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Meet Anil from CapSavvy: Empowering Start-ups in real sense.



India is considered a global leader and the next international hub for start-ups and MSMEs, based on the exponential rise in the related figures. Start-ups are undoubtedly one of the most trending word these days, with roughly one out of ten unicorns having been born in India.

Be it the youth or an experienced professional; everyone dreams to make it big in the world of start-ups.

However, there is one thing that we all have forgotten while running this race: the availability of the right ecosystem, mentorship, and guidance. Do we have a suitable support system in India that can guide these pools of entrepreneurs? After all, everyone is looking for funding for their start-ups and businesses, but are they sailing on the right boat?

Meet Anil: Founder and MD, CapSavvy

What these start-ups need is an expert who can handhold them towards success. Anil Goyal is a man who has been raising funds and has been instrumental in building the start-ups & SMEs for past 22 years of his professional journey. He is a rank-holding Chartered Accountant, and has a natural flair for business functioning, in financial terms. Owing to this, he has been able to nurture himself throughout his career, developing his skills in communications and leadership.

CapSavvy: An Overview

CapSavvy began its remarkable journey in 2019, as it ventured into business strategic advisory, private equity and debt syndication. Since then, it has been working with various start-ups and SMEs on their journey of growth, through a professional board and a great team. The board consists of Mr. Debashish Mallick (former MD, Exim Bank), renowned CAs, IITians and Engineers, who have been delivering quality services with a focused vision and strategy, to help bring the right funding for their clients.

Though the firm is young, Anil and his team have a phenomenal level of experience. CapSavvy also guides start-ups and SMEs as a mentor and philosopher, to help them make the right decisions for their business. Having such an advisor on board, who can give them a bird’s eye view of the business, is of utmost importance. This is what CapSavvy helps them with. In addition to this, CapSavvy also caters to the needs of firms who have crossed a certain threshold in terms of growth and profits. It helps them with a long-term vision, as well as a value proposition based on their products and services for further expansion.

The culture of any firm is a direct reflection of the nature and ethics of its founders. Anil is a visionary, who has helped several organisations in raising significant capital and earn credibility under his diligent leadership.

Anil’s Professional Journey


During his 25 years of professional journey, Anil has worked constructively with multiple eminent organisations like ILFS, IDBI, Mexus Education and Meril Life Sciences. The latter has recently become a unicorn, by acquiring a whopping $210 million as funding from Warburg Pincus. While working at IDBI as an appraising officer, he had been able to successfully process a loan of approximately ₹7000 crore, to high profile corporates.

Navi Mumbai SEZ Project

Anil has also been associated with the Navi Mumbai SEZ project (coming up near Panvel) from the private sector, with CIDCO (Government of Maharashtra) as partner from the public sector. He was on the Core Team for funding requirements, where he successfully raised the required funding amount through equity and debt, within the defined timeline. To achieve this feat, he worked closely with more than 25 banks for debt funds. This project is currently being overlooked by Reliance Group.


After the initial financial closure of Navi Mumbai SEZ Project, Anil smoothly exited this project, in favour of a National Level position at ILFS, introducing a new division called the SEZ Business Group.

Here, he worked with many state governments, as well as the central government. The primary role of this division was to identify and advise governments on eligible Business Parks for SEZ usage. His department’s role was to identify suitable land parcel, provide project development services for value addition, and later bid out these projects to the private sector. He was able to work on several projects, total cost value of ₹10,000 crore with state governments.

Whilst on this project, he also provided services to a few private sector companies. Among these was Ajanta Pharma, who was awarded on SEZ project through the bidding process, with a project outlay of ₹4000 crore.

Having worked for many years with multiple high-profile corporate teams, Anil has created a wide network, including top-level officials in both the public, as well as the private sector. He has met and worked together with Chief Ministers, IAS officials and other VIPs, who were the decision makers. “When we formed the SEZ division in 2005, I was the first person in it, and we had a very small team of only 2 people,” recalls Anil. “But by the time I left ILFS in 2008, the department had a team of 50 people. SEZ division was one of the top performers in ILFS, in terms of business and revenue.”

