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Early Symptoms of Mental Disorder You Shouldn’t Ignore : Advices from 8 Best Mental Health Specialists



Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of psychological health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a concern becomes an illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.


A mental illness can make you miserable and can cause problems in your day to day life. In most cases, symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications and therapy. Here are few suggestions from the top mental health experts about the warning signs of your mental health that you shouldn’t ignore.


Dr L C Sunda,

MBBS (AIIMS), DNB (Psychiatry),

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist – ShakuKarma Mind-care Clinic, Paschim Vihar & Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital, New Delhi



As the stigma attached with the mental disorders in the society, we delay the medical and psychological interventions by NOT “recognizing” the early signs of such disorders.

Longer phase of sadness, extreme swings in mood, overwhelming anxiety, being socially isolated and withdrawn, self-harm ideas, delusion and hallucinations, sleep impairment, use of addicting substance are some of the early signs of impending illnesses and are NOT to be ignored.

Awareness programs and psycho-education are really important for the public and the caregivers to get some insight into these disorders.

Early intervention remains the best policy in the management of psychiatric disorders as also in other illnesses.



Dr Mithila Desai,

MA, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Therapist, Mumbai



Perfectionism can be confusing; it affects different people in different ways. Studies have shown that perfectionism is correlated with mental health issues and predictive of high level of anxiety, OCD, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders.

Perfectionist thinking is based on a belief that we’re inadequate: “I’m not enough, and the only way to be enough is to accomplish. Anxious perfectionists are hard on themselves and this often takes the form of self-criticism and dwelling on imperfections, constantly worrying about what people think of them

They procrastinate or don’t start things, because they don’t think they can do it perfectly, feeling defective or flawed.

Stress can show up in our bodies as aches and pains, insomnia and trouble sleeping, gastrointestinal problems, muscles tension, and low energy. Stress also impacts our mood, contributing to anxiety, depression, and a short temper, could be few early signs of mental illnesses.



Dr Vikas Bhatheja,

PhD (Cognitive Psychology), Senior Consultant – Indus International Hospital, Chandigarh



Some symptoms of a mental health disorder appear as physical problems, such as stomach pain, back pain, headaches, or other unexplained aches and pains.

There are a few early signs of Mental Illness that need to be taken care of. For example – feeling sad, confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate, excessive fears or worries, extreme feelings of guilt, extreme mood changes of highs and lows, withdrawal from friends and activities, significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping, detachment from reality, suspiciousness, inability to cope with daily problems or stress, trouble understanding and relating to situations and people, excessive anger, hostility or violence. The most important thing is family support and a positive approach to handling these situations.


Dr Pooja Anand Sharma,


MA, PhD, Chairperson – Vishwas Healing Centre,

Expertise in Psychotherapy, Dream analysis & Energy Healing training, New Delhi


Understanding the early signs of mental disorders is the key to getting the right help at the right time.


There are a few signs we must not ignore, like – distancing ourselves from our loved ones, increased aggressiveness or violent behavior, agitation, a prolonged period of sadness, increased suspicion of others, being easily annoyed, feeling threatened by people, detached from reality, sleep disorders, change in appetite, losing interest in our favorite activities, and a disturbance in focus.

Remember that these are cumulative symptoms. If the symptoms persist for more than three weeks, you must seek professional help immediately.

Mental illnesses do not go away on their own. We must seek the necessary help at the right time. Otherwise, they can get worse with time.

If your loved ones face such issues, have an open discussion with them about their concerns. Support and encouragement go a long way in healing and treatment.



Dr Kiran Makhijani,

Psychotherapist & psychologist – Dr Y A Matcheswalla’s Superspeciality Polyclinic, Mumbai



One or two of these symptoms alone can’t predict a mental illness but may indicate a need for further evaluation. Some of the indicators that one should not ignore include – sleep or appetite changes, mood changes, social withdrawal, loss of interest, difficulty in daily functioning, poor concentration, memory, and increased sensitivity.

If a person is experiencing several at one time and the symptoms are causing grim issues in the ability to study, work or relate to others, they should consult a professional. People with thoughts of suicide or harming others need immediate attention. Early identification, appropriate assessment, effective care planning, and appropriate treatment play a crucial role in enhancing mental health.


Dr Saumya Sharan,


MPhil (Gold medalist in clinical Psychology),

Clinical Psychologist Senior Lead – MindOn, Gurugaon


Mental Health is also health. It is difficult to answer questions concern Mental Health: How much is too much, when is it getting unmanageable or how long do we wait before we should seek support? But it’s worth being aware of some signs and red flags which may pose as early symptoms or patterns that warrant timely professional help. There are terms loosely used for signs that may not qualify as a psychological disorder, e.g., internet sadness for depression, nervousness for anxiety, restlessness for ADHD, and so on.


