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Motorcycle Escapades: Guiding travellers through most exotic destinations



As the travel industry begins to recover from the global pandemic, one of the fastest growing segments that is witnessing immense demand is adventure travel. Tour operators and hotels specializing in adventure travel are seeing high demand, and in many cases, recording reservations, especially for 2022.

Motorcycle adventure, a heart-pumping blend of mountain biking and road trips, is well established on long-distance motorcycle routes that includes an immersion into the elements, from camping beneath bright cosmos to biking through unspoiled wilderness.

To offer the same, Motorcycle Escapades conducts adventure motorcycle tours across India, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia to help the travel fanatics and enthusiasts channelize their interest in biking or travelling. With their in-depth research and expertise, Motorcycle Escapades creates unusual and pioneering routes to offer a unique experience through magnificent and diverse scenery interwoven with colourful local culture.  With them, you have time to enjoy the journey, get off the beaten track and ride the roads less travelled.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Deepak Chandrashekar who is also known for his expertise in the field, the firm has successfully completed so many motorcycle adventures across different parts of the nation while guiding them to one of the exotic destinations.  His determination and passion to offer the best travel experience across the globe makes him the biggest player in the all-inclusive Adventure Motorcycle Touring World.

Speaking about his venture, he says, “We are experiencing a significant increase in motorcycle expedition ever since the covid-19 restrictions have been eased. We are enthralled to witness a new breed of leisure bikers who are redefining the goals of biking. Some travel around the country in their superbikes with a car in tow carrying their essentials, while some are riding up to the altar. Some feel “empowered” on a bike, while for some it’s about “staying alive”. Even the pandemic hasn’t subdued their enthusiasm. Therefore, we ensure to provide unique adventure travel experience and achieve high class customer experience and loyalty by providing quality motorcycles, off-beat destinations, use local expertise and hassle-free motorcycle holidays”.

With a flexible ecosystem, the firm provides each and every rider to choose the destinations according to their riding preferences. Their experienced Tour leader along with the technical team is efficiently trained to assist the bikers during the whole journey making their journey a massive success.

The travellers can choose extreme adventures like Trans Himalayas motorcycle tours where they can cover 13 high-altitude mountain passes and more than 10 different valleys in one tour. Additionally, they can also choose leisure motorcycle vacation in South India, Goa, and Rajasthan. Moving ahead, the firm is also coming up with more Cross-Country motorcycle tours like India to Nepal, India to Bhutan, India to Thailand etc.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the travel firm is currently focused on expanding its services in other parts of the world. In 2022, they are coming up with long-distance motorcycle expeditions like India to Mount Everest Road Trip .

Motorcycle Escapades


Glantor X Nation Choice Awards for Rising Authors and Educationists



GlantorX is a well reputed market research and ranking companies of India. It has proven itself a worthy competitor to the existing players in the market. It’s crafted stellar algorithms are quite efficient and impactful for market research through segregation and customer base analysis. Its strategies and implentation tactics were known for generating wider reach. The company boasts that their methods are successful because of their research approaches and methodologies.

            GlantorX recently hosted a series of award ceremonies to recognise and appreciate the highly performing personalities of various fields. GlantorX hosted “GlantorX Nation Choice Awards for Rising Authors and Educationists” award ceremony to honor the unrecognised yet influencing Authors and Educationists. A lot of authors with great content are going unrecognised and a lot of Educationists are not getting rewarded for all the hard work they put into their work. This gesture is intended to recognise such great personalities and bring them into the spotlight and appreciate them for their contribution towards the society.

            The winners of ‘GlantorX Nation Choice Awards for Rising Authors and Educationists’ are:

Dr Kuldeep Kaur
Shiny Bhattacharya
Smitha Nair
Seva Rathna. Dr. B. Beviston
Akash Mallareddy
Jothi Murugan P
Gembu Sree Laxmi
Prof. Doctor Hemantraya G. Biradar
Aishwarya tiwari
Dr.Dinesh Sabnis
Counselor Rima K
Dr Sanjeevkumar Nemali
Dr. Sagar A. Jawale
Suma Choudhari
Miss.Srinidhi Vijayaraghavan
Dr. Angela Khanna
Prof Vani Ramesh
Jothi Murugan P M.Sc., M.Sc., M.A., M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
Smitha Nair
Dr.Proshanta Kumar Dutta
Bipasha Majumder (De)
Garima Mishra
Gaytri Rao
Vishal Reddy
Monika Pal
Priya Lokare
Dr. J. Madhusudhanan
Deepali Bajaj
Dishari Neogy
Dr. Lipika Modi
Anand A Devchakke
Randeep Nandal
Dr.Mansav Arora (Honoris Causa)
Sumantra Aarya
Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma
Dr. Ashok Kumar Koshariya
Dr Ashok Kumar Koshariya
Naseha Sameen
Yash Tiwari
Gayatri Rao
Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar
kinjal shah
V V M Phani Prasad
Malavika Balasubramanian
Renuka Gangan
Priyanka Kumari
Angela khanna
John Giftah
Dr. Mintu Gogoi
Anu Radha
Jogeshwar Durgadas Borkar
Melissa Stuart
Anil Kumar Singh
Dr Rajesh Chaudhary
Niravkumar Makadiya
Dr. Bhari Sharanesha Manjunatha
Dr. Muteeba Naz
Dr Avnesh Sharma
N.V.S.Ramprasad Kesiraju
Shaikh Muntajeeb Shaikh Babu
Dr Mohammad Safdar Mustafa
Vandana Engineer
Mohammed Zoheb Hossain
Bharath Shenoy
Dr. Satyapriya Roy
Harish Jadhav
Dr. Ahtisham Aziz
Sidhharrth S Kumaar
Jaya Krishna Das
Kanagiri SN Prasad
esha gowri
Dr. N. Mujafarkani
Debaprasad Khanra
Dr. Keshamma E
Harleen Dhillon
Dr. G. Sudha
Pooja Pandey
Ayush Tomar
Dr Abhishek Raj
Tanu Krishnan
Yedla srinivasa Rao
Dr Nishant S Mehta
Shubhan Dattanand Balvally
Dr. Ujjwala kakarla
Kanishk Chaturvedi
Vijay Panchal
Rahul Bhattacharjee
Sudhir Kumar Shrivastava
Debraj Mehta
Dr. Rachna d. Shah
Dr. Shruti Inamdar
Mr. Keval Trivedi
Dr. M. S. Shabeer
Sadashiv Ramji Avghad
Rajashree Bhuyan
Kalashri M Barve
Tushar Gulati
Dr. Manoj kumar sahoo
Dinesh Singh Chauhan
Sankalp Mirani
Pritam Sonawat
Medha Dua
Dweep Raaz
Shajil Anthru
Dr.Manishaa yadava
Sanjeev Kienzee
Arun Kumar Tripathi
Mukesh Dube
Dr. Annapureddy Srinivasa Reddy
Vijay Shaligram Ingle
Dr Samson S Chiru

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Cionlabs: innovation is now accessible to everyone



Cionlabs is a fascinating name; explain it to us.

A cion, which is a variant spelling of scion, is the bud of a plant. We use cion to develop new rose kinds via grafting, and we do the same with our products to develop cutting-edge software for our customers in a short period of time.

In software terminology, the word cion refers to a new prototype or product that has been built utilising rapid prototyping methods. Unlike traditional software, it uses reusability and automation to streamline the development process. The cion achieves the best result feasible given the limited resources available. The best use-case is its applicability in the areas where there is high demand for innovation, such as:

  • Advancements in smart products
  • New medicines formulation
  • World-class manufacturing processes

What is the one most exciting achievement so far?

For the last nine months, we have been in the business of assisting firms in rapidly developing innovative products. Our goal is to continue expanding and evolving as quickly as possible in the face of technological advancement. 

One of the most exciting things we’ve done in the last few months has been to provide our clients with an online shop to sell their products online. The e-commerce site has become a necessary commodity for our clients. It enables them to give their consumers a unique shopping experience and because it helps to distinguish the items we develop for them.

What is your core value?

We are continually striving to learn new things and challenge ourselves to think outside the box to succeed. We keep up with the latest trends and are well-versed in the industry’s current state. The most effective approach for us to do this is to develop excellent products. If we provide superior products, we will get the best response from our customers, and we will strive to improve continuously.

How do you value building competencies?

