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Everyone knows that Anger is emotion.

Its antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.
There are many triggers for anger, such as losing your patience, feeling as if your opinion or efforts aren’t appreciated and injustice.
According to study,Anger is commonly represented negative vibes and incidents.
But in some cases it can be a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately.
Fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, embarrassment, betrayal, jealousy, sadness, hurt, and worry are some main reasons of Anger.
Anger can lead to five phases-
The arousal cycle of anger has five phases: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery and depression.

Anger is very tightly linked to general health. If you’re angry, you’ll shorten your lifespan.

Signs of Anger Issues –
Are hurting others either verbally or physically
Always find yourself feeling angry
Feel that your anger is out of control
Frequently regret something you’ve said or done when angry
Notice that small or petty things make you angry.

According to research more than 85% criminals are victim of anger and the crime happened due to Anger.

How to control Anger?
Lots of people are not very happy with anger.They realise that due to anger they can lose everything.But they don’t find a good solution to control their anger.
If you are reading this,This article might help you.
1.If you are feeling angry start playing motivational or loud beat music.This will help you to forget your angry emotion as miracle.
2.Meditation is the great way to treat your Anger issues.Once you will get used to it.You can easily change your bad mood and you will experience high energy, happiness, self-love inside you.
3.You can consult Psychiatrist if you are worried about this.Your Counselor can give good treatment according to your problem.
4.Don’t hold grudges.
5.You can ask your loved one’s to help you in this situation.

Remember one thing Anger can leave affect on lots of things like your health, wealth, Relationships.

If reason of your anger is a person you love or hate,Take a break and stay away from that person.Sometimes break is very necessary when it comes to relationship, nothing is bad in that.
If the opponent is depend upon you or you are dependent on that person who makes you angry..Then too you need break.Just talk to that person and do mutual understanding.
Mutual understanding is the good solution of some bas incidents and things.

“Anger is the enemy of the human, It is important to manage it before it’s late”

“Its not bad thing to talk someone about Anger,Take it as good improvement”

I am Sharing example of as a story format,It will help you to understand better.Same story but different perspectives.
1.This story is Related to Anger which will show negativity.

Person 1 – Hi,How are you?
Person 2 – I am good.
Person 1 – Today I met all our old friends.But that guy who were good friend of you was saying that you spread bad things about me.And you said that I took advantage of all of our friends.
Person 2 – I have never said this,In fact Tell me one thing Do I have ever said anything bad to you about anyone?
Person 1 – Don’t give senseless excuses..He started abusing person 2.
Person 1 started believing another man who told this without proof.Person 1 was not able to control his anger and he got frustrated.He was not listening opponent’s side of the story.
Person 2 got angry too and that fight got shifted to bad level.

Now same story in positive manner.
Person 1 simply told to person 2 that,”Someone in our old friend’s group told me that you were the one who spread bad things about me,is it true?”

Person 2 – I have never said this,In fact Tell me one thing Do I have ever said anything bad to you about anyone?

Person 1 – On that I am trusting you because I have never seen it by myself.Hope this will not impact our friendship because I wanted to clear my doubt,thats the reason I directly asked you.I don’t want to have any grudges.

Person 2 – I am very glad you asked me this clearly, something like this can creat lots of misunderstanding and arguments.

Moral : In other situation person 1 handled is anger very calmly.
“Choice is yours,how you want to express your anger.”

Hope this post is helpful.

Thank you for reading this blog.
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Advocate Author Dr. Manish Das of Supreme Court



Just like the theory of multiple intelligences, there should be a theory of multiple talents. If somebody would devise it then its first contender would be Dr Manish Das, the Director of Supercounsellors, who is the wealthiest personality with as many talents and professional qualities as possible. He is like a protagonist from a social reformist story who is always on a mission to transform society with his constant positive contribution and Author of the book – The Assam Municipal Corporation Act, 2022.

Dr Manish is a Freelance Professional Model, Actor, Dancer, Anchor, Theatre Artist, Performer, Author, Trainer, Social Worker, Artist, Counselor, Musician, Poet, Chess Player, Astro-Palmist, Columnist, and an Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, Different High Courts and Session Courts in India.

Dr Manish, the Director of Supercounsellors and his mother Mrs Rupali Baruah Das, the First lady career Counsellor from North East India run multiple foundations and educational institutes along with Supercounsellors including, – for Career Counselling – for Career

counselling along with Educational loan assistance for

students with financially weaker backgrounds. – for abroad students – for career counselling with an

online psychometric test. – for our own online courses. – for online counselling to

educational-related people. – for Graphology Institute – for Law

Coaching. – for International Institute

of Performing Arts. – for Kulendra Das

Educational Foundation. – for Law News and Articles. – for North East Assam

News. – an informative site about

Advocate Manish Das. – informative site about

Rupali Baruah Das. – for IIPA (NGO) – for Northeast Assam’s First

Matrimonial. – for North East Assam First Matrimonial. – for Any Law matter and

any registration, tax and services. Always choose one

of the North East Assam’s oldest Law Firms since

1932. – for Any Computer Software

and Hardware Courses from Govt. of India and Govt.

