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Arthsanket – For the Growth of Businesses in Maharashtra



Have you ever thought of publishing book and that too at 8000 feet height in helicopter. Yes, Dr Amit Bagwe has done this on his 40th Birthday on 22nd December 2020 for giving boost to the business world suffering from pandemic. The book publication was covered in various Newspaper and News channels in Maharashtra. This book publication in helicopter received World Record recognition from OMG Book of Records.

Meet Dr Amit Bagwe & Mrs Rachna Lachke Bagwe, Founders of Mumbai-based Arthsanket Company- India’s first and only Economic and Business Newspaper in Marathi. Suffered lot of pain, problems in the journey. Crossed lot of hurdles created by family members and authorities of various business organizations. They have seen days of Ups & Downs in their way to success of Arthsanket. The basic funda of their success is to keep doing good for the society and it will pay back in some form or other.

When it comes to Economic Literacy, we are lagging far behind, especially women are still unaware and ignorant of different investment options…they rarely dare to invest their money in the market. But here is a Organization whose mission is to create financial literacy, particularly among Marathi people.


Through Arthsanket you will get an expert advice about investing your hard-earned money & also Business expertise from well known industrialist like Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar of VICCO, Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai of Pitambari, Mr Shankar Jadhav MD BSE Investments, Mr. AgneloRajesh Athaide of St. Angelos VNCT Ventures, Corporate Lawyer Mr. Nitin Potdar. 

Arthsanket began in 2012, when Dr Amit Bagwe was conducting private tuitions for commerce students. Amit felt the need of making people aware of investment market and Stock Market in Marathi language. Thus was launched. As the name suggests, Arthsanket speaks about ‘money’, ‘investments’ and ‘business’. After 2014, it took a giant leap and various innovative ideas were added to it.  

The domain is having a plethora of activities like an Arthsanket events calendar, Investment and Business seminars, investment conclave, Business training programs, Arthsanket TV youtube channel, Events like Maharashtra’s favorite brand (an event highlighting the success stories of Great Marathi entrepreneurs) and much more for the budding entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and investors.

 “We have designed our own unique programs for Marathi entrepreneurs. Since the last three years Arthsanket is conducting ‘MAHABRAND –Maharashtra’s Favorite Brand’ function, wherein Arthsanket have been felicitating well-known entrepreneurs from Maharashtra who have created their brand and have been in business for the past 3-5 generations. They are the inspiration,” said Rachna adding to that it is a Brand Recognition programme and not a competition. For Brand Felicitation, they conduct an online voting, based on three segments- Innovation, Popularity and Customer Satisfaction.


Another innovative event of Arthsanket is ‘Udyojak Diwali Pahat’– a special Diwali celebration with different business forums like Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Bramhan Business Club, CKP Chamber and CKP Business Club, Saturday Club, Networking Square, Businessmen Association of Maharashtra, GBS, Mi Udyojak Honarach, United Maratha Organization, Maharashtra Business Club etc. Thus around 50 plus forums come together and interact with each other.

As discussed earlier, common man is little bit scary about investing money in other than conventional options. To boost their investment, Arthsanket gives out ‘Arthsakshar Purskar’.  Dr Amit said, “People usually hesitate to disclose their investments, even to their family members. We encourage them to open up. This award is given in eight categories like award for creating economic literacy, best financial management and also for individual investors who have selected different investment options/ segments wisely depending upon their income and needs.” For this, Arthsanket checks the investment growth of an investor of five to fifteen years. The financial advisors recommend the names and then the investors fill in a portfolio form. The selection is made on the grounds of number of investment segments they have used.

The investment market is an ever growing field. Everybody is thinking of safe and secure investment. Especially, for small entrepreneurs and working people, Arthsanket is the best guide. It provides guidance regarding share market training, e-commerce, digital India etc.

Another interesting activity of Arthsanket is ‘Arth jidnyasa’ investment conclave. “To enjoy the life to its fullest, we need to have the best financial, mental and physical health. ‘Arth jidnyasa’ addresses these topics. All the queries regarding investment are sorted out here. We talk about important aspects of money like Budget, importance of making a ‘Will’ etc. This year, the conclave was conducted on February 9, 2019 at Maharashtra Chambers,” she explained.


Let’s talk about ‘Arthwedh’- an activity reaching out to the masses. This is a kind of awareness program being conducted for college students, Self Help Groups, corporations, corporate companies and even for the policemen. This event is totally free of cost and is conducted across Maharashtra.

