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The Meeting point Solo Show by Hasnain Soomar which was exhibited by Dhoomimal Gallery at 2021 now in Quarentena Art Gallery at Chile.



The Meeting point – Solo Show by Hasnain Soomar curated by Sandeep Biswas which is being exhibited in Quarentena Art Gallery at Chile From July 15 to September 15, 2022. This show was earlier exhibited by Delhi based Dhoomimal Gallery in the year 2021.
It is a multidimensional coveragence of memories, duality, reality and moments of simple pleasures expressed through the lens of Hasnain Soomar.

The Key points:
Date – July 15 – September 15
Venue – Quarentena Art Gallery at Chile

Artist Statement: “THE MEETING POINT”
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. Rumi ‘The Meeting Point’ expresses my spiritual explorations and learnings over the years. Photographed during and before the pandemic, this series of photographs is evocative of the times we have been living in. The lattice structure is symbolic of the filters we use in the age of social media. While we are caught up in portrayals, our ultimate spiritual freedom is also bound to come through the crutches we use to stay in the material world. Sometimes, they become symbols of the inevitable change we are meant to go through, when we are done with it all…
The lattice structure also symbolises my attempt to filter the fear within and without, allowing light to travel through the core of our being. As Rumi puts it …… “The wound is (indeed) the place from where the light enters”.
The other photographs in the series also come from a deep spiritual space. They look mundane on the surface but capturing these on my lens was a meditative experience by itself.
A man at the mosque performing the Wuzu (cleansing ritual before offering a prayer) is an image that addresses the present and the future, holding time in a delicate balance, creating a meeting point between what is and what is to be. The birds dancing around the water is a moment of discovering unbridled joy in performing a routine task that holds the mundane and extraordinary all at one go! When I photographed the two boys jumping in the river, it was a reminder of the ultimate taste of freedom from all fears and limitations.
For me, Meeting Point is where the opposites unite and merge in a way that the darkness gives way to light, fear to hope and movement to stillness. What seems to us as polarities are actually two sides of the same coin, one often merging into the other and one urging the other to transcend beyond the known into the vast and undiscovered unknown.

Curatorial Essay by Sandeep Biswas

The exhibition – ” The Meeting Point ” is a multi-dimensional convergence of memories, duality, reality, and moments of simple pleasures expressed through the lens of Hasnain Soomar. Hasnain who finds himself inspired by Raghu Rai’s coffee table books rediscovers India from his highly personal and individualistic approach.He envisions mystical beauty and brings us these evocative images that resonate with the true essence of our diverse beliefs along with the human coexistence of love and compassion.A curious explorer of time and space, he travels often to a few ashrams, ghats, mosques, and Mughal monuments, in search of a connection between the human spirit and inner peace.The photographer seems to inconspicuously gaze into the world of extraordinary symbolism with help of scripted walls, Hindu and Islamic architecture, many facets of light and pattern sometimes juxtaposing these with a hint of human existence, while he continues to willingly remain a silent distant observer.The images which are created during the recent pandemic, take us through the time when people suddenly realized the importance of personal spaces and solitude. As we investigate the series of images, at times one might get the feeling of discomforting isolation and a human disconnect. At the same time contrary to that, one can also perceive them from a freshly positive perspective of a new era of solace, a higher optimism, spirituality, hope, humanity, peace, wellness, and most importantly inner and personal happiness. This duality is highly intriguing and leaves the viewer questioning.Hasnain Soomar’s engagement with his creative process is based on his deep-rooted philosophical insights which are expressed through his poetic sensibility and infinite possibilities within his idealistic vision as an image-maker and storyteller.

About Hasnain Soomar
Hasnain Soomar is an Indian photographer who studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. He has worked on feature films and fashion photography. Hasnain also delves into teaching photography in his free time. He has taught children with special needs, children from lower income households and crafts people of India.

His inspiration is in simply walking in historic places, crowded streets, open spaces and being open to the possibility of finding a photograph anywhere. The uncertainty of things, people, and situations walking into his frame, and the challenge to make it all work as a photograph is what he thrives on.

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After fighting for 7 years against India’s major agencies and corporates, Prashant Singh finally gets back his position over his broadcast satellite!



Several disputes between major agencies, corporates and companies come into limelight very often. Whatever is the reason for these arguments, disputes and disturbances, one thing that remains the same is the growing competition between the major institutions. This sense of competing against each other seems to intensity situations more than ever, resulting in putting pressure over others and defining their own way of profit, no matter what happens to the person who is in stuck in between and is going through many hardships and tough situations. Recently, we all came across such situation when we got to know about Prashant Singh’s fight against major agencies and corporates which went on for about 7 years. this project of prashant singh is worth of 13 thousand and 500 crores.

Prashant Singh, who is an excellent film producer, actor and director has been working as an active part of the film industry since he started his career by financing for television serials and movies in 2008. He owns the Production company, “Ek Rupaiya Productions” which was established in 2018. An outstanding and professional persona, he has been predominantly a part of the film industry. Apart from financing television serials and movies, he has also produced music videos, web series, short films and many more, has worked as an actor in many series after which he gained immense popularity. A part of many block buster movies, Prashant Singh has been an important part of the industry, someone who has worked hard to achieve a position he currently has. As for current updates, he was seen reuniting with Mehak Manwani for a digital Ad film.

