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Brothers in Arms: The Story A Young British Asian Soldier’s Duty, Honour & Dedication to Serving the British Forces and Our Country



Young Asian Muslim, Aman, is a serving member of the British forces and his fellow soldiers see him only as a comrade, a brother in arms. Umesh Moudgils profound story originally planned to be a play or short drama, 

highlights how 9/11 changed perceptions irrevocably.


UNITED KINGDOM – Despite its military setting, Brothers in Arms is, in essence, a story about what makes us the humans we are and how we balance our lives around our core values. 

Having researched how people of colour feel when they are part of a fighting force, life changed after 9/11 for those in the military. With the story of Aman percolating with author Umesh Moudgil for many years, his 114- page novel is an intelligent recounting of how this act of terrorism painted a target on every person of colour as a potential threat. 

Adeptly bringing to the fore issues such as PTSD and the lasting effects of the theatre of war through his 

protagonist’s flashbacks, reactions to loud noises, and the recurring sounds of battle he hears, Umesh 

Moudgil’s Brothers in Arms captures what it means to live by your values. A book that will be stamped on the reader’s memory also reminds us that life is about living. 

Brothers in Arms follows the life of a young Asian Muslim on his journey, having joined the British fighting forces.


The colour of your skin or where you come from should never affect how people look at you. 

The world changed after September 2001, when the twin towers were downed by two hijacked aircraft crashing into them and into the Pentagon. People of all creed and colour condemned the attacks and the murder of innocents in the name of religion. 

 Brothers in arms do not care about the colour of your skin. For them, it is about the loyalty you have for one another. Who cares if the person fighting next to you is from a different religion when you are in the heat of the battle? He is your brother. He has your back and will die and fight with you. 

What 9/11 did was paint a red target on every person of colour as a potential threat. All religions preach happiness, peace, and love. 

Aman, a young British Asian, fights for these very reasons. Loyalty, love, and honour are his backbone. His brothers in arms do not look at him because he is Asian but just as another soldier doing his job and being there as a unit. 

The valour shown by these young soldiers can only be admired. Most of them, if they return, will never be the same mentally and physically. Many will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, proud men with deep scars of the theatre of war. 

The author says: 

“I have tried to provide a delicate look at how we balance our lives around these topics and how we live by them.” 

“I used to work in London Bridge, and on the fateful day that the twin towers were hit, we were in a meeting with the BBC. That changed my life, and the idea for Brothers in Arms formed over the next so many years.” 

Receiving positive reviews, Amazon, Goodreads, Google: 

I am really impressed with this book and the kind of deep research done by the author. The author wrote this book from the bottom of his heart. The Book is not a religion but love, compassion.

Published by Austin Macauley Publishing, Brothers in Arms is available in paperback (£7.36) and Kindle (£3.50) at Amazon and respectively. It is also available at Barnes & Noble, WH Smith and Waterstone, and other bookshops. 

About the author: 

I came to the UK when I was five years old from India with my parents for a better life. Growing up in the 70s, I witnessed racism first-hand and I have seen how the UK has changed over the years. 

Like most Asians growing up, I wanted to do well for my parents but never reached the pinnacle of my studies that they wished for. That is why I went into a sales career, to open me up. I have always had a vivid imagination and could visualise a story in my head quickly. The author is one among the top 25 authors of EnGame.

Now 56, I have three adult kids. I love my writing because it allows me to grow and bring ideas to life. My characters reflect my views, and within them, I live. 

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Jay Mishra: A Singer Who’s Ready To Shine With His Voice In Bollywood With Two Upcoming Singles



Music is something that brings people closer to themselves, and that’s why we as humans thrive to listen more songs and empty out our emotions through music. Over the years, we have heard many new voices getting the stage they deserve and the recognition they deserve through their songs in Bollywood films. With singers who are on the top of the list coming from no where, it is not wrong to say that we as fans admire new voices. One such upcoming singer embraced with talent and a soulful voice is Jay Mishra.

Jay Mishra who hails out from the city of dreams Mumbai will be melting some hearts with his voice in upcoming Bollywood films which include Abhishek Saxena’s directorial Saroj Ka Rishta which stars Sanah Kapoor and Kumud Mishra in lead roles and Arshad Warsi and Meher Vij’s Banda Singh.