Instead, look for emotional patterns like frequent crying outbreaks, increased nervousness that feels unmanageable, changes in sleeping routine or appetite, or energy levels. Note if these signs are prolonged for more than a certain period or cause significant distress in your professional, personal and social spheres and interfere with daily activities.


Ms Saachi Arora,

MSc, MPhil, PhD, RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist,


Founder -Therapy by Saachi – A Safe Space for You, Mumbai


Mental Health Signs are not as easily visible as physical health signs. Therefore, mental health care often gets neglected. However, there have been open conversations about mental health and well-being. Early identification of signs and symptoms in mental health leads to proper management and intervention of these signs.



These signs may pave a pathway to seeking mental health care at the earliest – extreme mood swings, excessive worry or anxiety over trivial matters, avoiding problems, dramatic changes in your sleep and appetite, difficulty coping with stress, or engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse or risk-taking behaviors.


It’s okay not to feel okay. Its okay to experience changes in your mind & body. However, it can affect your functioning, social life, and other domains. Therefore, let go of the stigma, identify the mental health signs, cope effectively and seek professional help if required.

Take care of your mental health because you matter!



Ms Devaleena Ghosh,

Clinical Psychologist, MRes (UK), Director – Kornash The Lifestyle Management School, Kolkata



Your feelings of sadness that lasts for more than two weeks can be a sign of mental illness. Everyone experiences sadness at one point or the other. However, normal feelings of sadness get better with time.  An abnormally intense sadness lasting for two weeks or longer could be a sign of depression. If you observe in yourself or a loved one, a feeling which is heavier than normal and is difficult to snap out of might requires immediate attention.



Crescent Public School & Creative Minds Pre-School Ballarpur Host 8th Annual Sports Day



On January 21st, 2023, Crescent Public School and Creative Minds Pre-school jointly organized their 8th Annual Sports Day at Taluka Krida Sankul in Ballarpur. The event featured a variety of Athletic competitions, including track and field events and games for students of all ages. The day began with a parade of athletes and Master Prathmesh Panjwani and Baby Yukta Nathani, handed the torch to the guests and announced the opening of the event by releasing balloons by the Guest. The opening ceremony, attended by Block Education Officer Ravindar Lamge, Khelo India Coach Mahendar Kapoor, JCI Pegausus President, Srinivas Vasu, Gurunank Public School Director Kailash Khandelwal, Entrepreneur Kishor Fulzale, and Ismail Dhakwala. The school was represented by four groups: Diligent Dingos, Incredibles, Perfect Pirates, and Clever Clown. Mrs. Suwarna Ramteke gave a welcoming speech and welcomed the guests. Mr. Mahendar Kapoor praised the efforts of the school and promised to support future events. Mr. Ravindar Lamge discussed in his speech how students who excel academically but do not participate in sports and other activities are hindering their overall development. Adv. Nazim Khan provided a brief overview of the school’s literary, cultural, and social activities in his speech. During the program, sports personalities from Ballarpur Taluka, including Mr. Rajeev Kubade for Karate, Mr. Sunil Manji for Athletics, Miss Khushwa for Karate, and Master Ahmed Raza Dhakwala for Weightlifting, was honored by the guests with Momentos and Bouquets. The Athletic competitions for the students of Crescent Public School and Creative Minds Pre-School included events such as 50 & 100 Meter Races, Skipping, Badminton, Relay Races, Three-legged races, Pick up the Animals, Sponge Race, Circuit Race and Chess etc. In addition to these competitions, there were also fun games and activities for parents to participate in, such as races and Tug-of-War. The day concluded with a closing ceremony, where medals and trophies were awarded to the winners of the various events. The winners of the Crescent Public School for 50 M Running Race.

Gold Medals

Running Race 50m: Shiban Sheikh, Navya Gondane, Shahnawaj Sheikh, Yakshita Prajapati.


Running Race 100m: Mohan Appala, Rashi Sonkar, Rehabar Sheikh, Adina Sheikh.

Relay Race: Farhan Sheikh, Krish Darwankar, Shalin Mohore, Jiwan Wandhre, Humera Sheikh, Anisha Kondukwar, Alviya Siddiqui, Riddhi Tripathi, Prathmesh Panjwani, Amin Sheikh, Kartik Tiwari, Pushkar Kshirsagar, Arshiya Gidwani, Swathi Nirupama, Yukta Nathani, Mohini Wankhede.