Talking about his recent win against several agencies and corporates after 7 years of hardships and constant struggles, he finally got back his position over his broadcast satellite. Back in time, Prashant Singh had invested in an Australian Broadcast Satellite which was taken down forcefully by several agencies and corporations. For this major investment plan, he sacrificed almost every fortune he had, which was again a major decision but he was sure of the fruitful outcome, so he never really thought of the plan as a bad idea. After successfully getting his position over the satellite, he decided to launch it in India. However, before the launch, several major agencies and corporations around the country pressurized him and offered him illegal options to stop the launch. They tried to bring him down and did not let him launch the satellite. For 7 years, he fought against the companies and corporates through court cases. After years of hardships and facing the toughest of situations, he got his position back. He is considering to reschedule the launch of his satellite. As of now, any information regarding the launch is unknown but the program for the launch will be finalized soon.

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Award-winning short film ‘Pralhad’ produced by Finolex was premiered on YouTube channel Humara Movie



The short film ‘Pralhad’ which is based on true events taken from Finolex founder Late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria’s autobiography ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Self-Made Man’ was released on September 1, 2022,  on YouTube. The film is produced by Schbang Motion Pictures produced the film and was backed by Finolex Industries. The short film premiered on the YouTube channel, Humara Movie. Pralhad showcased the life journey of late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria whose role is played by Ritvik Sahore. The other cast members include Chinamay Das, Aabid Shamim and Annapurna Soni. So far, the film has received recognition at 22 global and Indian film festivals, including awards at the London Film and Television Festival, Prague International Film Festival and Moscow International Film Festival.

The film’s story is set in the year 1945 when a 14-year-old boy leaves Amritsar with just INR 10 in his pocket after his father passed away. He gets on a train that goes to the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’ to make his dreams turn into reality. The storyline showcased how late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria started his journey with a 10 rupees note and today his company holds a value of 10,000 crore rupees in the market. The story is an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs as it holds an important message on how to build important and ever-lasting relationships.

Talking about the film, Mr Prakash P. Chhabria, son of Late Shri. Pralhad Chhabria says, “We really hope that we successfully spread the message we have been trying to convey. Our aim is to motivate all the entrepreneurs out there to hold on and keep working towards their dreams. Our founder Late Shri Pralhad P Chhabria is proof that if someone is determined to achieve anything then there is no power that can stop them. Additionally, we will always be grateful to Harshil Karia and the team who helped us showcase the story so beautifully.”

Harshil Karia, the producer of the film and Founder of Schbang, said, “We are constantly looking for powerful stories that need telling, whether for the brands we work with or humanity at large. Schbang Motion Pictures found inspiration in the life of Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria, the renowned Founder of Finolex Group. Though his life deserves a feature film, we are happy to share this one incident with the world through our short film – ‘Pralhad’. The company he has created is an inspiring story that is worth studying for the upcoming generations of Indian Entrepreneurs.”

Along with being an industrialist, Late Shri Pralhad Chhabria was also one of the most notable philanthropists of his time. He founded the Mukul Madhav Foundation and the Hope Foundation and Research Centre, which are involved in medical help, education, and social welfare for the needy. Along with that, he established  Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya in Ratnagiri, as well as the engineering colleges Finolex Academy of Management and Technology in Ratnagiri and the International Institute of Information Technology in Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra.

Incepted by the late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria, Finolex Industries Limited has been India’s most trusted PVC pipes and fitting manufacturer for over the last 40 years. The company has earned  ISO 9001:2015 certifications across plants, along with the appreciation and loyalty of its customers. With smart investments across their value chain, they have had an influence on the sanitation-plumbing and agriculture industries. From the procurement of high-quality raw materials to the creation of resin, to manufacturing, storage, transportation, sales, marketing, and even further downstream to include customer contact, they do it all. The company is putting in constant efforts to expand its value chain and boost technological prowess to dominate the future and contribute to the Indian economy. To watch, Click :’

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Social Media Star’s  witnessed at Gurugram Terminal 1 on 28th August India vs Pakistan cricket match



The Roaring and Cheering of victory Was shining Gurgaon.

The India Pakistan match held on 28th August, live screening planned by Mr. Geet Wadhwa (the owner of Terminal 1) surely added life to his venue. Terminal 1 is located at Baliawas, on the main Gurugram Faridabad Road. The place, alike his heart is full of warmth and zeal. Beer cheers and dance moves during the match screening held on this day, firmly made the place more vibrant, musical, and full of pride.

Presence of Celebrities
Social media Influencer Kunal Sehgal, National level racer Aman Jubbal, and Rohan Monga, admin of a popular food group “Foodwarz” made the evening more happening and eventful by engaging & interacting with their extended virtual family.

We were delighted to have such happy, cheerful and positive faces vibing on the dj. Interestingly, we at Terminal 1 give a special way of celebration to our visitors, i.e. a fire gun. Little did we know that this combination of fire gun and Kunal Sehgal will make a row of gleaming teeth and a festive atmosphere.

Added on were the grandiloquent and Incandescent lights, and completely appetizing and flavoursome food prepared by our special chefs to call it a winning night, and celebrate the winning moment.

Mr. Geet Wadhwa adds on “We are all charged up to schedule the live screening of the final match with a bigger screen, music, lights, screen, mouth-watering menu, beer cheers and cosy sofa’s for comforting the long hours. After all, what is a match without cheering for India with hundreds of others.”

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