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He was resolute to empower farmers, had dreams to start his Agritech Company, and ardour to confront challenges. The result of his hard work, perseverance and an everlasting thirst for success gave birth to ‘AgriVijay’ that empowers farmers and makes them future-ready by providing a plethora of Renewable Energy & Services along with new Technological Innovations in Agritech space.  Vimal Panjwani (32), Founder & CEO, still holds passion and has fire in the belly to find ways to enhance thousands of farmers’ lives.

His zest was amplified by his mother Shobha Chanchlani (58), who supported him through thick and thin who also partnered with him as Director and Co-founder in this venture and built the brand identity by bootstrapping AgriVijay.

AgriVijay ‘s core value is to make farmers independent for their energy needs by encouraging the use of Renewable Energy & Services like Biogas or Solar Energy Products, boost their savings, income and reduce fossil-fuel usage for a cleaner environment, and replace firewood used for cooking with clean biogas.Thereby,improving soil health and yield, effective waste-management, and generating energy from available waste as in the case of dairy farmers.

Vimal says, “I always had an urge to help the farming community while implementing environment-friendly measures. Chemical fertilizers impact the environment and soil health. Having studied several products in renewable energy, like Biogas and Solar energy, I realized there was a dearth of vendors providing both along with affordability. I resolved to club both the markets and bring them on a single platform. And AgriVijay idea was conceived.”

Launched in June 2020, AgriVijay successfully collaborated with 20+ Solar and Biogas Companies bringing them under one umbrella and has 100+ Products with 20 Renewable Energy Stores in the states of Maharashtra & Rajasthan. They are currently incubated & backed AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation supported by NITI Aayog & Atal Innovation Mission, Indigramlabs foundation, NIAM Agribusiness incubator supported by Ministry of Agriculture,GoI under RKVY-RAFTAAR program.  This initiative opened multiple avenues of Biogas, Solar, and Renewable Energy Technology products for farmers. Farmers benefit from its pocket-friendly prices and become Energy Independent while contributing to the Climate Change.

Various Companies, Product Manufacturers, Startups in Renewable Energy Space are at an advantage to grow their business by having proximity to farmers across India. 

Partnering with the renewable energy firms and bringing everyone on a unified platform was a substantial challenge at inception. But Vimal’s prowess which comes from eight years of industry experience mainly on rural grounds paved the way for on-boarding these twenty companies.

For further ease or procurement for farmers across India, the company designed a Franchise Model – AgriVijay Renewable Energy Stores for Rural entrepreneurs who will provide these products to the farmers thus ensuring rural growth and generating employment within the village.  

AgriVijay’s Business Model

Farmers rely on fossil fuels such as diesel for running Gensets, Water Pumps, firewood for cooking, etc. They heavily rely on chemical fertilizers for their farms which impact the soil health in terms of nutrients and in the long run reduce yield or productivity.
With the Biogas digester product offered by AgriVijay, the farmer can get rid of firewood. The Biogas Organic Liquid Slurry with efficient use of water for irrigation will enrich the soil health. Furthermore, there are multiple Biogas Digester options from multiple companies offered by AgriVijay.

A Solar water pump or a Biogas Genset can be a replacement for diesel and provides uninterrupted free power, unlike electricity which faces outages in rural areas.  This assists farmers who grow perishables like flowers, vegetables, or fruits and even hydroponics.

“With an investment as low as INR 35000/- or with farmland of two acres, any farmer can implement renewable energy,” says Vimal

The ISO 9001 certified model is backed by E-commerce Website, Call Centre, Field Sales Teams, and Branch Offices in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat. They began commercial ground operations in Rajasthan and Maharashtra and plan to enter Gujarat, Karnataka & Telangana in 2021.

The FICCI 2021 Awarded Startup is looking forward to bring Green Energy Products such as E-tractors and start branch offices at Karnataka, Gujrat and Telangana.

The Founders:

Shobha Chanchlani, a National Awardee was selected for the Rajasthan Women Entrepreneurship Program 2020 by the North India Office of the US Embassy, New Delhi among the several applicants.  She feels proud of Vimal for taking up the task of empowering farmers’ life especially rural women who are still cooking on firewood.

Vimal has done his MBA in Agribusiness Management from SIIB,Pune.  “In our country, more than 60% of the population are farmers. So if we can convert them as Renewable Energy users not only will our farmers and country prosper but we can achieve the goal of a greener environment” states Vimal.


