October 29, 2022, the program ‘Arthsanket Maharashtra Gaurav’ was held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Mandir Theater, Dadar West, Mumbai from 7 am to 10 am.


Arthsanket is First and only online Economic and Business Newspaper in Marathi Language reaching upto 50 lacs people per month


Arthsanket is dedicatedly working for financial literacy and entrepreneurship growth in Maharashtra. Various books on Investment and Entrepreneurship are published by Arthsanket which receives good response from various parts of Maharashtra. Arthsanket is known for conducting high profile events across Maharashtra, places like Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange. Arthsanket Contact – 8082349822 ([email protected])Zoi Fintech received Arthsanket ‘Maharashtra Gaurav Award’ 2022 I

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  Fame Finders presents the names of the top 10 admiring personalities who’ve set themselves apart through their undeniable contributions...

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Implementing dietary & lifestyle changes can reverse fatty liver: Dr Soumen Roy

The liver is one of many places where the body stores fat for insulation and energy. However, if the liver’s...

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