Jay Mishra’s entry through the doors of Bollywood is not overnight. One can purely see his dedication towards music and singing from the covers he constantly keeps posting on his Instagram account. Before starting his singing journey in the Music Industry in 2017, he used performed at various college festa and contests to keep himself in the league of competitions. Mishra previously made buzz for winning RcLit’s Secret Superstar, which was a singing contest, and for performing with legend like Abhijeet Bhattacharya. With two upcoming songs in much anticipated movies of 2022, Jay Mishra has strongly seen a growth through his constant hard work in the industry for the past 5 years.

Jay Mishra has also shared several musical jams with renowned singer Rahul Jain, as he is the composer of the two upcoming songs to which Jay has given his voice. Apart from this, he constantly conducts musical jams with Kunal Verma, who has wrote the lyrics of his upcoming songs. Jay Mishra has also worked with Anand Raj Anand as a Assistant and shared a couple of sessions of Jeet Ganguly.

Apart from being a professional singer, Jay Mishra is also a part-time writer and writes poetry and original songs as a hobby, the sneak peeks of which can be seen and listened on his Instagram profile where he keeps updating new covers and remarkable poetry pieces in his own voice. Nevertheless, people who have been listening to his cover songs through Instagram and other social networks are waiting for his first Bollywood song to release, which is a moment of celebration and delight for everyone who has became a fan of his natural and mesmerising voice over the years.

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Shaurya Naman embraced repeated Gandhi Sewa Ratna and The first international honor of Excellence award



First international honor of excellence award to Mr. Shivam Shahi and Mr.Shivendra Rawat followed by Gandhi Sewa Ratna Award,22. International Open University Of Humanity Science and Peace with wac people council has awarded 20 celebrities from the country through actor Rajpal Yadav in the capital city Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. By honoring diverse talent from various fields of society, actor Rajpal Yadav said that there are several heroes present in our society to protect and guide us 24×7. Honor these types of heroes of our society is a matter of pride as per Rajpal Yadav’s statement on the occasion. In the same event, Actor Rajpal Yadav got honored with the honorary degree of doctorate.
Shaurya Naman foundation is dedicated to serving and honoring the family of those people who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Hardcore efforts of the organization over the last 2 years made the accomplishment of 3000 ventilator support, construction of 5monument with the care and renovation of 40 other existing monuments. The foundation is involved in providing health and education with pilgrimage visits to family of martyr.
When asked for the honor, Mr. Shahi said that the founder of the organization, national president Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma is clear with his feelings and purpose. Mr. Sharma told that they were the children of those warrior families who left us for service to the nation. He got the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh because of this reason.

Shaurya Naman foundation members devote their passionate time to the organization after their study, and job hours. They have achieved International recognition in just 3 years of their services due to this reason.
Mr . Rawat expressed that they got the Gandhi Sewa honor in 2021 for the first time and this year the repeated award filled them with positive energy. He continued that the followed international awards made them more responsible. Both the personalities, Mr. Shivam Shahi and Mr.Shivendra Rawat are from the Gorakpur district and presently working in Indoor.
The general secretary, Mr.Rawat devoted his gratitude to the Shaurya Naman family to the martyr and also presented a token of thanks to Dr.V.K Bajaj there.
He requested the citizens to inform about the martyr’s family who is struggling with problems located anywhere. People can inform them about those martyr families via or 9111010007.
After the return from honor to Indore president Mr. Ramesh Sharma, secretory Kavita Sharma, treasurer Vinay Dixit, national coordinator Vineet Shukla, Dinesh Patidar, Rohit Chaturvediand Ravi Tiwari welcome him with their best wishes.
Follow the link to become a part of the organization.

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The big arrival: Adarsh Ajmera is here to stay



Adarsh Ajmera is all set for the release of his next music video “Junoon” in collaboration with Shaurya Khare, which will make the perfect addition to your wanderlust playlist. Apart from having sung the melody along with singer Simran Ahuja, Adarsh will also be seen featuring with Swati Sharma in ‘Junoon’. Written and directed by Shaurya Khare, Junoon is a travel based, romantic track which will strike a romantic cord within you every time with its upbeat music and captivating lyrics.

After giving beautiful renditions of classic songs like ‘Comfortably numb’ and ‘Tera Chehra’ which were highly appreciated by the audiences, Adarsh is gearing up for his next project ‘Aadat Phir Se’.

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