Bilakhia Group

ILFS also had a private sector client, Bilakhia Group (promoters of MicroInks, a chemical manufacturing company). MicroInks makes and distributes printing products and had a 70% market share. With ILFS, Anil advised a massive city development project of ₹1000 crore, which was an affiliate project of the Bilakhia Group near Raigad.

They had acquired land, and his team’s work involved getting approval for the project and advising them on the value addition to the land. In 2008, they had obtained complete approval and were due to start construction activities, when Anil was asked to join the project and head the company.

Anil then left ILFS, and worked with the Bilakhia Group for nearly 12 years. Simultaneously, the company started two projects in the education and medical fields; he was associated with both. He served as the Managing Director in the education company, Mexus Education Private Limited. They built a business with a contract value of over ₹250 crore, employed nearly 1500 people in offices at over 28 locations. After over a decade spent here, Anil gained a substantial amount of skill and expertise, having collaborated with a number of affiliates. This eventually led him to start his own company, CapSavvy, in 2019, to strengthen SMEs

CapSavvy: A Comprehensive Summary

CapSavvy focuses mainly on SMEs that have saturated their growth, and lack the vision to expand. They help these enterprises become automated, and work as a corporate. They assist them with raising the right amount of capital, from the right sources; and also support them in obtaining the required approvals, compliance and government benefits. The SMEs are aided with several processes including team building, policy making, as well as value addition to make them investment-ready. Moreover, CapSavvy also provides similar strategic and handholding services to start-ups that have implemented their business ideas, but lack ready-to-go market information.

CapSavvy faced its fair share of trouble during the initial days of formation, before it was able to take off. The company was formed in late 2019, where soon after Covid-19 took the world by a storm, tremendously impacting business activities due to the imposed lockdowns. Undeterred, however, Anil was able to overcome this hurdle with some difficulty, as a result of his hard work and goodwill in the market and through active support from his son Ayush and his wife Aruna. Ayush helped in leveraging the vast cosmos of social media, and CapSavvy was able to receive a few business inquiries. CapSavvy struck its first deal in July 2020, and it hasn’t looked back since.

The company has set up a criteria for start-up collaboration, which allows them to cater specifically to the needs of their clients to help them grow to their full potential. CapSavvy receives a lot of inquiries from start-ups that think their business ideas are viable, and are looking to raise funds for the same. The CapSavvy team looks into these proposals, and performs a thorough assessment of the enterprise. This enables them to determine whether they have reached the stage in business where they can find potential success in fundraising. If the start-up is yet to reach that stage and offers a product or service that could prospectively succeed, CapSavvy assists them first to reach that level, and then guide them towards fundraising.

CapSavvy is currently serving 45 clients, and has been facilitating investment proposals worth ₹1200 crore for them.

A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe that it can be obtained. He is not one who instructs, but one who walks with you.

Anil is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere, as he utilizes his knowledge and experience to help them achieve greater heights. His willingness to share his diverse skills and understanding with those who want to create an impact in the start-up ecosystem is truly extraordinary. He envisions turning India into a start-up hub, and providing the best support systems for them to succeed; and is working tirelessly to achieve his dream.

To connect with him:

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There are lots of companies in the editing software market, and it’s hard to decide which one to choose, especially if you’re just starting out as a freelance video editor or photographer. Luckily, we here at EditPoint India know that things can get hectic trying to juggle multiple clients, meet their deadlines, and give them the perfect product they’re looking for at an affordable price.

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Alam Moinuddin Talks About The Perks Of Living The Laptop Lifestyle



Working from home was a foreign term to me until about three years ago when I became the founder of a company that provides the opportunity of permanently ditching the 9–5, and living the laptop lifestyle.

Covid-19 has changed the world, at least for now. Working from home is compulsory and the norm for the time being. Only if one has a reason not to, can one go to the office, but it is still greatly discouraged. One of the hard parts about working from home is being productive in an environment where we’re used to resting.

But when you get used to working from home, you realize that it has many benefits (Thanks to them, I have been more productive), these are the advantages that I have discovered these last two months working from home:

1. Flexible schedule

Something I have learned from working from home is they focus more on results than on working hours. So as long as you do what you must do, it doesn’t matter when and how long it takes. This is a good advantage, especially because when you finish something that you think will take you more time, you can focus on other things.