ThePetnest: The perfect home of care for your pets



Pets are always considered an important part of a family and they need care too, but as most people are busy with their daily work, so they can’t take proper care. And it is a big concern for everyone that ho will take care of their pets when they are not at home or they are not available to take care of their own pets. With time there have been many developments in this field and there are many pet stores that normally take care of pets, but ThePetnest is something different from others. ThePetnest is a first-of-its-kind platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community by providing trustworthy pet care services across India.

ThePetnest is a Noida Based Pet Care tech Marketplace. It is a One-Stop Platform For Pet Care services like Pet Grooming, Dog Training and Vet on Call Across 24+ Cities in India. Vivek Kumar and Chandrakant said in a statement, “With the Exponential Rise in Pet Adoption, the pet care market is growing at a fast pace in India. The Petcare industry is here to grow and sustain, while we need a platform which can cater to provide 360-degree pet care solutions to make the industry more organized ThePetnest has created a platform to meet all the industry demands and take the Indian pet care market to the next level. We take care of your pet as they are part of our own family. And we ensure that your pet is happy, and healthy and must stay as sweet as ever. But it’s now not just about pet love. ThePetnest is likewise devoted to creating pet care safe, smooth, and affordable so that everyone can revel in the unconditional love of a pet.

Currently, Thepetnest has 520+ Pet Groomers, 160+ Dog Trainers and 200+ Veterinary doctors across India. And this is not enough as we are well experienced in providing the best services to your pet by taking care of them and treating them wisely so that they. ThePetnest donates a part of their every service to pet NGOs & Rescue shelters through this program and additionally offers meals to shelter dogs in India.

The company said that as it grows, Thepetnest plans to support pet parents as they navigate all aspects of pet care services, including the decision of bringing home a pet, pet boarding and dog walking, fulfilling all primary needs for the pet. The 2 years, the long bootstrapped firm is touted to have 1 lakh customers with a repeat rate of 34%. ThePetnest aims to have 2 lakh users on its platform by the end of this year. ThePetnest has got your back in taking care of your pets and you can simply contact me if you need any type of help.

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“I am not what I am…” – (From the eyes of Blockchain)



The title best describes my personal tragedy, which I have endured every day since I came into being. Indulge me, please, while I try Brancusi’s and Michelangelo’s subtractive sculpture approach of carving out ‘what am not’ until I set free the true angel of a tech that I am.

I am not a Bitcoin..

I am not an Ethereum..

I am definitely not a Crypto..

I’ll never be a Metaverse.. 

I am not an NFT.. 

I am not some play to earn game..

I am not some anonymous database..

I am neither Luna nor Terra..

And I am certainly not responsible for the recent near-collapse of the crypto world.

Phew! Finally, maybe, the real me has started to emerge. Stay with me for a bit longer, and I promise you will see who I really am.

I am an immutable, tamper-proof humble ledger, using an infinitely extendable chain of blocks, enabling time-stamped storage of different kinds of records and transactions. From the data’s provenance and through its perpetual continuance, I stand guard to its perfect auditable history. 

So let me begin from the very beginning. I was born in 1991. 

Haber & Stornetta laboured on solving the problem of the immutability of digital records. While evolving the solution around hash functions and time-stamped digital certificates, they realised that such a process could be open to subversion, either by corruption or by fraud. 

Therefore, a way to distribute the trust by creating multiple certifiers of a timestamp was worked upon. And there it was, the first glimpse of “me, the blockchain”. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention Satoshi Nakamoto. No, I don’t intend to indulge in the mystical riddle of his identity because remember, it’s me who we are setting free here.  

Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper on Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System proposed to layer me with a transaction system that didn’t rely on third parties and prevents double-spending through a peer-to-peer(P2P) network with public registration of all transactions that cannot be corrupted or reversed. It was a purely P2P version of an electronic cash transfer system allowing online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. According to him, the entire network could be modified through a voting system between nodes. Each node votes with its CPU power, and as long as the majority of the network consists of honest nodes. The entire system remains incorruptible.

Now some say that I was layered with an extreme liberal bent of mind requiring no intervention/control/ regulation, emphasising autonomy and the protection of rights, not only against the state but also against any private economic actors/regulators, including businesses. I prevent myself from expressing my opinion on the issue. Still, I would not shy away from admitting that I work under a layered architecture with innumerable possibilities and unfortunately, that is both my strength as well as weakness.

