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Motorcycle Escapades: Guiding travellers through most exotic destinations



As the travel industry begins to recover from the global pandemic, one of the fastest growing segments that is witnessing immense demand is adventure travel. Tour operators and hotels specializing in adventure travel are seeing high demand, and in many cases, recording reservations, especially for 2022.

Motorcycle adventure, a heart-pumping blend of mountain biking and road trips, is well established on long-distance motorcycle routes that includes an immersion into the elements, from camping beneath bright cosmos to biking through unspoiled wilderness.

To offer the same, Motorcycle Escapades conducts adventure motorcycle tours across India, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia to help the travel fanatics and enthusiasts channelize their interest in biking or travelling. With their in-depth research and expertise, Motorcycle Escapades creates unusual and pioneering routes to offer a unique experience through magnificent and diverse scenery interwoven with colourful local culture.  With them, you have time to enjoy the journey, get off the beaten track and ride the roads less travelled.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Deepak Chandrashekar who is also known for his expertise in the field, the firm has successfully completed so many motorcycle adventures across different parts of the nation while guiding them to one of the exotic destinations.  His determination and passion to offer the best travel experience across the globe makes him the biggest player in the all-inclusive Adventure Motorcycle Touring World.

Speaking about his venture, he says, “We are experiencing a significant increase in motorcycle expedition ever since the covid-19 restrictions have been eased. We are enthralled to witness a new breed of leisure bikers who are redefining the goals of biking. Some travel around the country in their superbikes with a car in tow carrying their essentials, while some are riding up to the altar. Some feel “empowered” on a bike, while for some it’s about “staying alive”. Even the pandemic hasn’t subdued their enthusiasm. Therefore, we ensure to provide unique adventure travel experience and achieve high class customer experience and loyalty by providing quality motorcycles, off-beat destinations, use local expertise and hassle-free motorcycle holidays”.

With a flexible ecosystem, the firm provides each and every rider to choose the destinations according to their riding preferences. Their experienced Tour leader along with the technical team is efficiently trained to assist the bikers during the whole journey making their journey a massive success.

The travellers can choose extreme adventures like Trans Himalayas motorcycle tours where they can cover 13 high-altitude mountain passes and more than 10 different valleys in one tour. Additionally, they can also choose leisure motorcycle vacation in South India, Goa, and Rajasthan. Moving ahead, the firm is also coming up with more Cross-Country motorcycle tours like India to Nepal, India to Bhutan, India to Thailand etc.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the travel firm is currently focused on expanding its services in other parts of the world. In 2022, they are coming up with long-distance motorcycle expeditions like India to Mount Everest Road Trip .

Motorcycle Escapades


6 Common EdTech Marketing Mistakes To Avoid



At the crossroads of education and technology stands the EdTech world, innovatively combining the two to create solutions for learning and training.

Hundreds of universities and industries provide online learning options, courses and modules, certifications and professional training targeted at one’s specific interest. Remote learning at one’s own pace and anytime availability are the most significant contributing factors for its rapid growth. Cost-effectiveness is the other factor.

Start-ups are turning into Unicorns in the EdTech sector. As of Nov 2021, there are now 32 EdTech Unicorns worldwide who have collectively raised over $21B of total funding in the last decade and are now collectively valued at $95B+.

They have fought their way to the top by committing several mistakes and then learning from them. We at Areneva believe mistakes are an integral part of learning, but sometimes a big enough mistake leads a working start-up/enterprise to its grave. Some mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Here is a list of 6 such mistakes curated by experts at Areneva.

  1. Generalized Branding.

Your brand should have its unique tone and voice based on your mission and vision.

People buy the same content/product in a different packet only if the packet is attractive and resonates with their needs and wants. Pretending, generalizations and catchy phrases are out of luck; the value you deliver is your key to success.

Focus on what solution your product can provide and how it is the best fit for the client—no fancy slogans. Your expertise in your niche will attract clients. With EdTech customers being more intelligent and knowledgeable, a genuine and straightforward approach in Branding and Marketing is more productive.

2. Pricing

One major mistake that most companies make, especially in their initial years, is the pricing. With numerous competitors plying in the market, sometimes companies undersell their products. But cheap things create an impression of inferior quality. You will look suspicious.

Customer loyalty and traction cannot be won by under-pricing; rather, it takes away the ability to invest in R&D, reinvest in marketing, product improvement, hiring etc., which indeed is a fatal mistake.

3. Poor Market Research.

There is an ecosystem at play in the EdTech industry; teachers, students, parents, administrators, management, district and state-level decision-makers are all part of it.

Market research becomes essential in an EdTech marketing plan. Working on a standard textbook approach works counterproductive in EdTech. An SMB vs standard enterprise or B2C funnel delineation vs B2B may or may not define the buying cycle.

4. Misunderstanding Niche.

K-12, college-level and higher education are all different niches. A single product may seem viable for all but would always be lacking in some way or other. Also, the budgeting and buying process is different, so treating their sales cycles as cohesive is likely to have a marketing team applying the B2C funnel to B2B practices or vice versa.

The enterprise dream in EdTech is real & achievable yet fleeting & fatal at the same time. A single product’s workflows and use cases are so disparate between schools and private businesses that it leads to the risk of diminishing its value in any industry.

Also, it can affect the base of potential customers by mis-marketing the product as one-size-fits-all.

