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Social Media Influencer Priyanka Kd all set to make her movie debut with a Telugu film



Priyanka Kd, a well-known Social Media Influencer and an emerging Indian film television actress is all set to make her movie debut with a Telugu film titled ‘I Hate You’. The movie is directed by Anjjirahmm, a well known director down south. The Telugu movie starring Priyanka Kd is produced by Naggaraz. The principal photography of the movie has been shot in Hyderabad and the movie has been produced under the banner of Sri Gayathri Entertainments. Alongside Priyanka Kd, Karthik Raju will also be seen in the lead role as the male lead.

The debut movie of Priyanka Kd ‘I Hate You’ revolves around the life of her character, Natasha, who is a 22-year-old young old ultra model who is married to an elderly Rich billionaire named Roy. The movie is all about her life and the twist & turns she witnesses when she meets Karthik Raju (Rajeev). As per the team of I Hate You, the date of the release has not been finalised yet but the team is working on it and they will be announcing the decision very soon. As of now, the team has confirmed that the movie will have a theatrical release and they are in talks with the exhibitors and distributors to ensure a wide release.

Talking about the excitement of the release of her first movie, Priyanka Kd stated, “It is indeed a great opportunity for me and I am really looking forward to the release and the people’s verdict. From television to movies, the journey has been a wonderful one but there is still a lot to come. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my director Anjjirahmm for believing in me and making me a part of I Hate You. At this point of time, I am feeling blessed with some mixed emotions as I am hopeful that the audience will like my work.”

Priyanka Kd is a well-known face in Indian film television and before her Telugu debut, she has worked in various television shows and music albums. She was also featured in the famous Punjabi music album Mai Rooth Jana which was a chartbuster. Apart from this, Priyanka was featured in albums like Hou Lagli Fikir Kata Kirr and Lekar Jaa. Priyanka, who is all set for her debut release, is also a fashionista and a famous social media influencer who enjoys a massive follower base on all major social media platforms.

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Chetan Jangid is a 22 year old entrepreneur who has came from a small town Sanchore,Jalore Rajasthan and has made all the way to the heights in the phone industry.

His story is a really motivating one. After passing his 12th exams he left studies and went to jaipur in search of job. After struggling for some time

he finally got a job in a product selling company and after a year due to a bike accident he was on bed rest for 3 months and lost his job.

Then he went to Ahmedabad for job and after 6-7months because of some arguements with his boss he left the job. After that he worked in manglore for 

3-4months through a friends reference but the weather didn’t let him settle there so than he got a job through his relatives 

in Delhi but at this point he was fed up of all this job tensions.So he finally decided to quit his job and start something of his own.

He stareted searching and thinking what is in demand in market and where he can get it at cheapest price. After some researching he started selling iphones 

through whatsapp status. He was selling around 2-3 phones in a month which was only enough for his basic living. Than he made some good contacts int his 

field ant started to buy bulk orders and did wholesale work.

But struggles were always a part of his life and than came a big one, Covid felt like all of his work went in vain and everything was back to 

square 1. But he is a taker and achiever so he didn’t gave up and thought of innovating something in the same field and thought of opening a retail store 

and after some research work for a location to open the store he opened his first store in Jodhpur in 2021.

With all his hard work and dedication he won the trust and heart of his customers. And with time he was able to notice the growth in his work but problems

are a part of life and he fought all of them everytime.Today he has 3 Apple authorized stores in Jaipur and Jodhpur. And he aims to open more stores nationwide.

INFINTY is a now a brand.He deals in all apple products.

This is a living proof of how you can achieve great success no matter where you come from and how qualified you are,it is your passion and dedication 

towards the work that matters.

All of his hard work and and passion towards the work isnow paying off.

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Karandeep Singh aka Musical KD making waves in the music industry



The world has experienced a significant influx of talent across different areas and domains. Young brilliant guns have been at the forefront of each industry, earning tremendous affection and recognition from millions of people. However, when it comes to the music industry, a plethora of performers have established their firm footing in the entertainment realm. One such remarkable talent who is breaking new records and creating strides in the singing industry is Karandeep Singh. The singer has time and again composed music that not only soothes the individuals but also inspires the aspiring musicians to demonstrate their talent and skills in front of the world.

Since his childhood days, the Punjabi singer Karandeep Singh has been stepping ahead with his magical compositions and energetic rhythms. Despite being from a humble background, the artist has proved that nothing is impossible if you are passionate about your dreams and ambitions. His constant efforts and strong-will power has rewarded the musician with the top-most position in the music realm. Apart from singing songs, he has carved his niche in composing songs as well. What distinguishes the artist from his competitors is his unique talent for mixing Punjabi songs with an English vibe.

Karandeep Singh inspires millions of others who step back when obstacles block their path. The singer went on his incredible musical journey to display his talents and arrive in style as the world experienced significant expansion in the music sector. He put his utmost effort, which helped him achieve a massive fan following by enthralling millions of listeners with his melodic voice and enthusiastic lyrics.

