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Aniket Singh – Rising star of the music industry.



Music is the map to the soul, a road to heaven. Over the years, several changes and trends have occupied the music industry. New artists, new styles, and new music have influenced the youth of the world in several ways. Many aspiring singers practice every minute to outshine others in this competition. Out of thousands of these aspiring musicians, only a few can establish a promising place in this industry. Aniket Singh is one of them.

Aniket Singh is a 19-year-old verified Indian hip-hop artist on Spotify. He is best known as a singer, musical artist, guitarist, and songwriter.  Is very famous for the contemporary style and versatile flow in his music and he looks forward to creating more music that is inspired by his surroundings and places a picture of an excellent Indian take on rock and hip hop culture.  He had a keen interest in music since his childhood and this interest soon turned into a passion. He is a very creative, intelligent person who has always shown his determination and passion for music. Out of many aspiring singers and music producers emerging every day, few have the power to make a strong base in this industry where trends and people change almost every day. The ones having a creative and outstanding approach to the new changes outshine the others in this competition. Aniket Singh’s track got 38k streams within 7 days of its release in Haryana.

Creating a song track involves the collaboration of many people. Producers, composers, and creators staying behind the curtains work hard to make everything perfect, hence, creating a track everyone likes. As for Aniket, his strategies, ideas, and creativity has proved to be a great help in producing good music for his audience. The way wasn’t easy, he hustled hard to develop and polish his skills as a music producer and now his style and uniqueness show his dedication to his work. Wada, Love me, Tanha, Chad, etc. are some of his hit songs produced by him.

He is already a very successful music producer because of his professional skills and sheer presence. His soundtracks are quite popular and his fanbase is increasing rapidly. He is a verified artist and his online presence is quite remarkable for an emerging star. People believe that he is surely gonna rock the music industry someday and his pure dedication and commitment to his work will be the reason for his success. His interest in music and talent in terms of music creation allowed him to choose music as the best career option for him.

Aniket Singh is a very inspiring personality and he is very talented in this field which will surely bring him a huge amount of luck and success further. His hard-work and high indulgence in music helped him to continue a journey further. He wants to be an asset to the Indian Hip hop field and wants to make Indian hip-hop the best among every other music genre.

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Author Akshay Kumar is one of the most promising authors



“Success is not final and failure is not fatal”

Author Akshay Kumar, one of the industry’s most fit and reputed authors, recently released his second novel.

Akshay Kumar is a Patna-based best selling author who just released his work “A WAY.” He is a software engineer by profession and a passionate author. He keeps his routine in check by working during the day at his company and scribbling his thoughts at night.

His earlier book, “WITHYOU,” was a best-seller that was sold in more than ten countries. His current and the latest edition, “A WAY” also became a best-seller in no time with record number of sales and received a lot of appreciations. His storytelling is one-of-a-kind, affecting everyone’s hearts, and it has been dubbed a “masterpiece” by many.

“A WAY” is currently accessible in numerous libraries, airports, and bookstores, as well as on Amazon, where it is selling quickly.

Akshay is more enthusiastic about outdoor sports, mountain hiking, nature photography, weightlifting, and experimenting with new recipes.

Akshay is such a gifted artist that he aspires to achieve in whatever profession he pursues. He’s a travel blogger, a professional volleyball player, and a table tennis player. Akshay wants to accomplish something and realise all of his boyhood ambitions. He has enormous dreams and achieves them by taking little, significant moves.

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Priyanka Sharma won the title of Miss India 2022



The Miss India event was held on 19 May 2022 at La Gaerica in Goa.

The event had three days of a grooming sessions. There were four rounds in the show; the rounds consisted of talent, culture, fitness, and grooming.

There were a total of 50 participants from all over India in the pageant. The respective event was organized by the SA group and AMF. The show was judged by GUDDU RUPANI (youngest Fashion Entrepreneur), and Reena Mahajan ( Artist, serial ) 

Being in this profession for the last 08 years, Fashion Choreographer Aj Ajay was impressed by Priyanka’s Walk. 

Priyanka Gautam Sharma is not only Miss India but also the gold medallist at the national level in karate. Furthermore, she had a black belt 3rdDa. Priyanka belongs to the small town of Gandhidham. She was born on 12 April 1996. However, She was born with a dark complexion and, due to this, was bullied. Still, she kept her beautiful smile on her face and embraced her skin shade proudly due to her optimistic persona. She was entitled to the next Miss UP 2021…She has been capturing landmarks with dazzling speed, moving with a defined tendency, for her long-term goal is to become a motivation to all girls. Currently, She is working as a yoga trainer and is also indulging in social work and supporting women’s empowerment. She likes to dance, do some exercise, and help out others in her recreation time. Further, She told us about her success story and achievements.

She stated that whatever she has accomplished is due to her parents and is proud to say that she is the daughter of GAUTAM SHARMA & REKHA SHARMA…At present, Her future goal is to compete in the international pageant.

Priyanka was glad to be part of such a promising auspicious event. Furthermore, She was grateful to the judges and the audience for excavating her true self. Guddu Rupani was the person who guided her in the beauty pageant industry !! She motivated her a lot!!

Besides that, she also learned a lot from the event, especially the grooming round, which polished her abilities and talent. And lastly, special thanks to Shaeb Alam, Tanay Sehgal & Guddu Rupani for making the event more memorable!!!

This is a memorable lifetime achievement for Priyanka Gautam Sharma, and we are waiting for more of her success…–d71gJw

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Social Media Influencer Priyanka Kd all set to make her movie debut with a Telugu film



Priyanka Kd, a well-known Social Media Influencer and an emerging Indian film television actress is all set to make her movie debut with a Telugu film titled ‘I Hate You’. The movie is directed by Anjjirahmm, a well known director down south. The Telugu movie starring Priyanka Kd is produced by Naggaraz. The principal photography of the movie has been shot in Hyderabad and the movie has been produced under the banner of Sri Gayathri Entertainments. Alongside Priyanka Kd, Karthik Raju will also be seen in the lead role as the male lead.

The debut movie of Priyanka Kd ‘I Hate You’ revolves around the life of her character, Natasha, who is a 22-year-old young old ultra model who is married to an elderly Rich billionaire named Roy. The movie is all about her life and the twist & turns she witnesses when she meets Karthik Raju (Rajeev). As per the team of I Hate You, the date of the release has not been finalised yet but the team is working on it and they will be announcing the decision very soon. As of now, the team has confirmed that the movie will have a theatrical release and they are in talks with the exhibitors and distributors to ensure a wide release.

Talking about the excitement of the release of her first movie, Priyanka Kd stated, “It is indeed a great opportunity for me and I am really looking forward to the release and the people’s verdict. From television to movies, the journey has been a wonderful one but there is still a lot to come. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my director Anjjirahmm for believing in me and making me a part of I Hate You. At this point of time, I am feeling blessed with some mixed emotions as I am hopeful that the audience will like my work.”

Priyanka Kd is a well-known face in Indian film television and before her Telugu debut, she has worked in various television shows and music albums. She was also featured in the famous Punjabi music album Mai Rooth Jana which was a chartbuster. Apart from this, Priyanka was featured in albums like Hou Lagli Fikir Kata Kirr and Lekar Jaa. Priyanka, who is all set for her debut release, is also a fashionista and a famous social media influencer who enjoys a massive follower base on all major social media platforms.

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