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Hugme.Fashion – An affordable premium leather brand- that fits like a hug



 Needless to mention, leather goods are known for their quality, consumers are barely seen compromising with the investment in leather pieces, be it a bag, clothing or other accessories. Hugme.Fashion’s premium leather goods make its appearance in bags, leather jackets and other accessories that come with new and interesting versatile styles at considerable prices. Now, own high-quality leather products without making a hole in your pocket.

 Hugme.Fashion was founded in the year 2016 by a group of young passionate entrepreneurs with an extensive background in the hardcore retail and dot-com industries. It was established as a large e-commerce business to ship quality leather products all across India as well as around the globe. Hugme.Fashion’s products are also sold on e-commerce giant, Amazon. Hugme.Fashion’s leather products come with elegant and classic designs with long-lasting world-class quality that remains in fashion through all seasons. Hugme.Fashion is considered the perfect place to buy any leather product as a gift for your special one. The colors are so eye-catching that almost 80% of the customers, who visit the domain, don’t leave without making a purchase. Indeed, leather never goes out of fashion.

India is the second-largest producer of leather garments in the world and the Indian leather sector stands at USD 17.85 billion (Exports – USD 5.85 billion, Domestic Market – USD 12 billion). As per the sources, the speculation goes that there will be a possibility of high growth projected in the next five years in the Indian leather sector. 

 As the saying goes “Adversity is the mother of all invention”. Hugme.Fashion came into existence with a mission to fill the gap of quality leather products that can be sold at an affordable cost. Even for the average shopper Hugme.Fashion stood out and allowed them to have the feel of owning designer leather products with their leather bags and leather apparels at their own comfort prices. Hugme.Fashion has quickly made its mark with huge year on year sales and a customer base of over 10000. The wide range of genuine leather products available at Hugme.Fashion includes Laptop Bags, Bag packs, Messenger Bags, Trolley Bags, Duffle Bags, Belts, Wallets, and Jackets for both unisex and kids. They offer a lifetime service warranty and 2 free polishing services in the first year of purchase.

Apart from online selling Hugme.Fashion has two retail experiential outlets in Mumbai and Pune that sell large varieties of leather products like jackets, bags, and belts for men and women. All leather products sold in the stores undergo a thorough quality check before they are put on sale.

Hugme.Fashion is providing a unique and profitable franchise with low investment and high returns with the full support of career growth opportunities and sustainable modules. They are looking for passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who already own a shop in the metro market of 250-450 Sq ft at a prominent location and with an investment Capital of 10-15 lacs are invited to collaborate with this high potential venture.

Leather Products purchased from Hugme.Fashion offer free shipping within India where all the orders placed are processed and dispatched within 2 working days and get delivered within 4 to 7 working days from the day of order confirmation. Whereas for International orders it takes a maximum of 10 working days to deliver a product. For international delivery, the package may be subjected to import duties and taxes where the customers are liable to pay those fees. All the products can be tracked from the official website of Hugme.Fashion.

The co-founder Mr. Shobhit Gupta states “When it comes to the purchase of leather products, I had identified that the key problem was their affordability. As good and genuine quality leather doesn’t come cheap and that faith had sparked the inspiration of providing good quality leather products to the customers at an affordable range.” Indeed, in a short span of time Hugme.Fashion has gained immense popularity amongst leather lovers with its wide variety of products exclusively available on their online e-commerce store.

If you are seeking for best affordable leather products with a stylish look then is the perfect platform for you. Buy now!

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Vishesh Kundu is royal by birth but grounded by choice



Vishesh Kundu, an empathetic youth leader, was born on 6 January,2003 in village titoli of Rohtak. The contributions he has made to our society at such a tender age is highly commendable and impressive. He gets his motivation from his father who has never missed an opportunity to stand up for his community and share their load. His father showed active involvement in kisaan andolan and jaat andolan where he worked at the frontlines to raise voice for the less heard people. Seeing his father work selflessly inspired vishesh to make his significant contributions wherever possible. Not only did he help his father during the jaat andolan and kisaan andolan, but also took the lead during covid-19 pandemic and helped a lot of people in his reach. He is intrigued and concerned by the depleting atmospheric conditions in cities. He wishes to start and implement plant donation drives in major cities. The idea struck him when he went to Delhi to get his Engineering degree from prestigious Delhi Technological University, and noticed the difference in quality of air, which really bothered him. He has been drafting plans and gathering support and guidance for the same. He is confident that his 2-year plan would be fully implemented by October of 2024. The reason for his success is his family and friends who inspire and guide him. Our society needs more altruistic leaders like Vishesh who start working for the society from such an early age, all the while achieving milestones in their career.

