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Welcome to the India Flux digital platform which is now a year old and has been refurbished with more visual content and a smart layout designed after receiving feedback from our readers, critics, and writers.

The aim to launch a new digital platform is to track and document important changes in key areas which a diverse and young nation like India is experiencing. Cutting away shrill, divisive opinions, we hope to act as a catalyst for generating ideas that will encourage a lively discussion on important parameters that concern a majority of people cutting across regions.

Socio-economic issues pertaining to sectors like health, education, environment, legal, and culture pose a serious concern to the entire bandwidth of the citizenry. It will be our attempt to focus on news stories and reports that reflect ground realities. As the government remains the biggest agent of bringing about social and economic development, it will be our attempt to be informative and at the same time provide a critical appreciation and examination of the government policies. An internally secure, peaceful, and stable India is the prime prerequisite for socio-economic development. India also has to build up credible and strong defense on its borders and try to be self-reliant in defense.