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Symptoms; Remedies of Insomnia (Sleep Disorder) through Vedic Astrology Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal



(Vedic & Medical Astrologer)

(Expert in Vastu, Mantra and Yantra Shastra)

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Before the start of modern medical science, in ancient times, doctors were encouraged to know about astrology and its relevance to various diseases apart from running the medicines on different lunar days and different planetary days. Medical Vedic Astrology is the oldest Medical Science that connects multiple body parts, disease, and symptoms under the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, and the twelve astrological zodiac symbols and 27 different Nakshatra.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder caused by various medical conditions like: Difficulty in falling asleep, feeling tired after waking, waking up often during the night, Irritability, Loss of memory, etc. Planets, houses, and Nakshatra related to the sleeping disorder as mentioned below: 

Planet Moon and Insomnia:

Moon is the most important planet in Vedic Astrology as it directly impacts all human beings. It significates our minds and emotions. Moon is the planet responsible for our sleep, as sleep connects with our state of mind and emotions. If the moon is weak in the birth chart, then individuals may cause slipping problems irrespective of the strength and position of the other eight planets.

Moon’s position in the signs of Saturn, the influence of Saturn or Nodes on the Moon, the influence of eighth house lord on the Moon, or the placement of Moon in the eighth house also gives malefic effects to our emotions, mind and mental stability. Moon’s placement or relationship with the twelfth house may also cause problems in sleeping; however, this may be more possible when other relevant aspects are also disturbed. 

Houses Responsible for Insomnia:

Twelfth house – 12th house is the house of losses, any planet placed in the 12th house losses its strength. The twelfth house also signifies our sleep and dreams. If the twelfth house is strong in the horoscope, then it will ensure good and sound sleep, whereas a week or disturbed twelfth house gives the reverse results. 

First house – First house signifies Head, Brain, Mind, Physical Body, Headaches. Therefore, a solid first house and its lord bless the native with a solid body and mind. Whereas if the lord of the first house is debilitated or in conjunction with malefic may cause sleep disorders. The placement of the 8th house lord on the first house or first house lord placed in the 8th house gives sleeping problems.

Rashi & Nakshatra Responsible for Insomnia

Cancer or Karka Rashi and Pieces or Meena Rashi in the zodiac is naturally responsible for our sleep because cancer is related to Moon, and the 12th sign is associated with the 12th house. If these two signs are afflicted in the horoscope, the person has Insomnia.

Bharni Nakshatra represents our brain in Vedic astrology. The placement of Rahu, Ketu, or any other malefic planets in this Nakshatra may cause several issues related to brain and sleep. 

Remedies for Insomnia/Sleep Disorders:

If we imbalance the planetary energy in a birth chart, we face difficulties and problems in life. Therefore, we need to balance out the energy. This is a scientific and logical way how astrological remedies work out to balance the different planet’s energy. Different remedies are available in our Vedic scriptures, mainly Mantra, Yantra charity, fasting, and wearing different gemstones.

In case of Insomnia, we have to do the following remedies to get the benefits within 45 days:


Om Shram Sharim Shrom Sah Chandrmasya Namha.||

A person should chant the above-mentioned mantra 108 times for 45 days, and chanting should be done after the sunset, as Moon is effective and powerful during the night.


Fasting and donation are other best remedies. If any person faces malefic results of Moon, individuals can donate Milk or any white color item like silver, pearl, sugar, etc., and keep fasting every Monday for at least 11 weeks. 


As per our different Vedic Scriptures, Yantra is a source of abundant energy. Using Yantra, we can balance this energy system and get the blessings of universal energy. Every Yantra is associated with some planets, deities, or specific purposes. If a plant is giving inauspicious results in our life, we can use Yantra associated with that planet. Worshiping, meditating, or wearing Yantra helps to bring in lots of health, wealth, and happiness in your lives.

Moon Yantra is the best remedy in case of insomnia. You can draw this Yantra on plain white paper and place it in the North-West corner of your bedroom. 

Moon Yantra

7   2    9

8   6    4

3   10  5


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Indianapolis based DJ and Entrepreneur Iman Tucker set to release first sneaker after the huge success of his apparel brand, Believe Brand Co.



It started off by designing premium faith based tees, hats, hoodies, jackets and various custom goods to wear on stage. As his desire for quality increased so did his vision for a brand.

Now it has transitioned into a luxury brand made to subtly stand out. Famous DJ and Entrepreneur Iman Tucker successfully built a faith based apparel brand named Believe Brand Co. The faith based apparel brand, Believe Brand Co. was brought up with the aim to establish itself as a Christian brand known for quality and a minimalistic style. However, as his desire to design luxury goods grew, he wanted to expand without plastering the traditional Believe Brand marks all over the high-end materials. This was the base for the setting up of Capre – a luxury brand he looks to use his momentum in entrepreneurship to scale.

That is when the vision of his own shoe came to light.

Indianapolis DJ and Entrepreneur, Iman Tucker found new interest in remixing a classic silhouette into a new look for his latest venture. He said, “Releasing a shoe that speaks of what we as a community believe in has always been a dream for us. The vision is to create a clean and simple, yet bold look to a luxury sneaker all stemmed from inspiration.”

The idea came up as they discussed making goods from head to toe. “Well what about shoes?” As soon as it was suggested the team bought in and the work started. The team was tasked first with identifying a name for the brand. After toying around with ideas they resorted to a familiar playbook using Tucker’s name. Believe Brand’s name came from the Farsi to English translation Iman meaning “faith in God” or “Believe.”  However, this time it wasn’t as direct. Born Iman Capre O’Neal Tucker, they looked to his second name “Capre” in lieu of the second brand.  Aromanian translation leads to meaning goat.

Of course that was not the final destination.

Popular among American culture is the acronym G.O.A.T. or greatest of all time. In the Christian religion the son of God is referred to as the greatest man to walk the earth. 

The team wanted the brand to be a testament to excellence, a luxury brand committed to a unique look and design of mark and materials unmatched to any other brands available in the market.

As for the logo, the team wanted to give the main side logo of the shoe something that resonated to something outside of the religion. They discussed “If the son of god is god…who is god? God is love!…we wanted to come up with something related to love.” After the logo was finalized, an asymmetrical heart took the forefront of the design made up of two major parts. This was a very big deal for the team, to speak about the comparison. “We often compare our self worth on many factors and we feel smaller than those we look up to. However, it takes everyone to make the full picture, it takes all efforts to bring together the big and small,” and that’s how the team came up with the iconic heart logo on the side of the shoe.

Iman Tucker plans to release the shoe before the official release of the brand, Capre, which will be an online-only retail brand. The shoe will be available for pre-order from November 2022 while the company aims to release the luxury brand Capre by Q1 of 2023.

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