5. Misunderstanding Customer.

With Schools, colleges, teachers, management committees, students and their parents, the state/district level policymakers all being the potential buyer, an EdTech company tends to make the mistake of marketing the wrong plan to the potential buyer.

In simple words, the decision-maker(admin/school/management) is not the end-user(student/parent) and hence may not convert into a buyer if you don’t take inputs of the end-user.

The student’s feedback and confidence of parents and teachers in your product will set the stage for future PR and Brand making, leading to more active users and renewals.

6. Digital Marketing Mistakes.

Word of mouth is the primary source of EdTech promotion, and a big mistake hence would be underestimating the use of social media influencers and the EdTech community.

An honest and unscripted campaign can be the best solution. Use Digital Marketing to create a brand story and product testimonial rather than selling pitches and presenting figure/data graphs.

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VIP Numbers Portal successfully builds a 2 lakh Instagram community, Genuine market value being the main character behind the success.



VIP numbers are the best source to take customers’ attention toward a particular brand or an institution. People are used to remembering something unique concerning what is normal. The same goes with mobile numbers, people tend to remember unique numbers easily. This way VIP numbers tend to make a lasting impression on someone. These numbers are easily available in the market, however, choosing a trustworthy brand to get the number will be a lot better option.

VIP Numbers Portal has got your back!

With VIP Numbers Portal, you get any type or category of VIP numbers, and all the services are provided with full transparency. A very trustworthy and genuine company, VIP Numbers Portal has got everything you need, from the best packages and deals to the full freedom of choice provided to the client.

As the best VIP numbers provider, the company has the collection of the maximum number of VIP numbers, which makes it different from others, starting from the lowest category available at 999 rupees to the highest package ranging to lakhs. The service provided is unmatched in the quality of any other VIP numbers provider. The customers also get to choose freely between a postpaid and prepaid plan, which is indeed a smooth step to make people hooked to the company. The company is responsible for the money and number until the number activation process ends. After the activation, clients can register the number under any network service provider.

You can also consider consulting the company officials personally by visiting their company branch based in Jaipur, finalizing everything with the professional team, and working with the utmost trustworthy group of people. VIP Numbers Portal comes forward to highlight the importance of safety and security when working or being indulged in social media. You can access every service provided by the company from any location as VIP Numbers Portal works all across India. The company works with total transparency to remove the slightest chance of inconvenience to the customers. You can take a look at all the references and proofs regarding the genuine and determined workforce of the company. A closer look at the working model can make you feel safe and secure with the company procedures.

VIP numbers have always been the ultimate choice for business owners and companies to focus on market value and advertisement purposes as these numbers are quite catchy and unique which benefits the company as people tend to remember the unique features of something more often. VIP Numbers Portal has all kinds of online payment procedures to ensure the convenience of the customers.

With all the best services and transparent working models, VIP Numbers Portal is the best VIP numbers provider and the most genuine, trustworthy, and the best working model in the country.

You can directly book an appointment with the company through

Call : 8988888898 or whatsapp text on the same

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MadBow Ventures Ltd opens the second flagship store of the in-house brand StreetStyleStalk



The first store was launched in April; the company aims to open eight more stores within 6 months in the Delhi NCR region

E-commerce lifestyle company Madbow Ventures Ltd has now expanded its offline presence with the launch of its second store at Arcadia South City -2, Sector -49, Gurugram. One of the leading names in the fashion industry, MadBow Ventures Ltd has five in-house lifestyle and fashion brands. One of the brands StreetStyleStalk’s second store launch event was a high elite affair with many socialites marking their presence. MadBow Venture Ltd is aiming to open eight more stores within the next 6 months with an initial focus on the Delhi NCR region followed by other regions.

StreetStyleStalk’s second store is spread across 2000 sq. ft. and has racked up an amazing collection of its multiple labels that have been trending for a long time on their online platform. Customers were seen going through the collection of dresses that include bodycon, party dresses to midi dresses and even jumpsuits, and gowns. One cannot miss the footwear collections that have sneakers to heels to juttis and flat and mules. Customers can feel relaxed and cozy in the stunning interiors of the store designed by some of the most talented retail designers who have emphasized the importance of customer experience. Earlier in April 2022, MadBow Ventures Ltd. launched StreetStyleStalk’s first flagship store in DLF Cybercity U Block in DLF Phase 3.

On the launch, Naveen Mahlawat, Co-founder, MD, and Chief Executive Officer of MadBow Ventures Ltd., said, “This is another milestone checked for MadBow Ventures. We as a team started the e-commerce business and with time, we are now happy to reach a wider customer base. The newly launched facility is an ultra-modern setup, and we have on-boarded best retail designers to focus on a great understanding of what the people may need when they walk into our store. As we are going to launch many more stores in the coming months in the Delhi NCR region, these stores will be under the different names of our multiple brands.” Talking about how online and offline modules are a boon for an ecommerce brand, Naveen explains, “Nowadays, customers are present on both online and offline platforms to shop and ignoring one platform can result in losing out potential customers. Post the pandemic, consumers’ behaviour have changed drastically and we as a brand should integrate online and offline presence to optimise the brand image in this dynamic market.”

Established in August 2016, MadBow Ventures Ltd has five in-house brands like,,, lovedamoda & After raising funds at a pre-series A, MadBow plans to develop or acquire a majority stake in 10-15 mid-size brands during the next 12-18 months which will boost its growth.

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