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Let’s know about Pigmented Tattoos by Vansh Chhabra.




Founded in 2018 by Vansh Chhabra, Pigmented Tattoos has significantly made a mark in the Indian tattooing industry. We are a team of fine and dedicated artists working round the clock to provide you with the best experience. Alongside working with us is a group of leading tattoo designers and artists that ensure you have exclusive and personalized designs.

We are an assemblage of experienced and creative artists like Mohit Khurana, Vansh Chhabra, Hendry Lama, Ajay Yadav, Rahul Bharadwaj and more. Some of whom have been in this field for over 20 years. As a brand, we endorse international hygiene standards and aim towards exceeding them in the near future.

At 23, Vansh started Pigmented Tattoos with bigger aspirations for himself as well as for the tattoo industry in India. He is professionally trained under Lokesh Verma, a pioneer in the industry and has successfully bagged two awards at the Heartwork International Tattoo Festival in 2019.

Vansh has a zeal for creating tattoos that are off-beat and untapped in the Indian market. Although he enjoys doing all genres of art, he has significantly made a mark in the industry for his Comic, UV, Sticker and Cover-ups and detailed work tattoos. One of the awards he won at the Heartwork International Tattoo Festival is also under the “Best comic character” category.

Besides this, Pigmented Tattoos is the only tattoo studio in India doing UV tattoos at the moment. They are majorly a team of young artists who are making waves in the Indian tattooing industry with new styles, trends and techniques that go with the vibe of the youth of the country. They have also worked with famous influencers and celebrities in the past.

To name a few, Rashmeet Kaur, Shivaditya Barjatya, Deeksha Khurana, Dhruv Barman, Sidharth Gusai and more are on the list.

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Label Arshi Singhal introduces subtle yet elegant looks



The newest and most trending change in the ever-evolving world of fashion is the introduction of pastels that are subtle yet elegant and minimal yet stylish. Play it cool and enjoy your day under the sun with beautiful pastel colors. With an array of soft, soothing, and neutral shades to choose from, pastels have become everyone’s favorite color palette to beat the summer heat. This collection epitomizes the Indian woman’s sartorial sensibility, which is modern, confident, and classic intertwined with her strong values and heritage. There is a gentleness to the colors and they remind you of all good things cool and summery, like ice-creams, sorbets, and candies.

On the runway, pastels are being adopted everywhere from New York to London to India. They remind you of all good things which are cool and summery, like ice-creams, sorbets, and candies. The colors around you define your mood and personality. Pastel shades are happy colors, and can easily be styled with numerous colors and prints. For example, you can style a pastel pink with a dark purple or pastel blue or a minimal floral print. Pastels are a classic spring staple but the best part about them is that they are versatile and can be worn all year. As today’s generation believes that less is more, hence, the pastels make for the most opulent choice. With summer on its way, pastels are the ideal shade to beat the heat as they feel breezy and are easy to style.

As Indian traditional wear is moving closer to global trends with growing versions of contemporary styles, the convenient ethnic palettes of bright and eye-catching colors have given way to softer hues and muted tones. Even the wedding segment has seen a pastel shift, with millennial brides trading wedding reds and greens for pastel-colored bridal lehengas, especially pastel pink. Earlier the pastels were typical spring colors but now they are an all-season trend, for summers & beyond.

Light pinks, icy blues, pale yellow, and olive green are some of the mesmerizing shades that can instantly calm your senses. A dignified appeal blended with softness- pastels tend to enhance feminine grace. You can wear them on all occasions be it a formal business meeting or a family lunch or a girl’s day out or even for your wedding! As we know that age has no bar, hence, pastels are best-suited for everyone. With all their subtlety, pastels balance stability and youthfulness, which makes them appropriate for women of every age group. Brides to bridesmaids, fashion experimenting divas to patrons of classics, the pastel palette is a fashion statement for all. The near-neutral looks of Pastels remind everyone of the old European times as they are considered the ‘typical English colors’. They are often also described as the vintage hues of western countries. As said earlier, these colors can be worn any time of the year and on any occasion. You can try out different combinations and looks; it would be quite easy working out with pastel colors. Wear whatever makes you feel iconic, uplift your wardrobe and keep slaying like you always do.

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The epitome of the fashion Education, Vidya Fashion Academy



Where a paragon designers are trained.

To understand the fashion industry, it is first important to understand how monopolistic way it works. Monopolistic competition consists of many firms in the same industry competing for and targeting the same costumers to buy their products. Production differentiation is what sets different firms and brands apart from one another and is what makes a consumer want to buy a product. In the fashion industry, new brands emerge, whether they are big or small, all the time. The goal of each brand is to sell the best product— the product that is the most differentiated and unique compared to the others. In the world of fashion, fast fashion is a fairly new term. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, fast fashion is defined as “an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers.”

But today 86% of the people surveyed by the World Economic Forum* want to see more sustainable and equitable products in the post-pandemic market.