of Assam Awarded Intech Computer Education (ICE)

Since 2000. – for Any kind of Scholarship and

Career-Related Courses. – for A to Z in Traveling and Unique

Courses and Help in Getting New Courses. – For A to Z in all your Law-related

needs and solutions. – For A to Z in Career Related


In this mission of 22 years, Dr Manish has won several accolades and awards including

· The Real Super Heroes Award 2022 from FSIA

· Best Teacher Award Winner of 2021,

· Best NGO Award Winner of 2021,

· Best Educational Counsellor Awardee 2020,

· Best Edupreneur of the year 2020 and many more.

Dr Manish shares, “We have a mission: To educate the next generation which will fulfil our vision to make India a developed country by contributing to the field of


Dr Manish spoke in an interview with insights success for its edition of ‘India’s 40 Under 40 Brightest Business Leaders.’ Let us get educated and counselled from the following highlights of that inspirational discussion.

Sir, please tell us about the saga of your reputed business since its inception.

It was started long back in 2000 by me along with my mother Mrs Rupali Baruah Das. Since then, my role as an educator and counsellor has evolved over the years. And the experience was great because every time we get new listeners, a new environment, different schools and sometimes the same schools. Beyond this, we do a face-toface session with most of the students and try to know their problems and give the best solution by measuring their potential with the psychometric test, questionnaire and different activities where we try to take 360-degree views of the peer group etc.

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Indianapolis based DJ and Entrepreneur Iman Tucker set to release first sneaker after the huge success of his apparel brand, Believe Brand Co.



It started off by designing premium faith based tees, hats, hoodies, jackets and various custom goods to wear on stage. As his desire for quality increased so did his vision for a brand.

Now it has transitioned into a luxury brand made to subtly stand out. Famous DJ and Entrepreneur Iman Tucker successfully built a faith based apparel brand named Believe Brand Co. The faith based apparel brand, Believe Brand Co. was brought up with the aim to establish itself as a Christian brand known for quality and a minimalistic style. However, as his desire to design luxury goods grew, he wanted to expand without plastering the traditional Believe Brand marks all over the high-end materials. This was the base for the setting up of Capre – a luxury brand he looks to use his momentum in entrepreneurship to scale.

That is when the vision of his own shoe came to light.

Indianapolis DJ and Entrepreneur, Iman Tucker found new interest in remixing a classic silhouette into a new look for his latest venture. He said, “Releasing a shoe that speaks of what we as a community believe in has always been a dream for us. The vision is to create a clean and simple, yet bold look to a luxury sneaker all stemmed from inspiration.”

The idea came up as they discussed making goods from head to toe. “Well what about shoes?” As soon as it was suggested the team bought in and the work started. The team was tasked first with identifying a name for the brand. After toying around with ideas they resorted to a familiar playbook using Tucker’s name. Believe Brand’s name came from the Farsi to English translation Iman meaning “faith in God” or “Believe.”  However, this time it wasn’t as direct. Born Iman Capre O’Neal Tucker, they looked to his second name “Capre” in lieu of the second brand.  Aromanian translation leads to meaning goat.

Of course that was not the final destination.

Popular among American culture is the acronym G.O.A.T. or greatest of all time. In the Christian religion the son of God is referred to as the greatest man to walk the earth. 

The team wanted the brand to be a testament to excellence, a luxury brand committed to a unique look and design of mark and materials unmatched to any other brands available in the market.

As for the logo, the team wanted to give the main side logo of the shoe something that resonated to something outside of the religion. They discussed “If the son of god is god…who is god? God is love!…we wanted to come up with something related to love.” After the logo was finalized, an asymmetrical heart took the forefront of the design made up of two major parts. This was a very big deal for the team, to speak about the comparison. “We often compare our self worth on many factors and we feel smaller than those we look up to. However, it takes everyone to make the full picture, it takes all efforts to bring together the big and small,” and that’s how the team came up with the iconic heart logo on the side of the shoe.

Iman Tucker plans to release the shoe before the official release of the brand, Capre, which will be an online-only retail brand. The shoe will be available for pre-order from November 2022 while the company aims to release the luxury brand Capre by Q1 of 2023.

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In the era of digitalisation there are tons of people of being victimised where Cyber Expert Mieet Shah is helping them with unique solutions towards such crimes. Mieet Shah completed his doctorate in Cybersecurity at his young age and using his expertise in solving various types of cybercrimes and tracking cyber criminals and making justice to the victims of such crime which makes Dr.Shah is one of the leading Cybersecurity Experts in India.

Recently Dr.Shah has created a record by solving more then 1500 cybercrimes successfully. He was recently awarded with “International Fame Award” by bollywood actor Sonu Sood for his remarkable work. Also he had been published in more then 250 national and international media.

We are greatful to have such young and dynamic personality in our country.

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