You layer me with legal and regulatory engineered intelligent contracts (read code), and I work in compliance with the law of the land without requiring any specific regulations for myself.  

You Layer me with advanced analytics. I can offer supply chain managers a path to digitising the prevention and detection of financial crime. 

Unfortunately, I have also been layered with greed, fraud and corruption. From Squid to Lunar and Terra, and many more have sucked away investors’ money. Still, somehow people are losing their confidence in ‘me’ as a technology instead of peeling off these layers on top of me and analysing the same. 

I can be a beast when the layers above me make me into it, but when you peel off the same, the heart of the beast is still purely secure and untarnished data. 

Once the world understands me, their trepidation towards me will dissipate. 

“I am Blockchain” I am not a threat to anyone. Rather I am the last frontier of Security that everyone was looking for, to secure their Assets.

I am Blockchain – if used correctly, I can create trust where none exists, be the connection in a disconnected world, go where no one dares to go, and be the force that binds different ideologies for a common Goal….

Tapan Sangal: 

An Indian citizen, an enthusiastic visionary, focused on the virtual world with a difference. Positively working towards building a virtual platform baring a society driven by culture-rich creativity, art, and talent in this vivid world. Driven towards unfurling the augmented reality to greater horizons potentially to shape our future.

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How This New Age Start-Up Has Revolutionized The Laundry Industry



A laundry start-up, Tumbledry, that started just three years ago has come to the forefront as India’s largest laundry & dry clean chain. The promising brand is burgeoning all across the nation with 250+ live stores spread across 82 cities and is on its way to being a household name for laundry solutions.

Gaurav Teotia, Business Head & Co-Founder, Tumbledry, shared, “We had a vision of becoming India’s largest laundry & dry clean chain by 2022 and today we have turned it into reality. Today we have a strong presence in 25 Indian states covering all major cities. Be it metros like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore, Tier 2 cities like Meerut and Varanasi or Tier 3 cities like Bhagalpur, Asansol, or Rudrapur, you will find our stores everywhere.

On being asked about Tumbledry’s journey so far, the Co-Founder & Director of Tumbledry, Gaurav Nigam, said, “We started 3 years ago in April 2019 with an aim to solve laundry woes of urban India. Our first store in Noida achieved operational break-even in just 3 months from its start and we expanded at a rapid pace. Around this time Covid hit the world hard. When other mainstream businesses were sinking, our strategically planned laundry business model not only survived but grew exponentially, even during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. Over the last few quarters, we are adding 20-25 new partners every month and at the same time, our existing partners are also opening more franchise stores with us after realizing the potential of our successful franchise business model. 15% of our franchise partners have already opened their 2nd or more stores in their area with us. 36% of our total stores are owned by these 15% partners alone.”

The newly-established brand which is already a behemoth in the laundry industry is backed by a team of industry veterans from reputed companies like Airtel, Reliance, Perfetti and Lava and IIT-IIM alumni.

Crediting the success of Tumbledry to various elements, Gaurav Nigam said, “We strongly abide by our business principles focused on customer convenience, high-quality service and trustworthiness.

To ensure high quality we have employed World’s best Swedish machinery. While we use globally acclaimed organic German chemicals for general purposes, we have also developed proprietary chemicals for treating 65+ indigenous stains of Haldi, Henna, etc. in our RND labs. Because of our unmatched quality, we already have a community of 2 lacs+ regular customers PAN India and their number is increasing every day.

Another most important factor that keeps us growing is adaptability. As a business, we never refrain from accepting our mistakes. And after acknowledging them we adapt fast to get better. 

For example, we started as a “laundry only” organization and used to outsource our dry-clean orders. This caused quality issues in service. So, we took up dry-cleaning too and it improved our service quality to a great length. 

Next, from only offline marketing, we went to both offline and online modes of marketing to leverage the benefits of digital platforms. And, today 70% of our customers are reaching us via digital modes. 

Initially, we had a compact CRM but now we have an integrated suite of store CRM, call-centre CRM, runner app and a customer app.”

The brand holds higher aims of reaching every urban household by 2026 with 1000+ live stores. Out of these, around 500+ stores will be present in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. Already having a strong national footprint, the brand is well on track to fulfilling its aim.

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