Skipping: Goutam Yella, Astha Upadhyay, Lucky Bhukya, Zunaira Khan, Samyank Gondane, Bharti Yadav, Tanmay Wankhede, Naiyla Khan.

Three Leg Race : Shlok Kasturwar, Ayansh Keshkar, Navya Gondane, Ishika Yadav, Ojas Kale, Indresh Khandelwal, Lavanya Bhaisare & Hanishka Nathani.


Silver Medals 

Running Race 50m  :  Purvanshu Mohare, Aiman Sheikh, Noman Qureshi, Zunaira Khan

Running Race 100m : Sushant Sojalwar, Yashmi Rajpurophit, Sashwat Kasturwar, Vanshika Shendre.

Relay Race: Chaitanya Mulchandani, Shlok Kasturwar, Farhan Khan, Kairav Kapoor, Anishra Sheikh, Shravni Admane, Ayesha Khan, Arohi Varma, Samyank Gondane, Tanmay Kshirsagar, Mohana Appala, Somesh Panjwani, Rashi Sonkar, Akshara Sharma, Soumya Nathani, Harshita Yahake.


Skipping:  Ayansh Keshkar, Eshika Yadav, Prajwal Tagrap, Naisha Qureshi, Pranay Varma, Harshita Yahake, Vedant Khandelwl, Anax Khan.

Three leg Race: Abir Khobragade, Siddhant Pazare, Shibra Sheikh, Aiman Sheikh, Lucky Bhukya, Harsahej Khakhru, Siddhi Chouhan, Divya Lakhwani.

Bronze Medals

Running Race 50m: Affan Siddique, Shibra Sheikh, Ishan Charde, Al Azba Sayyed, Parag Yadav, Virat Thulkar, Arohi Appala, Alviya Siddique.


Running Race 100m: Samyank Gondane, Adityanandan Yahake, Harshita Yahake, Bharti Yadav, Aryan Aduri, Rehat Kalsi, Arshiya Gidwani, Yukta Nathani,

Relay Race : Ishan Charde, Kush Kondukwar, Ayansh Keshkar, Nuaim Sheikh, Indresh Khandelwal, Ansh Kale, Virat Thulkar, Rehan Sheikh, Navya Gondane, Eshika Yadav, Hrishita Varma, Shibra Sheikh, Radha Lohe, Al Azba Sayyad, Ifra Khan, Janvi Madavi, Nehmat Sheikh, Arshan Sheikh, Sushant Sojalwar, Ashwinchadra Appala, Nayla Khan, Apurva Bhise, Aiman Sheikh, Sunainbano Siddique.

Skipping: Nuaim Sheikh, Vidhi Nishad, Zidan Siddique, Arohi Dhapsake, Jihan Mulchandani, Bodhiksha Chikate, Rehabar Sheikh, Mahenoor Sheikh.



Pre-Primary Gold Medalist :   

Running: Affan Sheikh, Ian Potarlawar, Abir Thakur,

Pick Up The Animal : Adriksa Mishra, Ian Potarlawar, Abir Thakur.

Sponge Race : Aryansh Bharne, Sirat Manghani, Vanshika Khanke.


Circuit Race : Ayat Naaz Pathan         


Pre-Primary Silver Medalist :  

Running Race: Adrika Mishra, Vihan Awale, Kabir Thakur.


Pick Up The Animal : Sharvari Charpe, Kartik Koundar, Kabir Thakur, Advita Dongarwar.

Sponge Race : Prince Gidwani, Shivam Thakur.


Pre-Primary Bronze Medalist :  


Running : Aviral Dongarwar, Sharvari Charpe, Zubiya Qureshi, Guruprit Nathani, Anurag Tripathi, Advita Dongarwar.

Pick Up The Animal : Rasika Sonkar, Affan Sheikh, Kiara Gangshettiwar, Shivansh Ugale, Aradhya Chaturvedi, Shivam Thakur.

Sponge Race : Abban Khan, Zubiya Qureshi, Darspreet Varma, Rufas Mandala, Ananya Kamble.



Play Group Gold Medalist :

Umbrella Race: Aditi Chaturvedi, Atulya Singh, Bhavya Kadel.

Pick Up The Ball: Atulya Singh



Winners of Parents Games :

Racing : Girish Mulchandani, Gopal Thakur, Rajkamal Prajapati, Mohammad Siraj.

Abha Chaturvedi, Sonu Vishwakarma, Jayashri Charde, Suman Prajapati, Preeti Ugale, Chaitali Darwankar, Santoshi Pasula, Rupali Bharne, Pragati Sitvenwar.