Commonly known as Musical KD, the musician has been in the industry for three years and has released several tracks that have inspired him to achieve more. Front Seat, Crush, Kudi Hollywood Wargi, and Haan Kari Na are still among his most famous songs. He also has several projects in the works, including Dhamaal Kudiye, Chankaar, and Surma. Diljit Dosanjh, Karan Aujla, Guru Randhawa, Sonam Bajwa, VeeMusic, Raj Ranjodh, and Shehnaz Gill are among the many well-known singers in the industry with whom the engineer turned vocalist wants to collaborate.

Karandeep Singh’s first debut single, “Kudi Hollywood Wargi,” created massive waves in terms of popular hits and found a permanent place in the hearts of the audiences.

Krandeep backed his debut single with other colossal hits, which made him a shining star in the Punjabi music industry in no time. The artist got his first break from the Government of India, whereby he performed in front of almost 6000 people in Connaught Place, New Delhi. With his sincere efforts and soulful voice, Karandeep Singh has been unstoppable in his quest to reach to the top in the music realm.

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“The road to an achievement always has to be fuelled by passion” – RJ Yolande Mendes



Women have long been regarded as great multitaskers and true dove-tailers. Women have been wearing and doffing their multi-hued hats with flair, whether it’s taking care of a billion tasks at home or tackling the different agendas at work. All the while, they continue to defy stereotypes, restrictions, and glass ceilings with ease. Today, Indian women are being recognised, praised, and admired for their new positions as entrepreneurs. In India, the number of female entrepreneurs is increasing, and their success stories continue to inspire and empower millions more.

Here is how Yolande Mendes has channeled her learnings and skillsets to be a multitasking master in all she does! This inspiring story we bring to you today is about a woman entrepreneur from Mumbai who has completed 200+ Certificate Courses on Various Fields of study to name a few:

– Social Media Management (Facebook) & (Coursera)

– Advanced SEO (LinkedIn Learning)

– Google IT Support (Google) & (Coursera)

– Six Sigma Green Belt (Specialization Kennesaw State University) & (Coursera)

– Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google Digital Unlocked)

– Web Developer (Eduonix Learning Solutions)

– Social Media Marketing (Eduonix Learning Solutions) & (eMarketing Institute) & (Udemy)

– Graphic Designing (Udemy)

– Canva (Coursera Project Network)

– Advanced Management Skills: Productivity, Leadership & Strategy (Eazl)

– Diploma in Operations Management (Alison)

– Diploma in Customer Service (Alison)

– Public Speaking & Personality Enhancement (Xavier Institute of Communications)

– Radio Jockey & Presentation Skills (Xavier Institute of Communications)

– Virtual Teacher Specialization (University of California, Irvine) & (LinkedIn Learning) & (Coursera)

– Digital Marketing (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) & (Itronix Solutions) & (Semrush Social Media Toolkit Exam) & (Coursera).

Her academic background has given her the freedom and ability to apply her skills in many different fields. She did her BMM in Advertisement and MBA in Operations Management while doing shows as a Radio Jockey in channels like Radio MUST 107.8 FM (Mumbai University’s Community Radio), Music Aur Masti, The Radio Red & Radio Asia Live (Internet Radio Channels) as well as working for Telecommunication and Mortgage firms in voice-processes.

With a key focus on being the best version of herself this young entrepreneur also ventured into creating a name in the world of freelancing where she offers services including (but not limited to): Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Voice Overs, Web Designing, Social Media Content Creation, Business Coaching,  Life Coaching, Counseling, Career Guidance,  Professional Training, Business Branding and many more. She is currently is ranked in the top 1% of the elite preferred freelancers group on as well as a level 2 seller on

Her career truly embodies the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ concept, and has allowed her to become an incredibly effective and versatile Individual. Her drive to achieve new things every day is such an inspiration to everyone out here and its always a pride to see women like her setting an example to everyone around.

Yolande truly believed that her voice was a blessing so continued to be a Voice Over artist where she recorded THOUSANDS of projects ranging from Television Commercials, Voicemails, IVRs, Podcast Intros/Outros, Explainer videos, E-Learning, Whiteboard animation, YouTube Video Voice Overs and many more, she also has her YouTube channel where she sings hynms and various other tracks as and when possible, to have her talent sustained while she ventured into her own Digital Marketing firm called DIVE International.

Yolande features as a Singer on 30+ Music channels worldwide. These include Apple iTunes, Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Boomplay, Twitch, etc. with Gospel Music and Various Bollywood & English Cover songs performed. (More Info: As an upcoming singing sensation, whats beautiful about her albums are that she has created music in various Languages like Konkani, Hindi, English, Tamil and Punjabi and is looking forward to covering more languages too.

An Avid Learner, Digital Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur and a Singer, Yolande is a true Media professional with a heart of gold. Kuodos to her spirit!

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