Arthsanket adds a new event to its calendar every year. Its ‘Start-up Award’ is also in its Seventh year now, bringing in light the new talent. Arthsanket proudly highlights that none of the other business forums conducts such a wide variety of events.

Arthsanket newspaper is been published on every month and it is full of business news, articles written by well-known economists and investment experts. Arthsanket has also published total 12 books on investment and entrepreneurship in Marathi written by Dr Amit Bagwe and Mrs Rachna Bagwe. Books are available on Amazon. Arthsanket is also having its YouTube channel and a web series showcasing interviews of Brand entrepreneurs. 1800 plus videos on Investment and Business are freely available on Arthsanket YouTube Channel

Dr. Amit Bagwe (HC) [Age 41 Years] Founder and Editor

Advertisement, M.A Marathi, M.A. Sanskrit from Mumbai University, Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation from Welingkar School, Diploma in Journalism, Honored with PhD in Finance and Business Literacy.

Mrs. Rachna Amit Bagwe [Age 31 years] Co Founder

MA in Rural Development from Mumbai University, BMS from Sydenham College, Mumbai University

Dr. Amit Bagwe received ‘Change Maker Under 40’ award 


Dr. Amit Bagwe Interviewed on DD Sahyadri on 1st January 2016 on Startup India

Dr. Amit Bagwe Interviewed on Akashwani on Mudra Scheme

Dr. Amit Bagwe interviewed on Thane Vartman News Channel

Mrs. Rachna Bagwe interviewed on ZEE 24 TAAS news channel in Suvarn Kokan


Dr. Amit Bagwe and Mrs. Rachna Bagwe interviewed on Mi Udyojak Honarach Show

So, visit to enjoy financial liberty!

Dr Amit Jagannath Bagwe


Founder Arthsanket

Mrs. Rachna Lachke Bagwe

Co-founder Arthsanket


[email protected]

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Noted Educationist Ranjit Bijoor Awarded a Doctorate in Education



Dr. Ranjit Bijoor was recently awarded a “Doctorate” In the field of Education by a French University. Dr. Ranjit Bijoor said, “My thesis in Educational Reforms in the Indian Education System is the need of the hour!”


Dr. Ranjit Bijoor was recently awarded a “Doctorate” In the field of Education by a French University. Dr. Ranjit Bijoor said, “My thesis in Educational Reforms in the Indian Education System is the need of the hour!”



Replying on a question raised by a reporter about the main challenges in the Indian Education System, Dr. Ranjit Bijoor replied, “India is one of the largest graduate-producing factories in the world! But sadly also a country that has the worst unemployment problem!! And the biggest contradiction is that India at the same time has an acute shortage of Skilled Manpower.”


Replying to a query by another reporter, Dr. Ranjit Bijoor replied, “It is absolutely wrong to say that we always had a problem in our Education System! The Indian education system during the time of Gurukuls was the best in the world. It produced generations of kings, scholars, and people of wisdom. It covered virtually every facet of Education in detail.”

On a more emotional note, Dr. Ranjit Bijoor added. “When I started my own journey as an Entrepreneur at the age of 20 I was an expert in Botany & Algebra or knew all the names of all the Mughal Kings or when the battle of Panipat was fought. But sadly I did not know how to open a bank account or even write a cheque! I realized that my 15 years of formal education had given me absolutely no Skills as an Entrepreneur or any kind of basic Financial Skills!!”


Dr. Ranjit stressed that internships should form an integral part of education whereby students from 9th or 10th grade onwards should be exposed to an actual work environment, be it a bank or an actual factory.


Dr. Ranjit Bijoor said, “The problem in our Education System is very vast! The solution cannot be done overnight. Educationists across India need to start taking baby steps toward Educational Reforms. My thesis won’t solve the entire problem overnight, but I am happy it will make a difference over time, however small it may be!!”

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Pink Beagle : A Brand New Guide to International Marketing



International business is a phenomenon of global percolation and adaptation of organizations selling products and services to conducive and favorable niches across the world. One requires strategic and well versed knowledge about international marketing and its applied principles for the foundation and expansion of any business to global boundaries.