Where given the medal with hands of the guest and appreciated for the participation. The teaching and Non Teaching staff worked hard for the success of program under the Guidance of Mrs. Humaira Khan, Principal, Crescent Public School, Ballarpur and leadership of Mr. Manoj Dey, Sports Teacher. Ansh Randhe anchored the program as the host.”


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“Mind Power Extra”, the brand behind the manufacturing of brain function booster tonic blows up as its popularity rises among people



Many people prefer using specific tonics to improve their brain functions and as for the parents who want their kids to be the best at school, they surely want to stuff them up with healthy things which serve as a memory enhancer. The parents usually get their kids the memory booster or brain booster tonic, so they can be smart and intelligent by being career oriented from the very start of life.

But why feed them something which is maybe a mixture of harmful chemicals, rather than giving them a more natural product? Well, among the many renowned companies selling these brain tonics, Mind Power Extra, the manufacturer of natural, safe, and efficient brain tonics and memory-enhancing protein powder, started selling 3 years back and is now considered a pioneer in this field.

Throughout the journey to ultimate success, the company has defeated many existing established brands in this field and has successfully laid the foundation of a strong natural brain tonics manufacturing unit. Captivated by disturbances around our surroundings, youngsters tend to forget the lessons they took and with time forget it all, leading to difficulties caused later in life.


Mind Power Extra is a venture created with a vision to strengthen brain functions by using Ashwagandha,Shankhpushpi and other essential natural elements which helps to calm down the brain and relieve stress as well as anxiety. Initially, the company manufactured brain tonics only and after a certain point, the hindrance caused by the kids denying to take the brain boosters, the company came up with protein powder.

Throughout the years, as the company made its way to achieving its goals, the feedback from the customers has helped them all along. As the younger generation begins to run toward shaping their future, focus and determination are the aspects that can help them to be more career-oriented.

The brain tonic and memory boosters manufactured by Mind Power Extra are highly preferred by many parents and individuals as the product is true to its value and expectations. Without showing any side effects, the products have been referred to as ‘excellent’ and ‘valuable’ by the customers.

The products are quite affordable and valuable in efficiency, which tells us a lot about their worth. The products are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other E-commerce platforms. Check out the products and gift your loved ones the most valuable thing of all time.


Buy Online from the links below.

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Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards 2022: Meet the Winners



Hypedge Media awarded healthcare professionals and hospitals nationwide during the 2022 edition of the Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards 2022. This was held on the 19th of November 2022 at the WelcomHotel by ITC, Chennai.


The Chief Guest of the program was Padma Shri Dr. Vijay Kumar Shah, and the Guest of Honors was K. Pushpaleela (Ex-Minister, Women and Social Welfare Department ), Dr. R. Kannan (Chairman, Prime Indian Hospitals ), Prof. N. Balaji (Director & Trustee, Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre), Dr. C.J. Vetrievel (Director. – Be Well Hospitals), Sanjay Kumar Singh (Vice President, Sales Marketing


Rusan Pharma Ltd) and Gaurav Gautam (Founder of I CAN Foundation and CEO of Hypedge Media). They shared their wishes with all the selected awardees of GHWA 2022.


Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards are conferred on the outstanding / highest achievers in International Healthcare Industry. This most awaited global platform is bringing eminent healthcare experts together from the health world to understand the health revolution, market dynamics, the impact of digital technologies on the masses, and the future of health & healthcare in India. The platform would also recognize and felicitate massive efforts of various health initiatives, healthcare professionals, hospitals, institutions, and initiatives benefiting India through a technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem.




Here’s the list of this Year’s (2022) winners for the Global Healthcare and Wellness Awards:


Dr. Sangita Motiram Gavit Excellence in Medical Education
Dr Narendra Singh Excellence Award in Cardiology
Dr. Manasi Wakankar Award for Leadership And Management in Healthcare
James Aruldas Silvai Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
Dr. Ekta Shrivastava Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. KVNN Santosh Murthy Excellence in Diabetic Foot & Burns Management
Dr. RANJAN YADAV Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Akula Laxmi Award for Excellence in Research
Dr Deepti Mankad Excellence Award in Mental Health & Counselling
Dr Sujit Kumar Satpathy Healthcare Personality of the Year
Reshma Khan Excellence in Medical Education
Alfred Goodwin Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr.Arunkumar H Best Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Care Specialist
Dr Deepika Goswami Excellence in Medical Education
Dr.Nirmal Kumar Veeraragavan Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic Best Homeopathy Centre
Arogyadeep Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Excellence award in Acupuncture & Yoga Naturopathy
Dr Meghanad Meher Excellence Award in General Medicine
Dr. Md Imteyaj Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Dr. S.M. Shariq Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Ryan Varghese Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
Dr. Santosh Swathi Lakkoju Healthcare Icon of the Year
Pradeep Kumar Social Work Healthcare Award
Dharmendra Kumar Parihar Excellence Award in Rural Healthcare
Dr. Harnoor Singh Pruthi Excellence Award in Cardiology
ANUP KUMAR MISHRA Excellence in Hospital Quality Management
Dr. Laila Beegum Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Ajil Abdulla Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr.DEEPAK SINGH BAJETHA Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr Jayendra Narang Excellence Award in Neurosurgery
TNB Aesthetic Secrets Best Cosmetic Clinic
Dr Nancy Burat Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Bahar Yawazy Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. Chaitanya Seshu Babu. G Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Capt G. Dhanan Jaya Rao Life time achievement Award (Veterinary Surgery)
Dr Amanur Rahman Zaka Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Srinivas Reddy Best Hospital Administrator of the Year
Dr. Kumaragurubaran Healthcare Icon of the Year
Scholar Overseas Best Overseas Job Placement for Doctors and Nurses
Dr. Ayush Garg Excellence Award in Oncology
Dr S.N. Lokesh Kumar Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Mohamed Qutbuddin Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr. Supriya Munganda Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr Nibedita Sahoo Healthcare Personality of the Year
Sourav Kumar Das Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr. Mantri Venkataswamy Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. B .C CHANDRA MOULI Excellence Award in Cardiology
SRI CHANDRA SEKARA HOSPITAL Best Hospital – Cardiology
PHYSKRAFT Superspeciality Physiotherapy Clinic Best Physiotherapy Clinic
Manoj Shivaji Wakhare Social Work Healthcare Award
Asha Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited Leading Milk Producer Company
Shwetdhara Milk Producer Company Limited Leading Milk Producer Company
Dr.Arunkumar H Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Shri Vishnu Shri Hospital Best Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital (Madhya Pradesh )
Be Well Hospitals Best Multi-Speciality Hospital
Dr Ashwani Mudgal Excellence Award in Orthopedics
Dr.Hemapriya Jayapal Medical Innovation & Leadership Award
KABIR HOSPITAL Best Hospital for Wellness & Healthcare
Dr.Kavita Sudersanadas Excellence in Nutrition and Dietetics Education
Dr. Karuna M S Excellence Awards in Medical Nutrition Research and Education
Dr.Lesil George Award for Best Psychologist
Dr. Raj Deokule Award for the Best Diabetologist
Prof Dr N. Junior Sundresh Excellence in Medical Education
Dr. Muneeb Ahmed M K Excellency Award in Sexual Health
Dr Pradeep Thomas Excellence Award in Accident and Emergency (A&E)
Dr. Sneha Shamkumar Londhe Excellence Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr Mustafa Murtuza PT Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr Anu Jacob Healthcare Personality of the Year
Dr. Kartikeswar Jena Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
PM Medical Centre Best Hospital – Diabetology
Dr T Vadivel Excellence Award in Regenerative Medicine
Dr.ARUN KRISHNA A K Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year’
Dr Raviram.S Excellence Award in Laser Proctology
Dr.E.Kalaichezhian Best Functional Rehab Specialist
Dr. B. Kalpana Kosalram Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Kiran Kumar Varma K Healthcare Icon of the Year
Yuva Dental Clinic Best Dental Clinic
J. Benedicta Colleen Social Work Healthcare Award
Dr.Indumathi.K.P Excellence Award in Public Health Dentistry
Dr Renu Kumar Watwani Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
Dr.Swarupa Rani K Excellence Award in Radiology
Dr. Syed Ahmed Ali Young Medical Entrepreneur of the year
Prof. N. Balaji Healthcare Icon of the Year
Dr Farooq Ahmed Manur Excellence Award in Accident and Emergency (A&E)
Dr Praveen H Jain Excellence Award in Dentistry
Dr Jeswanthmal Khatod Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Healthcare Icon of the Year
Kosmoderma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Dr. ANNAM VENKATA AJAY KUMAR Excellence Award in Rural Healthcare
Dr.S.Senthilkumaran Healthcare Icon of the Year
DR.K.S.ARUN PRAKASH Excellence Award in Forensic Medicine
Dr. P. Senthil Excellence Award in Physiotherapy
DR. C. MOHAMMED ALI Most Compassionate Doctor Award
Riya Sara Mathew Excellence Award in Nursing
SUBHOJIT MUKHERJEE Healthcare Personality of the Year
Dr. Amit Mehta Excellence in Homeopathy
Dr. Sunil Babu K C Excellence Award in Ayurveda

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