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Featured in Shark Tank India, Hammer lifestyle admits on clocking 30+ Cr revenue within 3 years of launch!



When the team of Hammer Lifestyle made a remarkable pitch in the popular TV show, it not only won the hearts of ‘Sharks’ but also of millions of viewers. The athleisure tech brand presented its wide range of fast-paced lifestyle gadgets, which are carefully curated to serve the demands of the modern lifestyle.

Established in 2019, this Fast Moving Electronic Goods (FMEG) brand offers modern-age products in astonishing broad categories- Wearables and Audio, Grooming, and Accessories. HAMMER is based on the direct-to-consumer retail model with a focus on improving fitness, comfort & style of its customers. All the products under the brand are designed and developed specifically to fulfill the needs of mass premium customers.

The brand seeks to upgrade the customer’s end-to-end needs through its smart and affordable range of products. The brand is uniquely placed in the technology market by its unparalleled pricing strategy and impeccable product quality. The brand rightly identified the supply-demand gap of its target market (25-35 years) and carefully studied the market spending of its target. After thorough analysis, they priced their products in a range that complements the premium product line and helps it stand apart in the highly competitive market.

The brand revolutionized the calling smartwatch trend in India as it launched Bluetooth calling smartwatches under ₹3000 for the first time in the Indian market. Also, the brand has been an early mover in the TWS segment by bringing touch controls to its products. Additionally, it is one of the first brands to launch wireless chargers with the HAMMER Flex series. The brand has successfully established its products as a proclivity for premium features at a reasonable price.

The brand has maintained its unwavering focus on upgrading its product quality and differentiated channel expansion. As a result, the brand drew much customer appreciation as it clocked a high growth in ARR of ₹ 30+ crores within three years of launch. Further, the brand has witnessed a remarkable annual growth of ₹ 7.7 Cr for FY22 and has grown its revenue three times since its inception.

Talking about the brand’s journey, Rohit Nandwani, Founder of Hammer Lifestyle, says, “People get amazed when they come to know that despite coming from a small town, we succeeded in achieving such growth in just three years. With an upsurge of Shark Tank fame, HAMMER caught the limelight it deserves. The audience recognized our hard work, and we saw a massive increase in the number of tangible orders. We closed ₹ 30 lakhs website revenue in a single day and aim 1cr in a day from our website. During the telecast month, we saw 5X growth in our website traffic. We relentlessly worked to meet the demand as we sold the majority of our smartwatches and electric toothbrushes. We have tripled the business within six months and touched ₹ 2Cr monthly revenue. We aim to increase the monthly revenue to ₹ 30 Cr for FY 23 and to ₹ 50 Cr for FY24. We’re also focusing on the cream segment and channeling our efforts to meet this aim.”

HAMMER aims to provide Indians a fast-paced lifestyle that matches with the need of the 21st century and beyond. It envisions every day to be a ‘smart day’ where its smart gadgets can serve the daily lifestyle requirements of the customers. With its sustained efforts, the company is definitely en route to becoming the Athleisure tech giant of India.

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This Rakhi, a rare gift to your loved ones



~Unique and creative gift that will bring a smile to the sister’s face~

New Delhi, August 08, 2022: Rakhi is around the corner and it’s time to surprise your sister with a gift full of thoughtfulness with  Assembly’s recently launched range of Hard luggage,  “STARK”.

The STARK collection has an all-time classic appeal and provides a smooth experience, making it a perfect fit for all your travel plans. All the products are designed to make travel aspirational and travelling hassle free. The hard shell collection is specially designed for the new age traveller and their endless travel stories. The luggage comes with a set of three packing cubes to organize the clothing, shoes & toiletries to make your packing easy. The external pockets of the bag make a perfect fit for the laptop and accessories. Also, the smooth wheels are the perfect fit for all kinds of roads.

Gift your sister a comfortable experience with Assembly that she will love, for her perfect airport looks. Assembly’s travel luggage is going to make her think of you no matter how far she is traveling. The stylish Stark collection is the perfect gift for your sister, this Rakhi. 

About Assembly

Assembly is a D2C brand that is transforming the modern travel experience by creating exceptional products for luggage and travel gear.

For the frequent & discerning modern traveller, we want to be the brand of choice for items required on a trip, whether business or leisure

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