Fashion Industry is an ocean of creative people and constant struggle of updating skills and innovations to meet the needs of market, stepping into this world of unlimited struggles and competition, you should be prepared for the challenges to survive and flourish. Vidya Fashion Academy is the one-stop solution for all your worries. Founded in 2011 by the best Fashion Educator and Innovator VidyaVivek, the academy is the best Fashion College in Bangalore, India. Quite well known for supporting students with ultimate talent and creative mind, the academy is helping thousands of students to learn every aspect of the fashion industry.

The founder of the institution, VidyaVivek is a very talented Fashion Mentor with excellent education From India and Abroad, obtains 6 Masters and PhD in Apparel Design and many specializations in the field of Fashion Education, Awarded the gold medal from A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, also being India’s FIRST TR Super Master, and Director of TR Cutting School-India in association with Shingo Sato, Tokyo. She is an excellent mentor and guide for thousands of students by sharing her knowledge to many enthusiastic fashion students since 1997. Today she mentors at many prestigious Colleges and Universities like NIFT, FDDI, Bangalore University, Sona Engineering College, PSG, GCU are very few to mention.

Vidya Fashion Academy is known for being best Resource center for its diverse Fashion Designing programs and courses offered for Niche fashion studies with 95% approach on tactile learning over theory, while also providing the best surrounding and all the required equipment and guidance available for the students. Best offline classes and effective class presence with excellent tutorials, training procedures and mentorship, students are exposed to diverse areas of fashion from concept to creation with lot of opportunities and collaborations to intern at potential brands they wish and look forward to work with. Vidya fashion academy has been providing high quality mentorship and skills to the students and preparing them for both national and global clients. With programs and courses focused on specializing in Indian Clothing, Western wear, Outerwear, Indian Bridal, Lingerie, Western Bridal, Transformational Reconstruction, Subtraction cutting, Advance Custom Program with a wand to design your own course and duration and much more, students get everything they manifest when they decided to go for fashion designing. Many more facilities like workshops form Fashion Inventors, celebrity designers and mentors across the globe and opportunities like working on collaborations with designers, stylists, catalogue shoots. Expand your Dreams; learn science of fashion to excel the Art of Design at Vidya Fashion Academy.

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HOOFA is Revolutionising the Fashion Accessories Industry Market with its Try-On Feature.



Fashion changes every day. Every day something new comes into existence and makes its way into the heart of people. HOOFA is a fashion tech start-up revolutionising the fashion industry with its Augment Reality (AR) based features. HOOFA is a DPIIT start-up that is incepted to make fashion accessories accessible. 

Our team interviewed Mr Ravibabu, Founder & CEO, Mrs Kanitha Ravibabu, Co-Founder & COO of HOOFA. They share their experience and insights about their fashion tech start-up HOOFA.

We are presenting you in conversation with team HOOFA. 

Q: Please tell us about HOOFA and its inception?

A: As you know, HOOFA is an AR – based fashion tech start-up. It was started to revolutionise fashion accessories and shopping. India’s first D2C Fashion Accessories brand introduces AI techniques to experience our products using our virtual platform try-on.

HOOFA Accessories Lounge is a registered trademark brand under M/S Prinfash Innovations Pvt Ltd. HOOFA Fashion Accessories provides various types of premium quality fashion accessories to its customers. HOOFA is also a Retail Supply Chain Pan India Brand and franchises any Pin code in the country.

Q: What are the types of fashion accessories that you offer?

A: We offer various range of products and services HOOFA Fashion Accessories has many varieties of Ladies, Kids & Men Fashion Accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklace, finger rings, three layered chains, long chains, oxidised ear studs, basic ear studs, woman hair clips, scrunchies, hair ties, kids’ hair clips, baby clips, hands, fancy headbands, Tic Tacks & Indian ethnic fashion jewellery, caps, hats, sunglasses, Bags, Soft toys, key chains, cosmetics, etc., as well.

Q: What makes HOOFA different from other brands, and why should people choose you?

A: HOOFA is a DPIIT start-up, and our patent for AR capabilities has been recently brought into the market. Especially aided with the feature of AR, it gives an immersive 3D shopping experience for clients that they haven’t experienced before that enhances their experience and assists them with their shopping. We offer a real-time virtual trial that tells users to choose what suits best for them. They see, feel and make a purchase.

Q: How can the customers make a purchase? 

A: Customers can try our virtual try platform and make purchases online and offline. We are open at Express Avenue Mall, Chennai, Marina Mall, Chennai, Prozone Mall, Coimbatore. We also offer online services throughout the website. We give flat 50% off sales in our offline stores and offers on our products and Flat 55% off in our online store. We guarantee on-time delivery of quality products. 

Q: How did the idea of HOOFA, AR – based Fashion Tech venture?

A: Everyone purchases clothing or other fashion-related items, but when it is done online through the option and variety offered is enormous and is convenient, but one does not have the opportunity to try on those fashion accessories beforehand, and during offline shopping also the customers have limited try-on options and to solve this issue, we came up with the idea of HOOFA. 

Although the fashion accessories market size is predicted to be USD15 billion in 2025 and D2C brands estimated growth is USD 100 Billion in 2025, there is a lack of innovation in fashion Accessories fields like specific themes, seasons, stories, occasions, festivals, etc. HOOFA is here to bridge this gap.

To order your fashion accessories and try them, visit 

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