It is not just essential to have excellent staff; it is also important to have exceptional individuals. A dynamic workplace that stimulates and pushes our staff to perform at their highest levels is what we strive to achieve. We take great satisfaction in establishing an environment where our team members can be themselves while still performing to their fullest capacity. “No matter how large we grow, we will never cease being enthusiastic about our basic principles”. We’re doing a terrific job, and we’re continuing to build on our previous accomplishments and triumphs.

How have you leveraged the technology to positively impact your industry?

The term “disruption” is difficult to define, but we conceive of it as taking something that is broken and transforming it into something more useful. You may choose an area with enormous potential and thoroughly examine it to see what is wrong with it in the business world. Once you’ve taken a close look at it, you’ll be able to repair any damage and determine whether or not you can provide a more satisfactory alternative.

The ability to compare an ancient system to a brand-new notion is difficult to achieve, but it is possible to look at an industry and determine what is wrong in it, as well as what you can do to improve things. We’re continuously looking for methods to find innovative solutions to challenges. We’re always searching for ways to improve things and do things in a new manner. This is accomplished by examining our culture, procedures, and workflows. We can enhance these business sectors by making tiny adjustments, which implies that our customers will have a better experience as a result of our efforts.

What criteria are you using to determine how successful you are?

Our customer satisfaction rankings are one of the most effective methods for us to gauge our progress. We put in significant effort to provide our customers with a fully personalised experience.

We’re continuously looking for new methods to develop our brand in a significant manner to our target audience. We want to ensure that we give the most satisfactory service possible to our customers. We are pleased with our work, but we are even more proud of our customers, who inspire us to continue to provide greater service to them.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses, we believe, are the wave of the future in our world. We feel that if we don’t have to compromise on quality, pricing, or lead time, the overall quality of the goods and services will increase. A group of people who are committed to their work may accomplish anything. All we have to do now is have faith in our abilities and keep going ahead. Others will take our place if we don’t.

For more information kindly visit

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NAYAB Launches Their Exquisite New Arrivals of Premium Jewelleries and Personalized Gift Items for Valentine’s Day



Premium quality jewellery and exclusive gift items for your loved ones this Valentine. 

One of the leading crafters of India, NAYAB, has come up with some of the finest and exquisite collections for their valuable customers from all over the world. The brand has launched various unique products for this Valentine’s Day with major focus on premium silver jewellery and customized gift items for people across.

Made out of Sterling Silver 925, Pure Silver, or Brass, the brand’s unique creation and exclusive designs promotes all love and affection for Valentine. They try very hard to put in that little extra effort for procuring the essence of uniqueness to each of their creations.

NAYAB has initiated every means to conjure personalized jewelry and customized gift ideas for its valuable clients. They have truly made gifting easy by introducing all the unique collections with magnificent designs. Their goal is to please and satisfy all your requirements and meet your demands; for that, their jewellers are trying every means to fulfil all your dreams and turn them into reality.

The leading crafter has launched its exquisite jewellery and gifting collections for Valentine’s Day and inculcated heavy discounts on each of its products. So it is a double bonanza for you! This Valentine’s Day, you can avail any of your desired items from customised jewellery and personalised gifts with great discounts at pocket-friendly prices.

NAYAB has brought in one of the finest collections under New Arrivals. The ‘Personalised Two Name Ring‘ will suit as the best gift for your loved one this Valentine. You will have the freedom to choose your desired material – either Brass or Pure Silver. You can also choose a polish – Silver or Rose Gold or Gold – of your choice. After selecting your desired material and polish, you shall provide the names of your beloved and you and select the ring size. Complete your payments, and you are ready to go!

The leading crafting brand has also added another exclusive product in the section of personalised jewellery. The ‘Personalised Gold Bar Bracelet’ will serve as a splendid gift for your girlfriend, fiance, or wife. The brand lets you punch in minimal messages or quotes engraved on the bracelet for your love.

If your partner is not very fond of jewellery, you can always gift them with customized gifts. NAYAB has launched ‘Custom Initial And Quote Keychain,’ where they will engrave your message to your loved one.

When inquired about the goals of launching new products before Valentine’s Day, the brand manager shared admirable details. “When it comes to gifting, people always look for personalized and customized gift items. These types of gifting items add extra essence to the gifts thereby enhancing and promoting the affection of the gifter. We conducted a survey before launching our new products where our valuable clients preferred customised jewelleries over the regular ones.

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