2. No traffic

Everyone hates traffic. I think one of the biggest advantages of working from home is not wasting time on traffic. You can use the traffic time by sleeping more, making a better breakfast, exercising, or doing personal projects.

3. Your office can be anywhere

And I’m not just talking about your room or living room. Remote work allows you to work even from another country as long as you have an internet connection. So being able to work remotely is the perfect excuse to visit other places while still making money (as long as you know how to manage your time).

4. Save money

You save money from Fuel (of course). Working from home has allowed me not to spend gas going to and from an office every day, also, from Breakfast and lunch. I know that you might say that I am consuming more food while being home but buying food that you can prepare at home is much cheaper than eating out every day.

Also when you go out, you are likely to visit more stores and buy more unnecessary things when you see them on your way to work.

5. Eat healthier

You don’t have excuses to eat healthier, if you are at home you can buy and prepare healthier food. Something that people usually say when they work in an office is that they don’t eat well because they have to eat what they find in street, but working from home you have all the power to change that habit.

6. Avoid office politics

When you work in an office, you must follow certain rules. Some companies require you to dress in a certain way, or even use certain types of hairstyles. Working from home, you can dress and wear whatever you want.

7. Custom environment

You can create your own workspace. Some offices allow you to customize your desk, but it is not always enough. When you work from home, you can be as creative as you want, you can make a space as comfortable as possible for you.

Who is Alam Moinuddin:

 Alam Moinuddin is currently the head and face of Trillionaire E-commerce. A company highly dedicated to helping new, & highly advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs build High-converting & Branded online stores. 

To learn more about Alam & the Trillionaire E-commerce Team, head on over to

Get in Contact with them:

[email protected]


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Entrepreneur Tajamul Islam: A Shining gem as CEO of Millionaire Mentors to help  companies build digital brands



Leaders are born to win but one can mark the presence with uniqueness in the crowd.  A young handsome personality Mr. Tajamul Islam is an entrepreneur who believes in shining and making other people shine with you.

This great mind took birth on 3 rd July 1997 in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir.  While he was studying, earning experience via working in the private sector. He left his job in 2019 ending in December. Then during COVID-19 in 2020, he started searching the scope of development via diversified fields digitally.

The healthy perception helped him to think beyond and he tried his talent through youtube videos. But the success didn’t reveal as per the expectations. Time was not supporting him but his desire to cross his limits pushed him to blog. His hardcore efforts despite less revenue made it a good start to his career.

With blogging, he entered the affiliate marketing section and did well in that too. Now. he is having online paid courses too that he is providing to his students. These all actions made him a self-made entrepreneur, who has made an organization that is both conglomerate of independent businesses and a mentor company as “Millionaire Mentors”.                               

Entrepreneurs who plan a lot but the execution phase gets failed due to proper strategy and actions involved in the process and that becomes the drawback of declination in businesses. The CEO of Millionaire Mentors, Mr. Tajamul Islam supports them with result-oriented advice and invests in great people with proven ideas.

His main focus is to empower companies to scale. The 23 years old CEO of Millionaire Mentors agency helping the companies get their social connections to strengthen to build their brands via micro contents and diverse patterns of story.

The digital marketing field is exploding with his talent without any entrepreneurship course and that shows the effect of his passion for his work. The entrepreneur gained 10.1 K followers on his Instagram account.

His success in the digital marketing field while helping businesses to grow has five traits of entrepreneurship:

  • Vision– A clear-cut vision helps an entrepreneur to move on. One must identify the why, who, where, and what of their business to get the correct direction to workflow.
  • Passion – You must be hooked to your business and work with passion to drag success to your doorsteps.
  • Tenacity– Entrepreneurs must be tough in opposite situations too. Never give up.
  • Willingness to figure hard– One must recognize the danger involved and the necessity of business and make the strong willpower to boom with confidence.
  • Confidence– The entrepreneurs must believe in their talent, and hard work and face challenge to overcome with solutions.s

With all such traits, he can run towards the peak of his career ahead with zeal and can be an inspiration to many. Mr.Tajamul Islam has enriched many companies to achieve success but still, it’s not over, miles to go ahead!

Instagram link :-

Twitter link :-

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