The Pink Beagle written by Dr. Vikas Singh offers a detailed and perceptive insight on his experience and expertise of global business and trade. Mr. Singh, a doctorate in business administration from Lucknow University, has an experience of more than two decades in leading international corporates and is an authority on global trade and its various niches due to his extensive knowledge in the field.

Despite having a successful career, Dr. Singh left the corporate journey a few years ago to follow his passion of helping small businesses and exporters go global. He also gives a considerable amount of his time to writing, the result of which has been two books — Return Ticket and his last release, The Pink Beagle. The latter is a concentrated effort to bring into focus the concept of globalization and, as Dr. Singh puts it, Glocalization — a portmanteau of the connection between global and local trade.

Dr. Singh is also a successful speaker and has given many speeches on various platforms and is soon slated to speak at TEDEx Motijheel.

Coming back to his last release, The Pink Beagle is a thorough guide with plenty of references of successful brands and ventures for any aspiring business and is a must read for anyone starting a venture of their own. Dr. Singh brings all his experience and knowledge to play here and shows a path that can be trodden by anyone new or old in the world of global trade and branding. The book, segregated into many different chapters all dealing with a particular aspect of international business and trade, also contains a plethora of anecdotes from both DR. Singh’s personal experiences as well as popular culture.

The Pink Beagle is written in an easy to understand conversational style and many of the anecdotes and references are not only useful but are also extremely witty, making the reading experience a fun one.

Dr. Vikas Singh is presently working on his next book which is slated to release very soon. Here’s wishing him all the best for it.

You can purchase The Pink Beagle from the following link:

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India Hemp expo 2023: Get ready to learn, grow and network about hemp!



After the successful accomplishing of the first edition of India Hemp Expo 2022 in Delhi, now it’s time to gear up to witness the second instalment of the unique B2B exhibition in Mumbai. Slated to be held at Nehru Centre Exhibition Space, Worli, Mumbai, from 24th to 25th February, the India Hemp Expo 2023 aims to promote the hemp industry by bringing together professionals and industrialists who are involved in one way or another with this nascent industry.

Celebrating hemp in all its splendour, the event is expected to feature over 30 exhibitors, and thousands of visitors including business experts, Ayurveda doctors and hemp enthusiasts from across the world.


The India Hemp Expo 2023 will serve as a brilliant space for all the participating exhibitors to present their brands on a grand level in front of all the potential buyers, consultants, and business experts under one roof in order to widen their network.

The expo is being organized by and While talking about the prime motive behind this event, the founder Vaidya (Dr.) Piyush Juneja said, “Our main focus is on creating positivity around this great Ayurvedic Herb and letting people know about the incredible list of health, industrial & nutritional benefits of hemp.”


He also added, “I believe like the previous season, IHE 2023 will serve as a great platform for all the exhibitors to present their brands on a grand level in front of all the potential buyers and business experts.”


The India Hemp Expo 2023 will help accelerate the growth of the hemp industry, and it’s an opportunity that should not be missed. You will get a chance to learn about the inner workings of the industry as well as a chance to enhance your knowledge about the various related products and their benefits in your personal as well as professional lives.

For two days, the expo will feature a host of exciting events such as exhibitions, conferences, inter-college competitions, CEO round table, B2B meets and a gala India Hemp award. Visitors will also get a chance to participate in various engaging activities and win hampers.


While the India Hemp Expo 2023 is supported by an incredible list of sponsors such as Ananta Hemp Works, Svadhishthan, 13 Innovations, Twiee & Moksa, Cannazo India, Awega Green Technologies, Noigra, Aim Biosciences, Sawant, some of the big names of the hemp industry like Buffalo Extraction Systems (Technology Partner), Blazen Photonics, Hemp Satva, Hampa Wellness, Cannapure, Weaving Vibes, Wig Health Products, and Rafbrix Essentials, will participate in the event as exhibitors.

What are you waiting for? Whether you are a hemp enthusiast, Medical/Pharma/Ayush practitioner, Ayurveda student, B2B delegate, wellness expert, someone related to the paper or fabric industry, cosmetics expert, dietician or entrepreneur looking to know this nascent industry in a better way, visit to register yourself. Click here to register yourself as delegate. Limited slots available!

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Noted Educationist Ranjit Bijoor Awarded a Doctorate in Education

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India Hemp expo 2023: Get ready to learn, grow and network about hemp!

After the successful accomplishing of the first edition of India Hemp Expo 2022 in Delhi, now it’s time to gear...

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